Data webistes

25+ websites to find datasets for data science projects. Kunal Jain, November 24, 2016 . Introduction. If there is one sentence, which summarizes the essence of learning data science, it is this: The best way to learn data science is to apply data science. States sell your data to brokers who get them to websites like WhitePages, MyLife and others. They in turn re-sell them to you, without permission. Blacklight’s scan on Sept. 8, 2020, of more than 80,000 websites ranked by Tranco. More than 200 popular websites used a particularly invasive technique that captures personal information people ... Census population data is used to divide the seats in the U.S. House of Representatives among the 50 states. It can also be used to draw boundaries for state legislative and school districts. Besides using census data for the benefit of public services, you can also use it for genealogical research. To protect the privacy of people who respond ... Blocking website trackers is easy. Several popular web browsers block ads and trackers by default, and there are plenty of third-party apps and browser add-ons that can fill in the gaps where needed. The 11 best websites to find interesting, free data sets to analyze. Provided by Data Interview Questions, a mailing list for coding and data interview problems. Toggle navigation Data Interview Q's. 11 websites to find free, interesting datasets. If you're new to the data space, or if you've recently learned a new skill, or just trying to ... Top 100 most visited websites in the world (as of 2020) The first thing we notice about the Worldwide data is that the top 5 most popular sites are the same as in the US: YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia, Twitter, and Amazon. # Data Visualization websites Data visualization or data viz is the creation and study of the visual representation of data via information graphics. External Links: Data Viz Collection The data includes private detail like GPS coordinates, device information, search queries, visited websites, and various other tokens and IDs. Security researches found the data on an unsecured ...

Building a web contact form: Which technologies to use?

2020.09.18 12:20 kajutzu Building a web contact form: Which technologies to use?

Hello together,
I would like to host a website, which offers the possibility to leave your contact details there(a classic contact form). This data should then be stored in a DB.
In addition, I would like the webiste to be accessible and prefilled with scanning a QR-Code.
Since I am an ABAP developer for several years and not up to date with the latest technologies, my questions are:
Which technologies should I use for the above described requirement?
Or are there maybe online tools which I can use for this requirement?
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2020.09.18 12:09 kajutzu Building a web contact form: Which technologies to use?

I would like to host a website, which offers the possibility to leave your contact details there(a classic contact form). This data should then be stored in a DB.
In addition, I would like the webiste to be accessible and prefilled with scanning a QR-Code.
Since I am an ABAP developer for several years and not up to date with the latest technologies, my questions are:
Which technologies should I use for the above described requirement?
Or are there maybe online tools which I can use for this requirement?
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2020.08.27 03:35 swedegirl25 How do I make this class only to apply on mobile version?

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2020.08.24 11:16 thietkeshowroomaeros Thiết Kế Showroom Aeros - Thông tin liên hệ:

Thiết Kế Showroom Aeros - Thông tin liên hệ:

Thiết Kế Showroom Aeros
hotline: 901806999
address : 56 Nguyễn Văn Săng, P. Tân Sơn Nhì, Q. Tân Phú, TPHCM
gmail: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Thiết kế Showroom hay thiết kế thi công tổng thể một Showroom từ bên ngoài đến thiết kế nội thất là điều rất quan trọng khi chúng ta bắt đầu kinh doanh. Việc thiết kế nội thất và cả bên ngoài của một Showroom không chỉ giúp Showroom đó có một không gian hài hòa và tiện nghi. Mà quan trọng hơn hết, đó còn là việc định hình sự nhận biết và hơn trên hết là giá trị thương hiệu đối với khách hàng. Aeros là một công ty cung cấp dịch vụ thiết kế và thi công showroom với những ý tưởng độc đáo, uy tín và chất lượng hiện nay tại khu vực miền Nam và đặc biệt là tp. Hồ Chí Minh.
tìm hiểu thêm:
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2020.08.06 23:31 Nest_Fan What’s different from NEST Oracle and ChainLink?

What’s different from NEST Oracle and ChainLink?
What difference between Chainlink and NEST Oracle machine, this is the most questioned question and let’s introduce it.
First of all, Chainlink, has 20 to 30 reputation nodes to feed data, a simple understanding is that Chainlink, the organization has found a partner, these partners to help them feed the data. These nodes, like the porter of the data, take the price data from platforms such as currency security or CMC, and upload it to the chain oracle contract to form a comprehensive price data for use by the downstream DEFI.
However, for these movings of the data, its authenticity and timeliness is not guaranteed, you can only trust these nodes. Sure, Chainlink claims to have a reputation system and a punishment mechanism, but how to verify the authenticity of the data?
Is it validating data in time, or is it re-validating after the fact? Punishment then?
We don’t know yet, because its LINK pledge mechanism and punishment mechanism is not online yet.
Next talk about NEST, the NEST oracle scheme.
The NEST oracle uses a distributed free-miner two-sided quotation method, in which the quoted assets are transferred into the quotation contract in a certain proportion. such as the current ETH = 240 USDT, Then we need to transfer 10 ETH + 2400 USDT to the price contract at the same time, to tell the market that my offer is 1. ETH = 240 USDT
The offer is then put into effect on the chain, with an effective time of 25 Ethereum blocks (approximately 5 minutes). During this 5-minute period, anyone can transfer 10 ETH to exchange for 2400 USDT, or to 2400 USDT to exchange for 10 ETH.
This is the so-called verifier to take arbitrage, as long as your quotation and the market price does not match, there is deviation, then anyone can take the arbitrage.
In this way, the quote miner will not dare to report the price arbitrarily. If the price is arbitrarily reported, it will be taken away by the verifier, anyone can become the verifier.
The verifier will need to leave a new quote and correct the wrong one while taking the order.
And the verifier’s new offer, offered size times 2.
Suppose I am a verifier, I take 10 ETH, then my new offer will be 20 ETH xxxUSDT, the price is my own offer now.
The quotation taken by the verifier does not participate in the price generation of the oracle. Only the quotation which has successfully passed the five-minute verification period, will participate in the price generation of the oracle.
In simple terms, each effective price on the NEST oracle is a market-proven price, consistent with the blockchain consensus mechanism.
In addition, it is important to note that as long as you quote, you can participate in NEST mining. It has nothing to do with whether or not you are being taken. Although you are being taken, you considered mined NEST.
Through the NEST mining, to stimulate the quotation miners to actively participate in the quotation.
The longer it takes from the last offer, the more NEST it mines. So there’s a game of miners, e.g: A. quoted every 10 blocks, if B. quoted every 9 blocks, so A. will never get mined. A. Is to adjust to every 8 blocks and then B. will never get mined again, this B. will adjust to every 7 blocks…
Each block contains 320 NEST, which is the number of blocks * 320 * 0.8 from the previous quote is the number of NEST mined by miners.
NEST should be the first decentralized project in the industry for the Ethereum blockchain to carry its own mining rewards.
In addition, NEST uses the income right model, ETH-based, oracle charges are also in ETH payments.
The Ethereum community should support more decentralized projects like the NEST Oracle, which added a lot of value to the Ethereum system.
Therefore, the NEST community will not need to quarrel with a business organization like Chainlink in the future. It is different kind of thing.
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2020.08.05 14:14 deluded1 Flashed BIOS and locked myself out of Windows Boot. Hard drive is locked an cannot repair via disc.

Running an ASRock Extreme6, 4790k, 1080ti machine with Windows 10
I am upgrading to a new PC, but was tweaking my older PC and testing a GPU. I decided to flash the bios (I have no idea why at this point) and restarted.
My computer restarted and loaded macrium reflect (which I had never used before). Macrium reflect could find Windows but could not find any images.
I attempted another restart, and it just went into another boot loop.
Being fed up, I flashed back to the older BIOS. This solved nothing, and I went straight back to a boot loop. It was at this point I noticed it was pointed at the Windows Boot Loader instead of the primary hard drive that held windows. I reset the boot order, and restarted.
I received a blue screen error that "Your PC/Device needs to be repaired"
File:\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD Error code 0xc000000f
So I dusted off my Windows 10 disc and went into the repair function. It stated that my hard drive was locked.
I went through this document on Dell to work through this repair: Hard drive locked error during windows repair
At step 7, bootrec /ScanOs, it finds Windows on my CD drive. On step 8, bootrec /RebuildBcd, it fails
Is my mobo bricked? Can i simply install my windows hard drive on a new mobo and will it work, or have I harmed that too?
Is there any resolution here?
First, thanks to u/sedace & u/victoramostu_19 for supporting me. I appreciate all your input and learned a bunch.
I tried a few more things suggested below when I noticed the 2 of the 4 drives not being recognized were my SSD's (1 of which had my windows install on it). I didn't notice it was the windows drive that was not recognized at first, because I saw a C: drive in CMD line, but it turns out that was my media hard drive that had a new drive letter assigned. I tooled around and couldn't get them recognized with windows.
I got fed up with this and installed my new mobo and CPU using these same hard drives. Turns out, same issue was occurring. However, after turning off "legacy" my 2 SSD drives were showing up in Windows. Here's the kicker: there was no data on either one of them. They were completely wiped clean.
No I didn't format. Nothing I did during this process should have wiped a hard drive. I have no idea what happened to them. 1 had windows on it, and 1 was almost full with games.
So I did a new install of Windows 10 on one of the SSD's and (after turning off legacy) got it to boot. I took a look at the two SSD's to see if there was any remnants or artifacts. The one that I installed windows on was completely clean except the windows install. ChkDSK and defrag showed no issues. The other one that was clear was in RAW status and had to be found with disk manager. I formatted it and it seems to be working fine with no issues. No idea what happened here.
Another interesting note - the USB stick I used to flash the previous bios went corrupt as well, and required formatting. Not sure if there was something fishy about the BIOS (it was not in beta, and was from the MFG webiste) that corrupted these drives, but the issue is resolved, if not actually solved.
I'll go back later with a new drive and see if the issue was the mobo or perhaps something with my drives.
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2020.08.04 21:43 TrevorStalemate Economic Order Quantity for Book Publishing/ Print run sizes

Hey, I'm trying to solve a supply chain problem here. I'm not an economist, but work in the book trade, so some pointers to how I can solve this would be highly appreciated!
So what I want to solve is the Economic Order Quantity for the ideal print run size for any given book. I do understand the EOQ - simple enough of an equation. Next step up: EOQ with quantity discounts... I understand that too after watching some professors explain it on youtube.
But to have a more realistic model in my particular case, warehousing cost would go down again with every sale, as our warehouse charges us per pound, per month. Would this be worth factoring in or is this negligible? Are there examples?
The data I have is:
Any pointers to some help with my or a similar problem would be highly appreciated! Books (love 'em!), webistes, tutorials, anything really. I'm sure this has been done before ;)
Cheers and Thanks!
Edit: Forgot some important info - I'd also either know how the book's been selling (I get solid sales data) if it's a reprint, or have a good guesstimate from Sales if it's a new book (most times they're pretty accurate). So I'd also know reasonably well how many units per month or year I'd need.
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2020.07.26 22:50 Vegetable-Smart I am an admin at a camgirl site, and really got to like a model, advise me please.

Hey, thanks for reading this. Writing this from a throwaway because reasons that will become clear.
I (male in his twenties) am an admin at a well-known adult livestreaming webiste, and today I had a really unusual conversation. One of our models, "S" (female in her twenties) came to the support chat to have me help with the camera settings, which is the most common thing ever, but somehow during this conversation some sort of barter started to develop. First, she was just teasing me out of boredom - but the way I responded obviously made her feel curious. We were done with the professional talk in under 5 minutes, but she stayed for 3 hours more to talk with me. In the beginning she was playful and did a lot of dirty talking like she was talking to our customers, but then we started discussing deeper subjects and we both expressed that we feel like this was a special encounter with another free spirit. She even asked if I have a girlfriend and she said it would be very nice if we could chat outside of the work situation.
Now, I do have a girlfriend. We live in an open relationship where it's allowed to pursue other endeavours, as long as the primary partner has priority. So what I would love to do is to talk more to S, and if we get on well later, then visit her - she lives in the neighbouring country. I live and die for adventures like these, meeting new people, seeing new lands, flirting and all these things.
Now the problem is that it's strictly forbidden for us to get involved with the models of our site. I already feel in danger because how many non-work related topics we touched on the support chat, if it will be randomly selected for quality check I may get some verbal warning for this. Obviously we did not exchange contact info, but I do have her email address as she provided this for the website. However, I believe that writing a personal email to this address would clearly be mishandling data /the GDPR handles email addresses as confidental information/ which means if things go south any time during this adventure, she or her studio could be suing the company where I work big time. Even if I manage to stay all-anonymus somehow, likely already the suspicion would be enough to get me fired.
I do not necessarily love my job, but it's well paid and and there is a lot of room to grow into non-adult content related areas, which is one of my goals as of now. I just barely met this girl, and she seemed really sweet - but there is no telling whether she is a psycho enough to come after me in some scenario. It would be the second most stupid reason I have lost a job for. Still I am so excited about her, she is not only beautiful but I have a gut feeling that she is a well-meaning person. And if I don't contact her somehow I feel like I might be missing out on something awesome.
There is a one-way method on our site which allows me to send her messages when we are both online, that is not traced and recorded by our supervisors (at least they say so, it's an outdated and barely used feature of our admin interface), but she cannot respond back there. I could invite her to an anonymus chat app like kik next time we are both online using this function. However I am not working until wednesday now, and I am not sure when we could make contact. If she is truly the friendly, warm person she appears to be there is no danger in writing an email from anonymus account either.
Please advise me.
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2020.07.18 08:21 Bangdosa 3com 3CBLSG48 Baseline Switch 2948-SFP Plus Console login Issue

I've been trying to reset the password on a 3com 3CBLSG48 switch that I got for cheap, but can't seem to get into the console to do so.
According to the reset page on the HP webiste (HP acquired 3com I guess?)
I need a standard null modem cable with " VT-100 management using compatible, 38400 baud rate, no parity, 8 data bits and Console connection one stop bit "
I've set the requried buad rate, parity databits in device manager for the serial cable as well as on putty, and got a rj45 to db9 adapter ( and put the pins in standard null modem format as shown here ( )
No matter How much I try though, I don't seem to get any response. Am I doing something wrong? Or if anyone know a pre-made serial cable that they know specifically works for this model that would be great. Thanks!
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2020.07.11 09:49 KayertTecali Bottom of the Barrel No Budget PC

Hey Tech Wizzs,
I'm constructing a BBPC (Bottom of the Barrel Personal Computer) for my parents.
They have now a Rig with 4 Gigs of RAM, an First generation i3 and somekind of onboard Graphics. Everytime I visit them I've got to watch them Start Chrome, then go to cook coffee, and then coming back to their webiste loaded. It's hard to watch how poorly the WIn10 OS is performing on this Rig. Which is to be expected, but still hard to watch.
So I decided to build them a new Rig. Let me tell you what I had in mind:
Basis for everyting is a Dell Optiplex 990 MT Desktop PC, I can get for nothing from my company.
It has an i5 Sandybridge CPU, I do not know what kind of Mainboard it is using, seems to be somekind of Dells own things. It has 8 gigs of RAM, neatly arranged in 2 times 4gb. It has an Nvidia Quadro GPU. It has an 265W Power Supply. It also comes with an 120gb SSD.
Now this PC is crap. I know that, hardly an Upgrade to their current system. So I wanna throw in some Upgrades of my own.
First order was a new GPU. I can get maybe an R9 380 or I will buy an RX 550 GPU. Both huges Upgrades to the built in Quadro. I prefer using the R9 380 if possible, but the RX 550 is plan B if I can't get the R9 380. The RX 550 would be newly aquired, the R9 380 would be used. Budget for this part is 65€.
Second we need more than 120gigs for data. I have an WD Blue 1tb Hard drive, size 2,5'' laying around, so we can use that. Budget is 0€, because I already have it and going to squeeze something else from my parents.
Next I ran in the Issue with the the far to small Power Supply. A friend gives me an 400W chieftec Power Supply and another 2x4 gigs of DDR3 1333mhz RAM. I pay for a night of drinking for these parts. Now if my calculation is correct. The Basic System needs 265W Add an Hard drive for another 15W 2x4 Gigs of extra RAM 6W Better GPU Either RX550 +10W compared to Quadro or R9 380 +140W compared to Quadro Makes for 296 W Usage for the RX 550 build and for 426W Usage for the R9 380 Build.
My question is now. Can I even use the R9 with the Power Supply? Most electrical Components, like resistors have a tolerance of around 20%. Which would mean the Power Supply would fit, but would most likely break down earlier than their life cycle would suggest. Is this correct? Or does a Power Supply not have any tolerances, and cna only give their maximum W?
I really don't have much Budget to buy a better Power Supply. The total Budget for this system was as low as humanly possible. All in All I have a maximum of 160€ to spend. Most expensive is at the moment the RAM and the Power Supply, because I have to travel to another city for that. GPU is maximum 65€. I also need a new WIn 10 with this system, but that goes from 30 Bucks. If you are ready to buy on ebay. Makes the following Prizes: 65 GPU, 30 WIndows. 65 Power Supply and extra RAM. Also just for your consideration: Linux is not an Option. I can hardly get my parents to use Win10 correctly. Giving them Linux would not be possible.
Can this system work?
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2020.07.10 20:49 retinastrudel new explorer(s)

Hey, I am Retina.
I recently found Terminal 00 a while back from word of a friend (shes no longer interested in it and apparently just thought it was a creepy webiste with no deeper meaning).
I returned to look at it today and wondered if there was a subreddit and I was correct. I then realized it is aLOt more interesting than I had previously anticipated
so, longwinded intro short, any tips, advice or anecdotes ?
((Oh! forgot to add: I have told two more friends about it, one (I will refer to her as 1) is very good at taking and making data, the other ( reffering as 2) is not as well versed but is very interested and motivated to do what she can. I am slightly well versed and very motivated to learn to help where I can.
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2020.06.17 01:28 Jsaldi23 Videogame Economy

BEFORE YOU READ THIS! Please have in mind that this is a working concept and as such, it has flaws, holes and needs tweaking. Be open minded, bring solutions not only problems to the table, think ahead.
There is an idea that has been wondering my mind for a while now, and its how videogame economy works. Is it possible to take some of its ideas to real life economy? Will it make a good contribution to humanity or will it be its demise? Lets look at its core points:
Does some of this sound familiar? Maybe they do. There are many issues with applying this kind of system in the real world, so lets make an example to make it easier to understand it. We have this imaginary country called "Weland", in which they have opted to place a new economy system that required many changes on their government, bank system and public/private businesses. Some of them are the following, which will be later explained their reason to be:
This are the basic changes that must occur, but there are a lot more as we will dive right now. The new economy will be as follows:
First degree - "All public office jobs, public companies and state owned businesses, organizations and enterprises will have its workers salary, capital for proyects, investments, constructions and expansions money be created from nothing, through a digital system. This system will be precise, as its digital and everything will be paid through the ID and Bank System, every flow in or out of cash will be registered. Which means that salary will be just, the investment money needed will be accurate and no single bill will be stolen in corruption or theft from its work force. Every penny that is used will be of public knowledge with complete TRANSPARENCY, with every payroll for every worker respecting their personal information as will be coded, but their job position name and salary, duties and responsabilities will be public on our webiste. There is no single bill that is used which will be left unnoticed, as its digital its an automatic calculation that will be uploaded live to the website."
Second degree - "The private sector will be legally required to function through a similar online accounting system that will detail only the job position name, duties and responsabilities to protect the persons private information. Even so, every job position that has a payroll must be placed, every cost and investment made so that way there is COMPLETE transparency and wages REFLECT what is fair and just to every employee. If the private company may it be small or big can't afford to pay the full salary to an employee for a justifiable reason, the government through the economy department will intervine to help the private company pay said salary by giving them the remaining amount that they can´t cover for a limited amount of time until they can recover and paid it in full themselves. Have in mind that this is not a loan, it will not need to be given back or paid back with any kind of interest, and it will only apply if its justifiable and the company can prove its need for it. Adding to this, there will be a minimum wage that will be digitally calculated by the city, state and country balance of quality of life and basic expenses to ensure all basic needs. This minimum wage will NOT ONLY be for workers, but for ALL higher ranking positions all the way to chairman, president, owner and investors of any private or public company may it be big or small. A higher ranking position like manager or president can´t have its "minimum wage" higher than a basic operation agent if the latter has not reached its minimum wage. This means that everyone will need to cover its minimum wage first, before paying a much higher salary to another position. We pretend to avoid and immense void in salary from managers and chairmans that sometimes earn monthly wages of over tenths and hundreds of thousands when an operator works under a minimum wage, as this is unfair. Hence, the need to digitally account for every penny spent, avoiding "overestimated proyects and products bought to slash some of this cash for a few", working on the fairness."
Third degree - "Banks will need to adopt their accounts with a secure connection to the government website to reflect the amount of cash the citizen has, as no paper cash will exist, only transactions with the ID will be possible. Banks can keep their loan systems, interest rates and promotions but take into account that the rates, requirements and general economy will drastically change with the implementation of the economic system. This will mean a change in policies and interest rates, loan specifications and more. NO MORE credit or debit cards will be created, as they will fall into a verification system througth the ID."
Fourth degree - "Every small, medium or big business will have payments and transactions through their online methods or with the ID on site for customers. As the ID´s will be full of functions to work with bar codes, QR codes, NFC and serial numbers, there will be plenty and vast options to take in payments for each and every type or size of business. With a single app, businesses can use their phones, tablets, computers or else, as a method of receiving a payment from customers. The idea behind this is to fight climate change and pollution by the removal of paper cash, the difficulties and disadvantages of having paper cash that can be lost, needs to be manually counted, can be easily stolen and my be damaged making it unusable. Digital cash avoids all this and represents a huge leap into transparency and digital accounting, making it everything easier. The current state of technology, internet availability and mobile devices expansion makes this a plausible reality."
Fifth degree - "The Weland international economy of its virtual coin on pair with the dollar, euro, pound, etc, will be the biggest limitation of itself, but the biggest opportunity too. Its value needs to be consistent, as no country has the measures to produce and use each and every piece of techonology, food or wearable needed to sustain an economy and a population. There will always be the need to import goods and services, thus the value of the virtual coin of Weland has to be valuable and not be completely worthless to buy imports. The proposed measure is that the direct value of its coin is a direct product of its export. Meaning that the goods and services Weland exports will be valued on the international market price. Example: If Weland produces 100k of mangoes that will be sold internationally as export for 10 million dollars, then the capital of the country to import will directly be 10 million dollars as well. This 10 million dollar capital will be distributed for import from the most basic resources needed, for example 6 million dollars invested in buying prime materials and essentials, the other 4 million dollars will be distributed evenly for the citizens to buy internationally at the fair value that represents the price in dollars. The clear disadvantage is that the amount of income by export may it be of public or private industry will have to be greater thatn the import and the online internet purchases made by regular citizens." Lets consider now the following benefits:
There are many flaws and disadvantages of this economy system, so lets review some ideas to make it more plausible.
This is it, a different approach. Videogame Economy is NOT communism, it is NOT capitalism, it is NOT socialism, its taking the good things of all of them and implement a mix of approaches that benefit the country and their citizens. It needs improvement, tweaking, because its crazy and daring, but you can´t have success and gains if you don´t risk. Have in mind that the other systems have great flaws and disadvantages as well, we need to calculate which one is actually better.
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2020.06.09 16:23 Naturalisk Bone broth and Autophagy

How much does consuming bone broth on an extended fast (3+ days) impact cell autophagy?
While my main goal is weight loss and demonstrating self control I'd prefer to not totally miss out on the autophagy. I saw this information on a webiste:
“It depends on your goal,” he says. “If you’re trying to lose weight, you can eat 500 calories [as people do on alternate-day fasts] and lose weight. You can do coffee with a little cream.”
But people will have to strictly adhere to water if they wish to attain the other benefits of fasting. The protein present in bone broth or cream, for example, will turn off autophagy, the process in which cells degrade and recycle themselves. (Japanese scientist Yoshinori Ohsumi’s discovery of autophagy won him the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine in 2016.)
With consuming sub 400 calories of bone broth, are you kicked out of autophagy for a few hours but your body will enter that state of self repair once again after it is has processed the bone broth since you're not consuming anything else, or does it take 18 - 20 hours of complete fasting (no bone broth) for the body to enter the state of self repair?
My gut feeling is that your body would still experience some autophagy but not as much as if one was consuming only water but possibly my intuition is incorrect with the data.
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2020.05.23 12:05 legionstudio 30+ Best Social Media Sites Where You Can Post And Get High Traffic On Your Webiste!

30+ Best Social Media Sites Where You Can Post And Get High Traffic On Your Webiste!

30+ Best Social Media Sites Where You Can Post And Get High Traffic On Your Webiste!

Social media are interactive computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation or sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. User-generated content such as text posts or comments, digital photos or videos, and data generated through all online interactions, is the lifeblood of social media.Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. The Office of Communications and Marketing manages the main Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Vimeo accounts.

List of All the Best Social Site to Gain Traffic!

Click To Show Websites list
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2020.04.12 18:14 PeterZhizhin Tutorial: Playing Stadia in an unsupported country on PC, Android and TV.

I've been successfully playing Stadia from Russia for 3 days already. I shared my feedback in a previous post. In this post, I would like to share my setup and how I made this thing work.
I found two ways to play. 1. Free VPN. Has worse performance and maybe some privacy implications. Allows you to play on PC, in some cases on Android but usually not on TV. 2. Paid VPN (if you set up your own VPN, the 1st year should be free). I will explain how to create your own VPN setup on a Google Cloud machine. You will be able to play on PC, mobile. If you have a router that supports OpenVPN, then you will be able to play on TV.
Disclaimer: There is absolutely no guarantee that this setup will work. If there was a guarantee that it worked flawlessly, Google would probably officially support your country. Please do not complain that this isn't working.
Also, I am not an expert in networking and VPNs, so please correct me if I am wrong somewhere or if there is a better setup.

Checking viability

  1. Check that you have enough bandwith without a VPN. Go to the Project Stream speedtest and check your connection. I have 300Mbps download speed on the website when VPN is off and only 45Mbps with VPN on. VPN has some overhead that it uses for traffic encryption. I am not sure what bandwith hit you should expect as it highly depends on your ISP and your hardware, though you may try to use a better serer instance.
  2. Checking ping to the nearest Stadia-capable GCP cluster. Go to GCPing. It will ping every GCP cluster and tell you what's the closest one to you. Find the one with the lowest latency where Stadia is supported. The closest for me is Finland with ~30-60ms ping. I was able to log in with pings up to ~80-100ms from UK, but I had occasional stutters and the picture was blurry sometimes. I also tried Germany with ping 70ms and didn't have problems playing, but I didn't test it for a long time. I was not able to log in with 150ms ping from Canada.


The registration progress works even if you are outside of the supported zones. You just need to open and follow the instructions.
Free Stadia Pro trial allows you to make sure that the setup works without spending any money which is exactly why I tried it for myself.

Free VPN

I will not recommend any particular VPN, but I can tell that I was able to play using 3 different free VPN services in Chrome. I haven't tried free VPNs on Android, but I think there should be a service that works.
This may be a good idea in case you want to test if playing with a VPN even works for you. If it works, you may set up your own VPN to play on mobile or TV.
Things to consider when choosing a free VPN: 1. Not all VPN services will offer you the country that has the lowest ping to Stadia from your region. 2. In my experience, free VPNs have higher input lag and more prone to stutters and video quality issues. 3. Personally, I don't trust free VPNs. If you are not paying directly, they are making money somehow anyway. For example, some free Chrome VPN extensions request to read and change all data on the websites you visit. They may be collecting this information and selling it to third-parties. I haven't personally analyzed these extensions and I don't know if they are doing it, this is just my opinion.

Paid VPN

I don't use paid VPNs, but I know that some VPN providers even advertise to support Stadia. You can do your own research and find a VPN that supports the closest Stadia region.

Setting up your own VPN on Google Cloud

Google is hosting Stadia in their datacenters. I assume that Google Cloud is also hosted in the same datacenters as Stadia. I think that by hosting our own VPN on GCP, we will get the best experience possible (except from playing without a VPN).
Before we start: if Stadia doesn't work on a paid VPN, it will not after you make your own VPN. This instruction explains how to create a cheap (or even free) VPN to play Stadia on every device.
If you register on Google Cloud for the first time, you will get free $300 on compute resources for a year. It will be enough to host our own VPN for an entire year for free.
To register on Google Cloud you should first go to and click "Get started for free". I did this a long time ago, but the registration process should be straightforward. You will need to add your credit card information to unlock the $300.
For a VPN, I will be using Outline VPN. Outline is not a VPN service, it's just a program that will create a VPN server on a new Google Cloud machine. It will be enough to play on PC and Android.
  1. First, download Outline Manager from their webiste:
  2. Open the manager. When adding a new VPN server, choose Google Cloud Platform.
  3. Go to Find "Compute Engine" in the menu on the left.
  4. Click "Create Instance".
  5. Name: Choose any name for your server.
  6. Region: In GCPing, the region code is under the location name. I am using an instance in Hamina, Finland which is the "europe-north1" region. Region zone doesn't matter, you can leave it unchanged.
  7. Machine configuration: Click "Machine type" and choose "f1-micro". It is the cheapest machine, has 1 CPU core and 614Mb of RAM and costs only ~$4.28/month.
  8. Then to the bottom of the page and click "Create". This will create a server that you can use inside a Google datacenter.
  9. You should wait for a while, it takes some time to create the server.
  10. Go to Outline Manager. It has instructions on how to create a new firewall rule. Without the rule, you will not be able to connect to the VPN server. After the rule is created, add the firewall network tag to our machine (instructions are also in the Outline Manager).
  11. On the Compute Engine page, in the list of machines, there should be an "SSH" button in the "Connect" column. Click it. It will connect you to the console on the server.
  12. There is a command in the Outline Manager that you need to copy-paste into the console. Copy-paste it and then press Enter. It should download all the necessary files and start the VPN server.
  13. After the server is up, there will be a line in the console that looks something like this: {"apiUrl":"","certSha256":"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"} Copy the line and paste it to the Outline Manager.
  14. After that, Outline Manager will guide you how to connect to your server. Outline has a subreddit, look your problem up if you have any. Personally, I didn't have any problems with the VPN at all. It has been the most stable VPN program I've ever used.
  15. Connect to the VPN on your computer and try Stadia. It should work now (or not, depending on your location and internet connection).
If you have any problems or would like to delete your machine to avoid any costs: 1. Go to Google Cloud Console. 2. Select "Compute Engine" from the list on the left. 3. You should see your machine in the list. You can click on the three dots icon on the right and choose "Delete". 4. This will delete your server, you will lose access to the VPN and will not be billed.

Making Stadia work on Android

If you are able to connect to Stadia on your computer, you may want to set up Stadia on your mobile phone.
  1. If you want to play on your phone, make sure that your phone is supported. If not, you may still want to change the stream quality in the app. As a sidenote, you can modify your build.prop to support playing on the device if your device is not on the list (requires root, and no guarantees it will work).
  2. There is a high change that you will not be able to download Stadia from Google Play Store if you are in an unsupported country. You'll need to download the Stadia APK. Just Google "Stadia APK" and you'll find the app download.
  3. If you download the APK yourself, you'll need to handle the app updates as well. You'll just need to download the new APK version again.
  4. When trying to play, connect to your VPN first. Outline is also available on Android. Look it up in Google Play or download the APK.
  5. The rest of the process is the same as if you were in a supported country.

Making Stadia work on TV

Disclaimer: I don't have a Chromecast Ultra and I don't have a Stadia controller, so I wasn't able to test it myself. That said, I have seen reports of this setup working.
For this to work, you'll first need a Chromecast Ultra and a Stadia controller. If these are not officially sold in your country, you can try to order it with a mail forwarding company (google it) or ask a friend travelling to a supported country to buy you these.
The controller and Stadia on a Chromecast Ultra won't work if your Wi-Fi network doesn't use a VPN. So, we should make our router use our VPN. Depending on the router, it may not support VPNs. Also, routers hardware is very power-efficient, so the VPN won't work at full capacity and you may not get the best experience on a TV.
I will be using the same server that we created above to also act as an OpenVPN server. This will allow us to connect to the VPN from the router.
  1. Go to the GCP console and then open "Compute Resources".
  2. Connect to your instance over SSH (SSH button).
  3. Enter sudo su in the terminal.
  4. Follow these instructions to set up OpenVPN: Copy and paste the commands from the instructions. There will be one command there where you need to replace udp://VPN.SERVERNAME.COM with udp://. You can find the IP address on the "Compute Engine" page (External IP column). It will also ask you for a password multiple times, you can choose any. It will also ask you for things like "Organization name", certificate authority (CA) name. You can choose any names there.
  5. After the instructions are complete, there should be a *.ovpn file in the folder (CLIENTNAME.ovpn by default). Make sure it's there. Type ls into the terminal. You should see something like this: [email protected]:~$ ls CLIENTNAME.ovpn
  6. We'll need to download this file to our machine. Let's locate the folder this file is in. Type pwd into the console. You should see something like this: [email protected]:~$ pwd /home/username
  7. The full path to the file is the folder and the file name. In my case, the full path is: /home/username/CLIENTNAME.ovpn.
  8. Now click the gear button in the top right corner of the console window. Select "Download file". Type the full file path into the window and click "Download".
  9. The file should be downloaded to your computer.
  10. Try connecting to the OpenVPN server using an OpenVPN client. I use OpenVPN connect. You should use the *.ovpn file.
When connecting on a router, you should consult your intstructions on how to use the file to connect from the router. You may be able to just feed it to the router and it may figure everything out on its own. In my case, I need multiple fields to fill. All of them I can find in the downloaded file (open it with a text editor like Notepad): 1. Server IP and port. You can see the IP in the line remote yyyy udp (everything with xxx is the IP address), yyyy is the port. 2. Transport: UDP 3. Encapsulation Layer: L3 - TUN (IP), which you can see in the line dev tun of the file. 4. Authorization type: TLS client.crt/client.key. 5. HMAC Signature Check: TLS-Auth (ta.key is required). 6. Now we need the keys. They are in the *.ovpn file. Open it with a text editor. Root CA cetrificate (ca.crt) is the text between ... tags (including the begin and end certificate lines). Client certificate (client.crt) is between .... Client key (client.key) is between .... TLS Auth/Crypt Key (ta.key) is between .... 7. If everything is correct, your router should use the VPN and you should be able to connect to Stadia on a TV and use a the controller. 8. Also, if you are using this way, you don't need to enable VPN on your phone or computer. The router deals with the VPN.

My thoughts

I think that Stadia is amazing and the fact that it works even via a VPN makes me believe that streaming is the future of gaming. I am willing to play even with this setup because it allows me to play anywhere.
This process is quite complicated, but it works for me. It may be easier to buy a VPN, but they are usually more expensive compared to your own setup. There is a high chance that even a paid VPN won't work on your router. But if you set up everything yourself, you can make it work.
Feel free to ask any questions and share your setup as well.
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2020.04.06 00:47 NSIPicks Evaluating Line Movement in College Basketball

I recently did some in-depth research in the value of line movements in college basketball. My first project evaluated every game I bet on in the 2019-2020 season. My findings were actually very surprising, and I wanted to share them to get my mind off of not watching sports. One quick note before getting into the data. For the purposes of this breakdown I made the assumption that line movements are strictly due to the "public" betting one side more heavily than another. This is obviously not always the case, but makes explaining the data much simpler. First, lines only moved in favor of favorites 2.5% more often than underdogs. I had always assumed that "the public loves favorites" was a narrative that would show much more evidence of truth. Next, I learned that lines have to move 1.5 points or more in order to be a strong (profitable) indicator of which team will cover the spread. This applies to movement towards favorites and underdogs, alike. One difference though, is that a greater magnitude of line movement towards favorites does not become an even stronger indicator, while for underdogs, it does. My sample size of games was only about 2,000 games, and didn't always capture lines from open to close. I wanted to see if these trends held up with significantly better data in quantity and quality. So I repeated the analysis on every game from 2011-2020 (that had complete line movement data). This giant sample size showed that the public does, indeed, love favorites. Lines moved towards favorites 45.9% of the time (compared to 34.9% for underdogs). They also prefer visitors more than home teams, which I found surprising. Lines moved towards away teams 3.5% more often than home teams. It also became clear that line movement is, in absolutely no way, an indicator of which team will cover the spread. In fact, strictly "fading" the public at tip-off would save you over 1,000 units compared to "tailing" them (steam-chasing), despite the fact that you're getting the "worst of it".
I have graphical representations of all of my data and further explanations on my webiste: Initial sample: Follow-up sample:
Feel free to message me if you have any thoughts or questions, and stay safe!
submitted by NSIPicks to sportsbook [link] [comments]

2020.04.03 16:23 sushibgd How to buy Windows 10 Server and run robot on it?

Hello all,
I'm a RPA newbie, and I'm wondering is it possible to buy a Windows 10 Server to run robot on it? I made a simple robot which scrapes data from client's webiste. Runtime is about 4-5 hours and since I have only one PC at home, I'm not able to lock my only PC while robot is running.
So, my question is - how & where to buy Windows 10 Server on which I could login, make a robot and run robot without interrupting my PC, so I can continue finishing my non-RPA obligations?
Thanks in advance.
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2020.03.15 10:18 SoylentPen15 Easiest way to make a printable form in Python?

I need to print out forms from a website on a daily basis, but the information is not laid out in a good manner, so I get tonnes of useless information. The ID is written with like font-size 8, and is hard to read from afar. Taking it all into Excel would be too time consuming and not really worth the effort.
I was thinking about doing a webscraper which takes the website and then extracts all the useful bits and pieces. I have started to learn about Beautiful Soup, so that issue is solved. However, once I extract the adresses, the telephone numbers, etc I need to get them to a printable form somehow where I can specify what goes where, size and whatnot.
Is there a good library for Python that can do this? I just need to be able to put variable A,B,C,D on a paper in a somewhat structured manner. If I could add barcodes as well that would be awesome, but it´s not an requirement thus far.
Just for clarification: the user is not entering any data, the data is gathered from the webiste. But the information needs to be displayed in a "form"-like manner, and then printed, if that makes sense.
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2020.03.15 02:00 HALCYANDAZE new imac g4, plus some bonus...

so today I came into possession of an iMac G4 in pretty good condition for a very reasonable price. I've always had a soft spot for the G3 and G4, so to find a functioning one in the wild was amazing to me!
booting it up, I can tell it hasn't been used since around october 2009, mostly because that is the date of the latest file on here. so yeah the previous owners failed to clear off any of their personal data before getting rid of the computer to the second hand store I picked it up from. on one hand, that means I get free games, photoshop, and virtual machines running windows 2000 and XP! but on the other hand, I have the names, location, webiste passwords, phone numbers, credit card numbers, bank statements, tax statements, social security numbers, and faces of the old family who previously owned this machine
I'm not a malicious person, I have no intent on using any of this information for fraud or theft, so honestly they're lucky that I picked up this G4 from the store instead of the sega dreamcast I was debating on getting instead, cuz what if someone else who would use this info for their own gain bought it instead?
anyhow, long story short, I have the previous older couple's sensitive information and files on my new old iMac, what should I do? I have experience in repairing/upgrading older macs, so I could take out the hard drive and put in a new one maybe? should I send them their hard drive (since I have their names and address)? or should I just factory reset? or keep the cool programs previously installed and just get rid of the personal info? odd moral questions instead of regular troubleshooting questions I know, but what would you do?
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2020.03.05 20:15 RhysLlewellyn My findings based on the first survey -

Hey everyone. Thank you to all of you who took part in the survey. Unfortunately the webiste I used, Survey Monkey, has now capped the amount of new results that I can see unless I pay them something like £30 a month. They could've made this clear at the beginning. I'll stick to using Google Surveys from now on.
Anyway, on to my findings and what I now intend to develop based on them -
"Best of / First to" - This one is an easy decision. It was quite a mixed bag of who uses what. Therefore, both options will be offered before you start a new game.
Storing dart configurations to allow the app to provide analysis on each set - This proved popular, nearly 80% saying they'd use it. Good, because I'd already started developing that functionality!
What I will need to change slightly now is what data to store, so based on the survey, I am proposing to offer the following fields -
Name of dart,
Weight of dart,
Length of stem,
Shape of flight,
Length of barrel,
Shape of barrel.
Weight, length of stem and shape of flight were noticeably more popular. Length of barrel and shape of barrel were no way as popular as these, but still significantly more popular than the rest of the options. Therefore I propose that weight, stem length and shape of flight are mandatory fields, and length of barrel and shape of barrel are optional. Does that sound good?
Adding darts at all is entirely optional for every player anyway, but if you elect to do so, then you will be required to fill in all mandatory fields.
55% of you said that it's not necessary to provide additional data about the dartboard, surroundings or anything else. So, at least for the time being, I won't be working on this. Perhaps in an update down the line if there are some people that REALLY want it.
As far as what you would like to see displayed, stats wise, while playing a game -
3 dart average, number of darts per leg and checkout success are very popular, so they will definitely be included.
Then it gets trickier as the percentages for many others are close, but there's only so much one can fit on a screen, bearing in mind there are also checkouts to display!
3 dart lifetime average,
hi score entire match,
hi checkout,
first 9 3 dart average,
hi score per leg,
and score matrix
were all close. So I'm going to draw up a few design changes and see how best to implement all of them. It may end up being that due to space limitations, only tablet users will be able to see the entire range displayed on the screen at one time. All data is stored and can be viewed later on a separate screen anyway, so noone will be missing out on this. Just the immediacy of when they can see it.
Remote control link also proved popular - 85% saying they'd either use it, or think that others might use it, so I will implement this. I haven't decided how best to do this yet, but I suspect the most logical way would be to implement a Bluetooth connection between the devices.
There have also been quite a few good feature suggestions which I'll go through at a later point once I've got everything above sorted.
Please feel free to share any thoughts about anything from the above.
Thanks :)
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2020.01.24 22:21 _sirin Basic rvest trouble

Unfortunately I cannot list the website that I am trying to scrap from, but the table appears to be a standard HTML table. I am aware that this complicates the any attempts to help me and may make it impossible. That said, my code looks like this
url <- "" myData <- read_html(url) myData %>% html_node("table") %>% html_table() 
This prints two columns with meaningless neams and NA
using html_text() instead gives the html code ("\r\n\t\t\t\t\t\t")
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2019.12.10 06:30 sonyaellenmann "Sephora Reviews that Mention Crying, Sobbing or Tears"

In high school, I spent a lot of time reading Sephora reviews in pursuit of the perfect object because I was afraid of wasting my money. When I read the prompt for this dataset, I remembered how extensive the data on Sephora's webiste had been.
A popular metric for a successful waterproof product is whether or not it can withstand tears and emotional turmoil. I remembered seeing a review giving an eyeliner 5 stars for surviving through a teary breakup, and I wanted to see if there would be more. Thus, for this project, I scraped Sephora's website for reviews, and filtered through them for reviews mentioning crying.
I ended up scraping about ~5k reviews, and 105 of them mentioned crying, sobbing or tears, giving a ratio of about 1/50. This is of course a biased number because the products the reviews are for are meant to withstand water, but I was still surprised to find so many. I was also surprised by how confessional and emotional people were willing to be in their reviews; I saw stories about breakups, death of loved ones, weddings, fights and more. However, despite the tragedy underlying many of the stories, the tone was often strangely positive, providing exuberant praise for the product that allowed them to maintain their makeup throughout the tragedy.
Not my project — here's the GitHub repo. Cool, huh?
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PSX Website and Data Portal Guide - YouTube Interactive Data Visualization for the Web - YouTube 12 Legit Data Entry Work From Home Job Sites 🏡 2020 ... Data Is Beautiful - YouTube Obtaining data from web and merging tables using Excel ... 15 Best Sites to Apply for Data Encoder Jobs - YouTube MS Excel - Import Live Data From Web - YouTube Most Popular Websites 1996 - 2019 - YouTube How to mine data from website? - YouTube

U.S. Data and Statistics USAGov

  1. PSX Website and Data Portal Guide - YouTube
  2. Interactive Data Visualization for the Web - YouTube
  3. 12 Legit Data Entry Work From Home Job Sites 🏡 2020 ...
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  6. 15 Best Sites to Apply for Data Encoder Jobs - YouTube
  7. MS Excel - Import Live Data From Web - YouTube
  8. Most Popular Websites 1996 - 2019 - YouTube
  9. How to mine data from website? - YouTube
  10. Retrieve Data Directly from Website using Web ...

How to mine data from website. In this video you will get to know how to Extract Data from Website. The steps a... Retrieve Data Directly from Website using Web Crawler Tutorial. Retrieve Data Directly from Website using Web Crawler Tutorial. 12 Legit Data Entry Work From Home Job Sites 🏡 2020 🏡🏡🏡 STEP 1 ️ MY TOP SYSTEM (FREE) - STEP 2 ️ My SECRET ... The simplest online job that almost everybody wants: Data Entry or Data Encoding from Home For English subtitles, press the CC button on your player. (will b... Timeline of the most visited websites on the Internet from 1996 to 2019. Worldwide statistics based on websites traffic measured by monthly visits. ***** I a... PSX takes you to the tour of its new Website and Data Portal. In this video, you will learn how to easily obtain data (tables) from a web link and merge these data via some simple manipulation. source used: https://en.w... MS Excel - Import Live Data From Web Watch More Videos at: Lecture By: Mr. Pavan Lalwani Tutorials Po... This channel is my passion project taking us on a fun trip down memory lane together so we can relive the colorful events we all experienced. I am a first-ye... Interactive Data Visualization for the Web An Introduction to Designing with D3 By Scott Murray Formats: Print Ebook Safari Books Online