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I think I might have left someone to die?

2014.05.30 15:30 StealerThrowaway I think I might have left someone to die?

I can't say I just killed someone. But I left someone in a very questionable state of health. Like... A passenger that goes down a train, in the middle of the night, and sees a bolt getting loosen or something. He asks people around and they say itยดs probably nothing, but now he is waiting for the news to know for certain if the train ended up in a wreck or not?
Yes. I write, I'm a fiction writer and I can't stop to think of how I'm telling this. I'd love to try to disguise it but it's all true. All. What I'm saying it's true. And I feel like I left someone to rot in their last possible minute.
Well. Let me explain myself already. I saw someone doing coke. Two? three lines? I don't even know if that's much. It was a fine powder, crystal looking, like Umami, Aji no moto. I don't even know if that's a thing, wherever you are reading me. The shit is that it looked fucking clear to me. Like "pure shit that you'd see in a movie where everything is supposed to hit the fan any moment from now" kinda clear. Like "I've seen coke that average guys do in the poorest part of a town with fucking millions, and it doesn't look like that" kinda clear. I'm insanely scared right now.
I know nothing of drugs. I am the leech. The fucking leech that always has it coming. Somehow I'm always in the middle, and it's fucking amazing and I say yeah. Just to marihuana, and that only even occasionally. And then suddenly I saw myself in a chain that lead to the purestest an the bestest shit in the fucking country. And I see it. I fucking see it. And the people doing coke... Well, they were kids.
I'm 27, mind you, but I'm excusing myself. I am well educated (so are they, they are classmates of mine). But also, I'm that guy that kinda bounced around in life and didn't amount to shit, and now it's somehow trying to do something that doesn't completely sucks, even though he is breaking his back to do it, because living is very cool once you're fine about some certain issues. So I'm very behind, but totally going with the flow. Totally not resisting. Zen/tao kind of just let it flow. I won't drink. Ever. Not even a drop. I'll just play like I'm drinking and pass it on. That's my whole character. I'm just a watcher.
But what am I fucking good for? They were kids. The oldest and wisest one was 23. I saw train-wreck written on the hapening. I had lived that shit, and survived. I lived it. I was one of them dudes that was there. Many years ago, I mean. I was there. Not doing coke, but I saw someone playing with the limit and I didn't say anything. And I forgave myself then, because I didn't fucking know. I knew it. There was no guilt.
But now I knew. I fucking knew. I knew he might die. I knew it. I saw it. He had been doing pot and beer from fucking 8 pm. And it went on. And I went on with it. I didn't drink a drop. In my mind, I was the designated driver. That was my place, and I told myself over and over. Just play, see where they take you, and when it's my turn to drive, just drive everyone home. I had the wheel in my fucking hands. It's not like I left before we got in the car. I left way after that. When they were already past the point of no return, and I was still the designated driver. It's not that I left it for them to decide. They were kids. Of course they were gonna do it. I just had to do it for them. That's the only one thing I can do for another human being. Helping with my knowledge. I should have stayed.
And I left. Yeah, they were kids. 23 is kids. I know, I know, you laugh at me. I'm fucking 27 and what's the fucking difference? There is one. I am telling you. You know how you can't remember how the fuck you sounded like when you were 15? well, I'm that 15 year old saying that I spoke with a 12 year old and they had one drink too much. And I didn't say shit.
ANDDDD.... I left. I was the only fucking one in this here COUNTRY who was there that knew anything aboyt anything. I had been there. In that very same situation. I saw it, I saw the thing and I knew what it was and I say no thank you like I always do and that was just another no thank you and they knew it was cool with me to just go ahead and do it, that I just tag along, that I just watch and sometimes comment. I'm not a very silency person, but I'm never into it. Never inside. I saw it. The crystals. And as soon as I did, a shit ton of alarms went off in my whole fucking body chemistry, let alone my mind. I am the one who never drinks, who never fucking takes LSD or whatever. Yeah I smoke, but I didn't then. And I'm sober as fuck now.
And this was fucking yesterday. He might be dead by now. I don't know. I can't know. I don't know these kids. Like, I don't even remember their names. They were there, in one of the breaks in my U. And things happened and I just tagged along. I am a tagalonger. I went with it. I didn't touch a drop of alcohol. I didn't smoke an ounce of marihuana. yeah we were there, in one of them kids houses.
I saw him bleeding. On his nose. I felt like I was being a drag. I felt like I was not enjoying "their party". I also felt my bed calling me. Giving me the easiest excuse of "I don't share this anymore, and I'm old and way pass this, and my bed and my job tomorrow are calling me.". An excuse that nobody would ever, in the whole wide universe, deny as valid. And I know, I know it was a fucking excuse.
I left. I don't know what happened. I know that suddenly I was on the street on my way home and I got to my laptop even though I had been tired as shit not forty minutes ago, right there before that nosebleed, and I'm so fucking scared right now that I don't know if this makes any sense. At all. I'll just hit enter and never look back.
This was fucking yesterday. I am alive. I hope when I'm not, many, many years from now, this is not the point where I actually deserved to go to hell.
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