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Main Character~ Lylia Rei Knightbird

2020.10.15 19:05 SolasStory Main Character~ Lylia Rei Knightbird

Protagonist: Lylia Rei Knightbird (Mortal Born Ave) Age:19 (Starting Age) Date of Birth: (04/18/2099) Gender: Female Sexuality: Bisexual Parents: Madden Bird (Father, Mortal) Iliza Knight (Mother, Mortal) Zara Florence Serenity (Adopted Mother, Mortal) Relationships: Silos Leo Star (Spouse) Gaia Ember Serenity (Sister by bond and Marriage) Reyes Aster Star (Brother in Law) Penn Quill Isca (Brother in Law) Nikita Lola Astra (Sister in Law) Markus Aro Darkwolf (Captor) Children: Flynn Aro Ulv (Male, Fathered by Markus) Lucas Loke Star (Male, Fathered by Silos) Sagie Nora Star (Female, Fathered by Silos) Elyese Zara Star (Twin to Ellis, Female, Fathered by Silos) Ellis Iliza Star (Twin to Elyese, Female, Fathered by Silos) Tavias Ariden Star (Male, Fathered by Sios)
I will post characters personality types in their own separate deal.
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2020.10.11 01:52 ReditulousBoy [Major Spoilers] Why not, All Characters First Appearence To Death/ Last Appearence.

Lee Everett - S1E1-S1E5, + S2E5 + S4E3 - Dead
Clementine - S1E1-PRESENT - Alive
Kenny - S1E1-S2E5, S1E1-S3E1 - Dead/Uknown
Katjaa - S1E1-S1E3 - Dead
Duck - S1E1-S1E3
Hershel Greene - S1E1-S1E1 - Dead In Comics
Chet - S1E1-S1E1 - Dead
Shawn Greene - S1E1-S1E1 - Dead
Lilly - S1E1-S4E3, S1E1-S4E4 - Determinate
Carley - S1E1-S1E1, S1E1-S1E3 - Dead
Doug - S1E1-S1E1, S1E1-S1E3 - Dead
Larry - S1E1-S1E2 - Dead
Glenn - S1E1-S1E1 - Dead In Comics
Mark - S1E2-S1E2 - Dead
Ben Paul - S1E2-S1E5 - Dead
David Paul - S1E2-S1E2
Traves - S1E2-S1E2
Andy St. John - S1E2-S1E2 - Dead
Danny St. John - S1E2-S1E2 - Dead
Brenda St. John - S1E2-S1E2 - Dead
Jolene - S1E2-S1E2 - Dead
Chuck - S1E3-S1E3 - Dead
Christa - S1E3-S2E1 - Unknown
Omid - S1E3-S2E1 - Dead
Vernon - S1E3-400 DAYS - Dead
Brie S1E3-S1E4 - Dead
Molly - S1E4-S1E4 - Uknown
The Stranger - S1E4-S1E5 - Dead
Sam - S2E1-S2E1 - Dead
Luke - S2E1-S2E5 - Dead
Pete - S2E1-S2E1, S2E1-S2E2 - Dead
Nick - S2E1-S2E2, S2E1-S2E4 - Dead
Alvin - S2E1-S2E2, S2E1-S2E3 - Dead
Rebecca - S2E1-S2E4 - Dead
Carlos - S2E1-S2E3 - Dead
Sarah - S2E1-S2E4 - Dead
AJ - S2E4-PRESENT - Alive
Matthew - S2E2-S2E2 - Dead
Sarita - S2E2-S2E3, S2E2-S2E4 - Dead
Bonnie Harles - S2E2-S2E5 - Determinate
William Carver - S2E2-S2E3 - Dead
Troy - S2E2-S2E3 - Dead
Eddie - 400 DAYS-S4E4 - Dead
Reggie - S2E3-S2E3 - Dead
Mike - S2E3-S2E5 - Uknown
Tavia - S2E3-S2E3 - Uknown
Vince - 400 DAYS- S2E3 - Uknown
Wyatt - S2E3-S2E3 - Uknown
Jane - S2E3-S2E5, S2E3-S3E1 - Dead
Arvo - S2E3-S2E5 - Uknown
Natasha - S2E4-S2E5 - Dead
Walter - S2E2-S2E2 - Dead
Edith - S2E5-S2E5, S2E5-S3E1 - Determinate
Javier Garcia - S3E1-S3E5 - Uknown
David Garcia- S3E1-S3E5 - Determinate/ Uknown
Kate - S3E1-S3E5 - Determinate/ Uknown
Gabriel Garcia - S3E1-S3E5 - Determinate/ Uknown
Mariana Garcia - S3E1-S3E1 - Dead
Salvador Rafá Garcia - S3E1-S3E1 - Dead
Mrs. Garcia - S3E1-S3E1 - Dead
Hector Garcia - S3E1-S3E1 - Dead
Max - S3E1-S1E3, S3E1-S3E5 - Determinate
Badge Garbage - S3E1-S3E3 - Dead
Lonnie - S3E1-S3E3, S3E1-S3E5 - Determinate
Rufus - S3E1-S3E1, S3E1-S3E5 - Dead
Tripp - S3E1-S3E4, S3E1-S3E5 - Dead
Francine - S3E1-S3E2 - Dead
Conrad - S3E1-S2E2, S3E1-S3E3, S3E1-S3E4 Determinate
Eli - S3E1-S3E1 - Dead
Eleanor - S3E1-S3E5 - Uknown
Joan - S3E3-S3E4, S3E3-S3E5 - Determinate
Clinton Barnes - S3E3-S3E4, S3E3-S3E5 - Determinate
Ava - S3E2-S3E4, S3E2-S3E5 - Dead
Jesus/ Paul Monroe - S3E3-S3E5 - Uknown
Paul Lingard - S3E3-S3E4, S3E3-S3E5 - Uknown
Marlon - S4E1-S4E1 - Dead
Tennessee - S4E1-S4E4 - Determinate
Louis - S4E1-S4E4 - Determinate
Violet - S4E1-S4E4 - Determinate
Willy - S4E1-S4E4 - Alive
Mitch - S4E1-S4E2 - Dead
Brody - S4E1-S4E1 - Dead
Omar - S4E1-PRESENT - Dead
Aasim - S4E1-PRESENT - Alive
Ruby - S4E1-PRESENT- Alive
Rosie - S4E1-PRESENT - Alive
Minerva - S4E3-S4E4 - Dead
Sophie - ( Uknown Date Of Death ) - Dead
Yonatan - S4E2-S4E2 - Dead
Abel S4E2-S4E3 - Dead
Sullene - S4E2-S4E4 - Dead
Micheal - S4E2-S4E4 - Dead
Gina - S4E2-S4E4 - Dead
Dorian - S4E2-S4E3 - Dead
Armando - S4E2-S4E4 - Dead
Gad - S4E2-S4E4 - Dead
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2020.09.28 18:46 Zfungi148 The Walking Dead: As Blood Dries. Chapter 15: "Better To Sleep" - Ending

Save Lucas:
[Samuel decides to save Lucas.]
Samuel: “Lucas! Grab my hand!”
[Samuel reaches out for Lucas. They grab hands and Samuel pulls him to safety.]
Lucas: “Shit!”
Becca: “Shel?!”
Shel: “Fuck! Someone help me!”
[Becca tries to reach out for her sister but the boards snap and Shel falls into the river below.]
Becca: “SHEL?! NO!”
Shel: “BECCCAAA?!”
Samuel: “Becca! Stay back!”
Lucas: “No… no… this is my fault… fuck…”
[Becca falls to her knees overlooking the gap.]
Becca: “I’m sorry… Shel… no…”
[Samuel gos to comfort Becca as she cries, mourning her sister’s death.]
Jacob: “Is… is she dead?”
Jeneva: “SHEL?!”
Markus: “Shel?! Can you hear us?!”
[Shel didn’t respond.]
Nolan: “Guys… I think she’s gone…”
Tavia: “Shit… Tyler…”
[Samuel looks back over to the gap, where Tyler now stood, undead. They watched as he bent down and started to rip open Nate’s remains.]
Sally: “Guys… we should get going…”
Kenneth: “Yeah…”
Tavia: “One sec…”
[Tavia pulls out her gun and shoots Tyler in the head, killing his undead self.]
Tavia: “Now we can go…”
Samuel: “Becca… we need to move…”
Becca: “O-Okay…”
[Samuel helped Becca to her feet and the group moved away from the bridge, resuming their path to Wellington.]
End of Chapter 15: Better To Sleep
(Zee here, I wanna thank everyone who's supported me so far in this journey. Next chapter is the halfway point for the series so I wanna do all the proper shout outing then. I can't promise that C16 will be out soon due to school tho. Also I'm just going to be dropping release date from here on out, I have failed to reach them both times lol. Anyway, I'll see you in the series midway point, Chapter 16: "When Hope Died" - Zee Everett)
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2020.08.20 01:33 ket4663 Is Matt still dating Tavia?

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2020.06.07 05:43 poorcinderelly Some books by Black authors everybody should check out!

This is BY NO MEANS a comprehensive list, just some recent releases (as in, released in the last year or two) as well as a couple upcoming releases! Also, many of these authors have other novels that are fantastic, but I tried not to repeat any authors so this post wouldn't be too long (which it is so long lol). So do check them out further! And please, please, please do add any other reccs, particularly from midlist authors!

Light-hearted stories (for the most part, some deal with heavy themes at times but these are mostly happy, heartfelt, and tender!):
I Wanna Be Where You Are by Kristina Forest -
When Chloe Pierce’s mom forbids her to apply for a spot at the dance conservatory of her dreams, she devises a secret plan to drive two hundred miles to the nearest audition. But Chloe hits her first speed bump when her annoying neighbor Eli insists upon hitching a ride, threatening to tell Chloe’s mom if she leaves him and his smelly dog, Geezer, behind. So now Chloe’s chasing her ballet dreams down the east coast—two unwanted (but kinda cute) passengers in her car, butterflies in her stomach, and a really dope playlist on repeat.
Truly, Madly, Royally by Debbie Rigaud -
Fiercely independent and smart, Zora Emerson wants to change the world. She's excited to be attending a prestigious summer program, even if she feels out of place among her privileged, mostly white classmates. So she's definitely not expecting to feel a connection to Owen, who's an actual prince of an island off the coast of England. But Owen is funny, charming...and undeniably cute. Zora can't ignore the chemistry between them. When Owen invites Zora to be his date at his big brother's big royal wedding, Zora is suddenly thrust into the spotlight, along with her family and friends. Everyone is talking about her, in real life and online, and while Owen is used to the scrutiny, Zora's not sure it's something she can live with. Can she maintain her sense of self while moving between two very different worlds? And can her feelings for Owen survive and thrive in the midst of the crazy? Find out in this charming romantic comedy that's like The Princess Diaries for a new generation.
Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender -
Felix Love has never been in love—and, yes, he’s painfully aware of the irony. He desperately wants to know what it’s like and why it seems so easy for everyone but him to find someone. What’s worse is that, even though he is proud of his identity, Felix also secretly fears that he’s one marginalization too many—Black, queer, and transgender—to ever get his own happily-ever-after.
When an anonymous student begins sending him transphobic messages—after publicly posting Felix’s deadname alongside images of him before he transitioned—Felix comes up with a plan for revenge. What he didn’t count on: his catfish scenario landing him in a quasi–love triangle....
But as he navigates his complicated feelings, Felix begins a journey of questioning and self-discovery that helps redefine his most important relationship: how he feels about himself.
Dear Haiti, Love Alaine by Maika Moulite and Maritza Moulite -
When a school presentation goes very wrong, Alaine Beauparlant finds herself suspended, shipped off to Haiti and writing the report of a lifetime…
You might ask the obvious question: What do I, a seventeen-year-old Haitian American from Miami with way too little life experience, have to say about anything?
Actually, a lot.
Thanks to “the incident” (don’t ask), I'm spending the next two months doing what my school is calling a "spring volunteer immersion project.” It’s definitely no vacation. I’m toiling away under the ever-watchful eyes of Tati Estelle at her new nonprofit. And my lean-in queen of a mother is even here to make sure I do things right. Or she might just be lying low to dodge the media sharks after a much more public incident of her own…and to hide a rather devastating secret.
All things considered, there are some pretty nice perks…like flirting with Tati’s distractingly cute intern, getting actual face time with my mom and experiencing Haiti for the first time. I’m even exploring my family’s history—which happens to be loaded with betrayals, superstitions and possibly even a family curse.
You know, typical drama. But it's nothing I can't handle.
With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo -
With her daughter to care for and her abuela to help support, high school senior Emoni Santiago has to make the tough decisions, and do what must be done. The one place she can let her responsibilities go is in the kitchen, where she adds a little something magical to everything she cooks, turning her food into straight-up goodness. Still, she knows she doesn’t have enough time for her school’s new culinary arts class, doesn’t have the money for the class’s trip to Spain — and shouldn’t still be dreaming of someday working in a real kitchen. But even with all the rules she has for her life — and all the rules everyone expects her to play by — once Emoni starts cooking, her only real choice is to let her talent break free.
Pride by Ibi Zoboi -
Zuri Benitez has pride. Brooklyn pride, family pride, and pride in her Afro-Latino roots. But pride might not be enough to save her rapidly gentrifying neighborhood from becoming unrecognizable.
When the wealthy Darcy family moves in across the street, Zuri wants nothing to do with their two teenage sons, even as her older sister, Janae, starts to fall for the charming Ainsley. She especially can’t stand the judgmental and arrogant Darius. Yet as Zuri and Darius are forced to find common ground, their initial dislike shifts into an unexpected understanding.
But with four wild sisters pulling her in different directions, cute boy Warren vying for her attention, and college applications hovering on the horizon, Zuri fights to find her place in Bushwick’s changing landscape, or lose it all.
You Should See Me in a Crown by Leah Johnson -
Liz Lighty has always believed she's too black, too poor, too awkward to shine in her small, rich, prom-obsessed midwestern town. But it's okay -- Liz has a plan that will get her out of Campbell, Indiana, forever: attend the uber-elite Pennington College, play in their world-famous orchestra, and become a doctor.
But when the financial aid she was counting on unexpectedly falls through, Liz's plans come crashing down . . . until she's reminded of her school's scholarship for prom king and queen. There's nothing Liz wants to do less than endure a gauntlet of social media trolls, catty competitors, and humiliating public events, but despite her devastating fear of the spotlight she's willing to do whatever it takes to get to Pennington.
The only thing that makes it halfway bearable is the new girl in school, Mack. She's smart, funny, and just as much of an outsider as Liz. But Mack is also in the running for queen. Will falling for the competition keep Liz from her dreams . . . or make them come true?
The Voting Booth by Brandy Colbert -
Marva Sheridan was born ready for this day. She's always been driven to make a difference in the world, and what better way than to vote in her first election?
Duke Crenshaw is do done with this election. He just wants to get voting over with so he can prepare for his band's first paying gig tonight.
Only problem? Duke can't vote.
When Marva sees Duke turned away from their polling place, she takes it upon herself to make sure his vote is counted. She hasn't spent months doorbelling and registering voters just to see someone denied their right. And that's how their whirlwind day begins, rushing from precinct to precinct, cutting school, waiting in endless lines, turned away time and again, trying to do one simple thing: vote. They may have started out as strangers, but as Duke and Marva team up to beat a rigged system (and find Marva's missing cat), it's clear that there's more to their connection than a shared mission for democracy.
When You Were Everything by Ashley Woodfolk -
It’s been twenty-seven days since Cleo and Layla’s friendship imploded.
Nearly a month since Cleo realized they’ll never be besties again.
Now, Cleo wants to erase every memory, good or bad, that tethers her to her ex–best friend. But pretending Layla doesn’t exist isn’t as easy as Cleo hoped, especially after she’s assigned to be Layla’s tutor. Despite budding new friendships with other classmates—and a raging crush on a gorgeous boy named Dom—Cleo’s turbulent past with Layla comes back to haunt them both.
Full Disclosure by Camryn Garrett -
Simone Garcia-Hampton is starting over at a new school, and this time things will be different. She's making real friends, making a name for herself as student director of Rent, and making a play for Miles, the guy who makes her melt every time he walks into a room. The last thing she wants is for word to get out that she's HIV-positive, because last time . . . well, last time things got ugly.
Keeping her viral load under control is easy, but keeping her diagnosis under wraps is not so simple. As Simone and Miles start going out for real--shy kisses escalating into much more--she feels an uneasiness that goes beyond butterflies. She knows she has to tell him that she's positive, especially if sex is a possibility, but she's terrified of how he'll react! And then she finds an anonymous note in her locker: I know you have HIV. You have until Thanksgiving to stop hanging out with Miles. Or everyone else will know too.
Simone's first instinct is to protect her secret at all costs, but as she gains a deeper understanding of the prejudice and fear in her community, she begins to wonder if the only way to rise above is to face the haters head-on...

Stories dealing with tragedy/heavy topics and themes (may handle triggering topics so be advised) -
Pet by Akwaeke Emezi -
There are no more monsters anymore, or so the children in the city of Lucille are taught. With doting parents and a best friend named Redemption, Jam has grown up with this lesson all her life. But when she meets Pet, a creature made of horns and colours and claws, who emerges from one of her mother's paintings and a drop of Jam's blood, she must reconsider what she's been told. Pet has come to hunt a monster, and the shadow of something grim lurks in Redemption's house. Jam must fight not only to protect her best friend, but also to uncover the truth, and the answer to the question-How do you save the world from monsters if no one will admit they exist?
Monday's Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson -
Monday Charles is missing, and only Claudia seems to notice. Claudia and Monday have always been inseparable—more sisters than friends. So when Monday doesn’t turn up for the first day of school, Claudia’s worried. When she doesn’t show for the second day, or second week, Claudia knows that something is wrong. Monday wouldn’t just leave her to endure tests and bullies alone. Not after last year’s rumors and not with her grades on the line. Now Claudia needs her best—and only—friend more than ever. But Monday’s mother refuses to give Claudia a straight answer, and Monday’s sister April is even less help.
As Claudia digs deeper into her friend’s disappearance, she discovers that no one seems to remember the last time they saw Monday. How can a teenage girl just vanish without anyone noticing that she’s gone?
This is My America by Kim Johnson -
Every week, seventeen-year-old Tracy Beaumont writes letters to Innocence X, asking the organization to help her father, an innocent Black man on death row. After seven years, Tracy is running out of time—her dad has only 267 days left. Then the unthinkable happens. The police arrive in the night, and Tracy’s older brother, Jamal, goes from being a bright, promising track star to a “thug” on the run, accused of killing a white girl. Determined to save her brother, Tracy investigates what really happened between Jamal and Angela down at the Pike. But will Tracy and her family survive the uncovering of the skeletons of their Texas town’s racist history that still haunt the present?
The Boy in the Black Suit by Jason Reynolds - (this one isn't terribly triggering or sad, his other novels tend to be heavier, but the subject matter is about death and grief so I put it under this category!)
Just when seventeen-year-old Matt thinks he can’t handle one more piece of terrible news, he meets a girl who’s dealt with a lot more—and who just might be able to clue him in on how to rise up when life keeps knocking him down—in this wry, gritty novel from the author of When I Was the Greatest.
Matt wears a black suit every day. No, not because his mom died—although she did, and it sucks. But he wears the suit for his gig at the local funeral home, which pays way better than the Cluck Bucket, and he needs the income since his dad can’t handle the bills (or anything, really) on his own. So while Dad’s snagging bottles of whiskey, Matt’s snagging fifteen bucks an hour. Not bad. But everything else? Not good. Then Matt meets Lovey. She’s got a crazy name, and she’s been through more crazy than he can imagine. Yet Lovey never cries. She’s tough. Really tough. Tough in the way Matt wishes he could be. Which is maybe why he’s drawn to her, and definitely why he can’t seem to shake her. Because there’s nothing more hopeful than finding a person who understands your loneliness—and who can maybe even help take it away.
Light It Up by Kekla Magoon -
A girl walks home from school. She's tall for her age. She's wearing her winter coat. Her headphones are in. She's hurrying.
She never makes it home.
In the aftermath, while law enforcement tries to justify the response, one fact remains: a police officer has shot and killed an unarmed thirteen-year-old girl. The community is thrown into upheaval, leading to unrest, a growing movement to protest the senseless taking of black lives, and the arrival of white supremacist counter demonstrators.
The Black Kids by Christina Hammonds Reed -
Los Angeles, 1992
Ashley Bennett and her friends are living the charmed life. It’s the end of senior year and they’re spending more time at the beach than in the classroom. They can already feel the sunny days and endless possibilities of summer.
Everything changes one afternoon in April, when four LAPD officers are acquitted after beating a black man named Rodney King half to death. Suddenly, Ashley’s not just one of the girls. She’s one of the black kids.
As violent protests engulf LA and the city burns, Ashley tries to continue on as if life were normal. Even as her self-destructive sister gets dangerously involved in the riots. Even as the model black family façade her wealthy and prominent parents have built starts to crumble. Even as her best friends help spread a rumor that could completely derail the future of her classmate and fellow black kid, LaShawn Johnson.
With her world splintering around her, Ashley, along with the rest of LA, is left to question who is the us? And who is the them?
Girls Like Us by Randi Pink -
Set in the summer of 1972, this moving YA historical novel is narrated by teen girls from different backgrounds with one thing in common: Each girl is dealing with pregnancy.
Four teenage girls. Four different stories. What they all have in common is that they’re dealing with unplanned pregnancies.
In rural Georgia, Izella is wise beyond her years, but burdened with the responsibility of her older sister, Ola, who has found out she’s pregnant. Their young neighbor, Missippi, is also pregnant, but doesn’t fully understand the extent of her predicament. When her father sends her to Chicago to give birth, she meets the final narrator, Susan, who is white and the daughter of an anti-choice senator.

Fantasy/scifi/magical stories -
A Song Below Water by Bethany C. Morrow -
Tavia is already at odds with the world, forced to keep her siren identity under wraps in a society that wants to keep her kind under lock and key. Never mind she's also stuck in Portland, Oregon, a city with only a handful of black folk and even fewer of those with magical powers. At least she has her bestie Effie by her side as they tackle high school drama, family secrets, and unrequited crushes.
But everything changes in the aftermath of a siren murder trial that rocks the nation; the girls’ favorite Internet fashion icon reveals she's also a siren, and the news rips through their community. Tensions escalate when Effie starts being haunted by demons from her past, and Tavia accidentally lets out her magical voice during a police stop. No secret seems safe anymore—soon Portland won’t be either.
The Sound of Stars by Alechia Dow -
Two years ago, a misunderstanding between the leaders of Earth and the invading Ilori resulted in the deaths of one-third of the world’s population.
Seventeen-year-old Janelle “Ellie” Baker survives in an Ilori-controlled center in New York City. Deemed dangerously volatile because of their initial reaction to the invasion, humanity’s emotional transgressions are now grounds for execution. All art, books and creative expression are illegal, but Ellie breaks the rules by keeping a secret library. When a book goes missing, Ellie is terrified that the Ilori will track it back to her and kill her.
Born in a lab, M0Rr1S (Morris) was raised to be emotionless. When he finds Ellie’s illegal library, he’s duty-bound to deliver her for execution. The trouble is, he finds himself drawn to human music and in desperate need of more. They’re both breaking the rules for love of art—and Ellie inspires the same feelings in him that music does.
Ellie’s—and humanity’s—fate rests in the hands of an alien she should fear. M0Rr1S has a lot of secrets, but also a potential solution—thousands of miles away. The two embark on a wild and dangerous road trip with a bag of books and their favorite albums, all the while making a story and a song of their own that just might save them both.
A Song of Wraiths and Ruin by Roseanne A. Brown -
For Malik, the Solstasia festival is a chance to escape his war-stricken home and start a new life with his sisters in the prosperous desert city of Ziran. But when a vengeful spirit abducts Malik’s younger sister, Nadia, as payment into the city, Malik strikes a fatal deal—kill Karina, Crown Princess of Ziran, for Nadia’s freedom.
But Karina has deadly aspirations of her own. Her mother, the Sultana, has been assassinated; her court threatens mutiny; and Solstasia looms like a knife over her neck. Grief-stricken, Karina decides to resurrect her mother through ancient magic . . . requiring the beating heart of a king. And she knows just how to obtain one: by offering her hand in marriage to the victor of the Solstasia competition.
When Malik rigs his way into the contest, they are set on a course to destroy each other. But as attraction flares between them and ancient evils stir, will they be able to see their tasks to the death?
Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko -
Tarisai has always longed for the warmth of a family. She was raised in isolation by a mysterious, often absent mother known only as The Lady. The Lady sends her to the capital of the global empire of Aritsar to compete with other children to be chosen as one of the Crown Prince’s Council of 11. If she’s picked, she’ll be joined with the other Council members through the Ray, a bond deeper than blood.
That closeness is irresistible to Tarisai, who has always wanted to belong somewhere. But The Lady has other ideas, including a magical wish that Tarisai is compelled to obey: Kill the Crown Prince once she gains his trust. Tarisai won’t stand by and become someone’s pawn—but is she strong enough to choose a different path for herself?
Legendborn by Tracy Deonn -
After her mother dies in an accident, sixteen-year-old Bree Matthews wants nothing to do with her family memories or childhood home. A residential program for bright high schoolers at UNC–Chapel Hill seems like the perfect escape—until Bree witnesses a magical attack her very first night on campus.
A flying demon feeding on human energies.
A secret society of so called “Legendborn” students that hunt the creatures down.
And a mysterious teenage mage who calls himself a “Merlin” and who attempts—and fails—to wipe Bree’s memory of everything she saw.
The mage’s failure unlocks Bree’s own unique magic and a buried memory with a hidden connection: the night her mother died, another Merlin was at the hospital. Now that Bree knows there’s more to her mother’s death than what’s on the police report, she’ll do whatever it takes to find out the truth, even if that means infiltrating the Legendborn as one of their initiates.
She recruits Nick, a self-exiled Legendborn with his own grudge against the group, and their reluctant partnership pulls them deeper into the society’s secrets—and closer to each other. But when the Legendborn reveal themselves as the descendants of King Arthur’s knights and explain that a magical war is coming, Bree has to decide how far she’ll go for the truth and whether she should use her magic to take the society down—or join the fight.
A Phoenix First Must Burn -
Evoking Beyoncé’s Lemonade for a teen audience, these authors who are truly Octavia Butler’s heirs, have woven worlds to create a stunning narrative that centers Black women and gender nonconforming individuals. A Phoenix First Must Burn will take you on a journey from folktales retold to futuristic societies and everything in between. Filled with stories of love and betrayal, strength and resistance, this collection contains an array of complex and true-to-life characters in which you cannot help but see yourself reflected. Witches and scientists, sisters and lovers, priestesses and rebels: the heroines of A Phoenix First Must Burn shine brightly. You will never forget them.
Authors include Elizabeth Acevedo, Amerie, Dhonielle Clayton, Jalissa Corrie, Somaiya Daud, Charlotte Davis, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Justina Ireland, Danny Lore, L.L. McKinney, Danielle Paige, Rebecca Roanhorse, Karen Strong, Ashley Woodfolk, and Ibi Zoboi.
A River of Royal Blood by Amanda Joy -
Sixteen-year-old Eva is a princess, born with the magick of marrow and blood--a dark and terrible magick that hasn't been seen for generations in the vibrant but fractured country of Myre. Its last known practitioner was Queen Raina, who toppled the native khimaer royalty and massacred thousands, including her own sister, eight generations ago, thus beginning the Rival Heir tradition. Living in Raina's long and dark shadow, Eva must now face her older sister, Isa, in a battle to the death if she hopes to ascend to the Ivory Throne--because in the Queendom of Myre only the strongest, most ruthless rulers survive.
When Eva is attacked by an assassin just weeks before the battle with her sister, she discovers there is more to the attempt on her life than meets the eye--and it isn't just her sister who wants to see her dead. As tensions escalate, Eva is forced to turn to a fey instructor of mythic proportions and a mysterious and handsome khimaer prince for help in growing her magick into something to fear. Because despite the love she still has for her sister, Eva will have to choose: Isa's death or her own.
Cinderella is Dead by Kalynn Bayron -
It’s 200 years after Cinderella found her prince, but the fairy tale is over. Teen girls are now required to appear at the Annual Ball, where the men of the kingdom select wives based on a girl’s display of finery. If a suitable match is not found, the girls not chosen are never heard from again.
Sixteen-year-old Sophia would much rather marry Erin, her childhood best friend, than parade in front of suitors. At the ball, Sophia makes the desperate decision to flee, and finds herself hiding in Cinderella’s mausoleum. There, she meets Constance, the last known descendant of Cinderella and her step sisters. Together they vow to bring down the king once and for all–and in the process, they learn that there’s more to Cinderella’s story than they ever knew . . .
(ETA: links to the Goodreads of all books listed!)
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2020.05.27 23:38 R_a_x_i Wushanko Isles Wishlist: Expansion Past the Arc

I find arc to be one of the best updates RS has ever seen. This area has AMAZING music and graphics.
There are Miniquests, Castaways, and a lot of Discoveries to find. Not to mention there are some really nice AFK skilling methods with great XP yields. Everything is intertwined together to make Chimes, which makes every activity feel worthwhile.
It has a closed economy, so it feels ironman like for us mainscapers. Elite Dungeons were added and a wealth of lore was expanded upon. Even after you get Salty and have finished everything, you can skill go complete contracts, plant berries, or continue farming charms.
Tavia's Hero Rod was a great addition too, and it is my favorite fishing rod to date. I really never thought that I would be packing up my crystal rod away.
My wish is to see more areas added. Looking at the Archipelago map, there are still 7 areas that could be added: Skull, Hook, Scythe, Bowl, Pincers, Loop, and Shield. Not each area needs to be as large or expansive as the Arc, maybe one new collection to add to our journals instead of 4 for example.
Each area could bring in new skills to afk train, and new player owned islands to flag. The existing skills could also be present. As we venture past the comfort of the arc, you find yourself at the skull where you can train Crafting and Herblore.
Adding onto the existing rewards, the next item on my wish list would be a seed satchel. This satchel would hold ALL seeds, including the ones used to grow berries at Tuai Leit. It would be nice for the farming plots to treat it as if it were our inventory, and we could use seeds directly from it.
The next item on my wish list is a produce bin. I would love to save bank space by adding all of my grown berries and produce yields from farming patches around RS to one location.
I make tabs for everything in my bank, and I wish I had space for a farming tab. A seed satchel and a produce bin would allow me to have enough space for going on farm runs.
Another wish I have is to incorporate ports into this more. The resource/currency exchange rate is NEVER worth doing because of the amount of time it takes to make chimes. Feel free to look at your data on how many people are buying ports resources. I think you will find that this area is extremely underwhelming.
Every new island could have a skill or two added to it, and more ways to produce chimes accordingly. Even archaeology could be incorporated! Owning more than one island would be fantastic, and there could be some where resources reset weekly, and some reset monthly with higher chime yields.
More upgrade tiers can be added to rewards like reduced cost on supplies and amount of supplies needed to travel, and more items like the mizuyari spear can be introduced to the market too.
Perhaps we could see a reward unlock: Auto deploy traps for hunting tortles, or "wild mushroom expert" teachings that prevent us from getting pricked when collecting wild mushrooms.
Last on my wish list is to have a method of "finding" specific types of islands. Paying X amount of chimes to land on that 3 wobbegong island etc.
Expand Wushanko Isles with more rewards please :)
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2020.04.25 13:48 5-x Hero Items - a Subjective Review (or: just how much bang for your buck you get playing with RuneScape's most exotic toys)

Warning: Long. Verdict at the bottom.


Hero items is a buzzword invented at Jagex in 2017 to describe an emergent family of items designed with one idea in mind: to create excitement in the game's community. They all have some things in common: each hero item is themed after a different "legendary" RuneScape's character, and each has a different effect previously unseen in the game. The items are exceptionally rare, and a player lucky enough to obtain one is greeted with a global broadcast. With rarity comes high price, for all hero items command prices in the billions.
Additions of new hero items have been few and far between, carefully reserved for the most important updates. To date only four hero items have been released: the Hazelmere's signet ring (with the elaborate Luck rings rework launched in 2017), Orlando Smith's hat (with the very successful clue scroll rework of 2018), Tavia's fishing rod (with the Deep Sea Fishing hub which refreshed Fishing in 2018), and the Guildmaster Tony's mattock (with the 2020's gathering skill, Archaeology).
Over the past three years I was fortunate to own all four hero items and I tested each of them thoroughly. I took them to places where they shine the most... and to places where they don't shine at all. Getting a hold of them was a journey in its own right, from watching and counting the global broadcasts to outbidding the merchants. After months of use I noted down my subjective list of pros and cons as well as other thoughts on each of them. Without further ado...

Hazelmere's signet ring: the Luck of Dwarves for the rich?

The OG of hero items was added to the game silently with the luck rework in March 2017 but due to extreme rarity it wasn't until May that someone actually obtained one. The Hazelmere's signet ring is a very rare drop from the rare drop table, and you can get one from combat drops or skilling via the seren spirit. The special effect of the HSR can double any drop that falls to the ground - this happens rarely, as the chance to double an item is said to be one in a three digit number. Additionally, HSR retains the luck-enhancing effects of the LotD while having increased stats and an additional unique teleport option to the Gnome stronghold. Getting the infamous blurberry special cocktail signifies you have narrowly missed a chance to obtain this rare ring.
I bought one of the first Hazelmere's signets in the game in 2017 from a merchant for 3b gp and have been using it ever since. The ring most commonly doubles bones and charms (the effect is applied before bonecrusher and charming imp) but it has also doubled some more valuable items such as noted black dragonhide, wines of zamorak, tectonic energies, a piece of subjugation robe bottoms, and even shattered anima in Shattered Worlds and dinosaur hides in Big Game Hunter. The ring's price was stable above max cash, then fell with release of the grace of elves and briefly plummeted to nearly 1b after release of Archaeology. Currently a bargain?
Pros: Cons:
Very universal, works in many combat and non-combat situations, and it can double anything that drops to the ground which makes for a simple yet exciting effect It is a ring, so you cannot see it outside of player examine feature
Direct upgrade from the Luck of the Dwarves in terms of stats and teleports, and can be imbued to further increase its stats Does not double rewards in interfaces, a feature requested by players ever since the ring came out (which, according to Jagex sources, may come eventually)
It is the original hero item so it is also the best-known Unlike other hero items it does not have a fancy mouse-over tooltip explaining its effect

Orlando Smith's hat: yo dawg, we put treasure in your treasure

The reason for the lack of head slot item in the clue scroll's Globetrotter outfit wasn't apparent until the first player obtained a rather ordinary-looking hat from a master clue in February 2018. Unlike other hero items, the Orlando Smith's hat is not an upgrade from any other existing item, but a standalone with a completely unique function. The hat has a special effect which rarely adds a casket of a lower tier inside a clue reward, for example when wearing the hat you will occasionally find an extra elite casket inside your master clue reward. The chance for this to happen ranges from 1 in 100 to 1 in 80, depending on clue tier. The effect is very unpredictable in small samples but somewhat consistent when opening lots of caskets.
I used the Orlando's hat briefly in 2018 while its price was still under max cash but only completed enough clues for a few extra caskets. The hat's price has been steadily rising and is currently in the region of 3b gp, which is surprising since the hat is said to be commonly lent from player to player. Getting an elemental battlestaff from a master clue signifies you have narrowly missed a chance to obtain this rare hat.
Pros: Cons:
"Completes" the globetrotter outfit Despite "completing" the globetrotter outfit it has no synergy with the outfit's effects, it just fills a slot
The effect is predictable when opening large numbers of clue caskets Does not work on easy clues at all
. Extremely bland in appearance, one needs to know exactly how it looks to recognise it in a crowd, and it can be easily mistaken for one of many hat cosmetics
. Its use is limited to one activity only, but the same can be said about the fishing rod and the mattock

Tavia's fishing rod: look at me, I am the fisherman now

Release of a new hero item less than a month after the previous one came as a surprise to many. The surprise was even greater when players found out the Tavia's fishing rod is obtained in an elaborate setup. The player must first be lucky enough to receive an extremely rare red uncharted isle map either from fishing in the Deep Sea hub or from trading the randomly-appearing deep sea merchant. The red map can then be used to travel to a special uncharted island which is home to the yet-unseen character Tavia. It is a hut on that island that the player may "borrow" the legendary fishing rod from. Novelty doesn't end there, for Tavia's rod is also the first hero item which can directly benefit the players around its user. The rod has a special effect which "blasts" all three fishing boosts to its owner and a random boost to players nearby. The boosts are 5% extra fishing experience, 10% increase in catch rate, and a 10% chance for a double catch. As a step up from the second-best crystal rod, the Tavia's rod can be augmented with invention too.
I bought the 4th Tavia's fishing rod in the game (according to the number of broadcasts) for 2.1b gp from the person who got it. This was the first "red map" obtained from fishing rather than from the deep sea merchant's store. I used the rod mostly for sailfish and waterfall fishing but I also took it to fishing frenzy and barbarian fishing. The rod activates a lot more commonly at fishing frenzy than at sailfish, probably due to more frequent xp drops - I even managed to get a few procs before the effects of the previous one ran out. According to the number of broadcasts Tavia's rod may well be the rarest hero item, and the price has been all over the place, even dropping to as low as 600m gp at one point. Currently nearing max cash as the supply depends on players buying uncharted maps.
Pros: Cons:
Direct upgrade from crystal fishing rod (10% increased catch chance, versus crystal's 5%, and siphons as tier 80, versus crystal's 70) You can only use it with fishing activities that require a fishing rod
Unlike crystal rod the Tavia's has no requirements to use Its use is limited, but the same can be said about the hat and the mattock
Has an effect that benefits (and notifies) nearby players which also adds to the flaunting capabilities The effect's activation rate depends on the fishing speed so in some situations it activates rarely, and the effect is not very significant in training
Sleek and beautiful design, in a crowd of crystal rods you will definitely stand out .
When you get the "red map" you can save it for a special occasion .

Guildmaster Tony's mattock: I'm digging it

A "hero mattock" was the first hero item confirmed ahead of its release, with concept art appearing around Runefest 2019, six months before Archaeology's release. It is also the only hero item with a level requirement (99 Archaeology). Finally, it's the only hero item so far which was so powerful that it had to receive a nerf in an update. Indeed, the stats of the Guildmaster Tony's mattock were slightly lowered but fear not - it is still a whole tier above the second-best mattock of time & space. Of course you can augment it too. The Tony's mattock commonly doubles your excavated material (usually a few times a minute). This effect also works on material caches, and provides double experience. Additionally, the mattock rarely completes the progress to your next artefact, allowing you to "discover it instantly" (this effect is significantly less common and happens once every dozen artefacts or so). The mattock is there for you to grab it from the display case in the Archaeology guild... but the only way to open it is to get a Shadowy key from a tetracompass. You can also get a distorted key which will definitely get your hopes up but will probably break in the lock too.
I bought the 34th Tony's mattock in the game (according to the number of broadcasts) for 5b gp from the person who got it using a shadowy key, and I have been using it every day for training. Archaeology is still a very new skill and the mattock is in high demand, valued between 4 and 5b gp. The first one in the game was sold for a record breaking 29b gp, which is more than you would pay for a blue party hat these days.
Pros: Cons:
The stats are a league above the mattock of time & space, and you can tell the difference - arguably the most significant upgrade among hero items (9 versus 7 focus, 85 versus 80 precision) Rather low-key in appearance (which can be a good thing), someone might ask you just why you are using a steel mattock
"Instant artefact" generation speeds up the skill considerably When you get an "instant artefact" the message is white and it is filtered, so you will probably miss it
Extra materials for days Its use is limited to one activity only, but the same can be said about the fishing rod and the hat
When you get a Shadowy key you can save it for a special occasion Requires level 99 Archaeology to use, which makes sense since you need to be a guildmaster yourself to use a guildmaster's personal tool, but it still would be very handy for pre-99 training


Make no mistake - all four hero items are extremely expensive toys for those with more money than brains. For the most part, the upgrade you get is minor and what you buy is ultimately more of a status symbol than a gameplay aid. Are they worth the buck for a rich player, though? If you have the money laying around the hero items will certainly do more for you than partyhats and dyes, especially if you give them an opportunity to perform the tasks they were designed for.
Most useful: Hazelmere's signet ring is the most versatile hero item - a universal top-tier luck enhancer with an exciting twist, but don't ever count on a financial return from the doubled drops.
Least useful: Orlando Smith's hat is a niche oddity for clue-minded players, and despite its consistent effect there is no reason to invest in one unless you are in treasure trails for a seriously long haul.
Biggest show-off: Tavia's fishing rod is an exotic tool for bragging and fishing: it serves the former perfectly, but for the latter it is just a symbolic upgrade.
Hottest right now: Guildmaster Tony's mattock is an absolute beast and a number one for all your Archaeology needs - it trumps all other mattocks overall but lacks a single "wow" effect.
Thank you for reading. Looking forward to your comments.
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2020.04.19 19:09 floofboof Title

Destiny's Child was an American girl group whose final and best-known line-up comprised Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams). The group began their musical career as Girl's Tyme, formed in 1990 in Houston, Texas.[1] After years of limited success, the quartet comprising Knowles, Rowland, LaTavia Roberson, and LeToya Luckett were signed in 1997 to Columbia Records as Destiny's Child. The group was launched into mainstream recognition following the release of their best-selling second album, The Writing's on the Wall (1999), which contained the number-one singles "Bills, Bills, Bills" and "Say My Name". Despite critical and commercial success, the group was plagued by internal conflict and legal turmoil, as Roberson and Luckett attempted to split from the group's manager Mathew Knowles, citing favoritism of Knowles and Rowland.
In early 2000, both Roberson and Luckett were replaced with Williams and Farrah Franklin; however, Franklin quit after five months, leaving the group as a trio). Their third album, Survivor) (2001), whose themes the public interpreted as a channel to the group's experience, produced the worldwide hits "Independent Women", "Survivor)" and "Bootylicious". In 2002, they announced a hiatus to pursue solo careers. The trio reunited two years later for the release of their fourth and final studio album, Destiny Fulfilled (2004), which spawned the international hits "Lose My Breath" and "Soldier)". Since the group's official disbandment in 2006, Knowles, Rowland, and Williams have reunited a couple of times, including at the 2013 Super Bowl halftime show and 2018 Coachella festival.
Destiny's Child has sold more than sixty million records worldwide to date.[2] Billboard) magazine ranks the group as one of the greatest musical trios of all time,[3] the ninth most successful artist/band of the 2000s,[4] placed the group 68th in its All-Time Hot 100 Artists list in 2008[5] and in December 2016, the magazine ranked them as the 90th most successful dance club artist of all-time.[6] The group was nominated for 14 Grammy Awards, winning twice for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals and once for Best R&B Song.
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2019.12.20 15:44 TheInducer Eight Saint-Incarnates of the Eight and One Divines

[Editor's notes: this text appears to follow the theme of third-era, late-first-century Cyrodilic mysticism, a movement born out of Shezarrine and nationalistic cults, which itself bore many more sects, such as the Knights of the Nine. Allegedly, similar material was found among the propaganda spread by the failed usurper Archbishop Calaxes Septim, but this has little supporting evidence. However, this could explain why the following tract seems to have been copied from an original manuscript into a more durable yet inelegant format for multiplication and widespread distribution. There could, of course, be myriad other reasons.
The author claims prophethood, but the veracity of such claims is unknown. Some have attempted to identify the author, with guesses ranging from Durcorach the Drake to Hestra, from Tavia Cyrodiil to Sidri-Ashak. As is common, the influences on this text are bountiful, containing scraps from every part of Cyrod's history, even the rule of the Ayleids.
The style of writing evolves: the first few sections are rather obscure to those unaccustomed to the linguistic history of Modern Cyrodilic, though gradually it evolves. General consensus among the Elder Council is that such a text is either compiled from various sources or follows a tradition dating back to at least the early Reman Dynasty – though possibly earlier – which has evolved with current affairs. The more obsolete language has been translated as literally as possible.]
Listen, Children of Cyrod! These are the words of a prophet, a true Cyrodiil of Cyrod! I wander Cyrod, preaching as I do, resting wherever I wish, for the Divines keep me safe in this green and pleasant land. Cyrod was and is and always will be safe from Daimonic Menace, but a subtler threat yet exists: the occupation of blessed Cyrod, Starry Heart of Starry Heart of Starry Heart!
Watch in utter Hope for the One! For the One of Cyrod shall come once more! You see not, for the One exists in us all! The Heart of the World, the Heart of us all! Tamri-El, the soul of Tamrugh!
Have you forgotten the ways of glory? Do you disgrace your heritage? Shame, vile ones, SHAME!
And it was Paravant Al-Esh, Queen-Mother of All, Manifold Manifest, the First, the Highest, Superior of Heaven, Queen-ut-Cyrod, Prime Empress, Governor of Stars, Mara Incarnate, that gifted her love to end petty quarrels of Divine and mortal alike! Her noble grace birthed Cyrod, ruled by its own people, subjugated no longer by the elven yolk! As Mara, Al-Essia Perrethu the Starry Earth, the Earthen Stars, she fought for her children, yet reared them into prosperity!
Her sacred lovers, Morihaus the Winged Bull, First Breath of Labour, Born of the Sky and Ruler of Constellations, and Pelinal the Sane and Insane, Action-as-Ada, gave us power and pride!
Mor, the strong warrior, negotiator and composer of order, Zenithar Incarnate, taught us our toil, and showed us how to merge with and honour the Nature that is Cyrod, using her and blessing her, and gifted us with the beautiful Minotaurs! But you lazy fools now mock his duty, and use his gifts for greed and worthless remuneration, and spurn his children as mere lesser beasts. Blessed Morithar, cleanse this land of the sullen and the arrogant!
The Star-Made Knight, Pelin-Al, Pelin-El, danced and frolicked, running in ecstasy, skipping, jumping, limping and screaming with the raw power of the everlasting, eternal, legitimate, parental, historical, terrible, timely, draconic Akatosh Incarnate! His unhindered strength and invincibility is testament to the supremacy of the Dragon: he yet LIVES! For he came to his blessed wife to lift her to heaven, after purging our land of the defilement of Time's Line! But that is now YOU, lazy Cyrodiils! Where is the ferocity of the West? Where is the intellect of the East? Lost to false deities and artificial avarice! The Walls of the holy Moons-and-Sun stand perfect, and the Strings of the sacred Planes-and-Stars hold firm, but what about the corruption WITHIN the Grey Maybe of the Arena?!
In those days Cyrod was liberated, but foetal: how can a Child grow without the attention of a Parent? So the Kind One, Gifter of Charity and Justice, Might of the Righteous, Mercy and Forbearance, the Forgiving, the Steadfast, Correcter of Errors, Holy Marukh, Stendarr Incarnate, gave Cyrod law and order!
From an obscure tribe of humans, the so-called Ape-Man was raised in oppression, and his rebellion earned him a casting out. Heed his example! When rulership is unjust, REVOLT! But yet you cower in cowardice, awfully complicit in the evils of this age!
His exile in the sweltering heat of the West's steppes gave him oneness with our Mother, thus he proclaimed the Doctrines of Law! CYROD AE TAMRI-EL! The Noble Proselytiser distributed the awe of the Divines that all might know!
But did you listen? NAY, PETULANT INFANTS! You took his sacred words and DEFILED them! Cyrod was no more, fractured in lies and heresies, allied with lesser humans, corrupt elves, sly beasts and slanderers of the Divine, presumptuous and meddlsome FOOLS!
The Divines saw our folly, and punished us, subjecting us to our own vices and devices, for a godless Cyrod is worthy only of mocking tears! These blasphemies continued, denigrating the holy names of the Incarnates! Blessed Akatosh himself was attacked, ASSAULTED, by the hubris of the elite, in the image of the Ayleids! Cast down such HYPOCRITES!
In time, Cyrod shattered from its sins, yet it did not repent! Confess your inadequacies, my children, do not sit in denial and ignorance, for your doom shall be yours and yours alone to blame. YOURS, I say!
Sweet Paraval Aless who is Cyrod, enraged by the disrespect of her children, ran from those that rejected her. But the One came, begging El-Estia Pevesh for bounty of killing and beauty of questing and bounty of healing, and so she aquiesced; she bore a blessed infant to the godly and honourable, and this child had three fathers, being the icon of Infinity and Freedom and Work, Light of Humankind, Light-Made-Human, the Cyrodiil that is Cyrod, Prime Emperor, the Moth-Blessed, Reman, Arkay Incarnate!
His birth, miraculous so it seems, granted him vigour and honour. Through his blessed actions the rites of life, empire, rule and death were consecrated! Holy Reman fixed the world where before it had been sundered! He showed this during his attempt to invade the Underworld: this was merely to test the limits of his own creation, for limit is yet the ancestor of all reckoning! Pay heed!
Reman's Wives, Sed-Yenna the Ferocious, Earthly and Wise, Powerful Spirit of Air and Life and Light, Tough and Dangerous, Guardian of the Natural, Kynareth Incarnate, protected holy Nature as Cyrod ascended! And as she showed Cyrod the fierce fury of the Grey Might and Might and its gentle and clever offerings, the land did grow healthy once more!
Shonni-Et, Dainty and Beautiful, Passionate and Liberal, Comforter of the Unessential, Dibella Incarnate, soothed our land at every difficulty! She showed the pleasure of joy, and under her guidance Cyrod became glorious and plentiful, exotic yet rustic, dynamic yet cautious, exhibiting a friendliness never since seen!
Where is your Piety, your Ambition, your Inspiration, rude infidels?! Where is YOUR RESPECT, YOUR GUILT, YOUR MAJESTY?! Gone, into the pockets of thieves, on the blades of assassins and the staffs of conjurers, who tricked you from your true lives WITH YOUR FULL CONSENT! Thus do we now live in this wretched pit of snakes. Divines, forgive these rude children and their irreverent impertinence!
East and West were as one, incorruptible against the Serpentine Folk, nay DONINATING AND ACCEPTED THEM. Yet zealotry must always be tempered: the Courage of Cyrod was lost to the inadequacies of the Snakes, reckless foreigners, who tricked our blessed saints and spirits.
So we devolved yet again, and in our despair, beings of the Outer Realms planted puppets upon our holy throne! Distorted our noble identity! Truly, blame the prideful in their stupidity!
Just as the Ruler and Two Spouses paved way for the Reformer, so would it happen again. Blessed Artificer, First among Battlemages, Sacred Mage, Holy Sage, Zurin Arctus, Wise beyond Knowledge, Tantamount Scholar, Julianos Incarnate, came to alleviate our righteous yet lethargic despair!
His genius was unparalleled, his tactics insurmountable! He followed the teachings and attracted the companions of our sacred Father Reman. His gracious displays of aptitude and prowess, modesty and calculation, legality and articulation, logic and spontaneity, were nigh too much for mere mortals to comprehend! Through him did Cyrod's great expansions and explorations across the Around-Us succeed! It was he, the diplomat, that discussed and bartered, allying with others, rallying the righteous under the sacred ideals of CYROD! Even to his generals and advisors, said he, let us join as one, uniting this land and all lands, this realm and all realms!
Yet, just as the Redeemer was misunderstood and the Divines were cursed, so would it happen again.
The first empire was of Perrif Aleshut, the second of Reman Cyrodiil, the third ought to have been of Zurin Arctus! But NO! Evil tricksters, cruel northerners and ugly politicians schemes and plotted, despising the rightful ruler and feeding lies, lies, lies, even twisting our histories and STEALING ZURIN'S VERY NATURE! This how the empire survived: upon deceptions, allowing those that stole Divine Blood to uphold the true Covenants.
You all know of whom I speak. Do not name him, for he is but a dead and wrong memory of idiocy of those Atmorans and Nords and Bretons, saddened by their icy homes.
Oblivion's torturers dared attack our shores, and for our inadequacies we were penalised! The Divines knew this and made us suffer: the empire has dwindled, but the false line has paid its price, and sacrificed itself. Upon such selflessness, the Divines sealed away Oblivion forever, for their message was simple: WE ARE STILL YOUR PARENTS!
But who shall next come? We have seen the Eight Incarnate-Saints of the Eight Divines, and our heresies are fading. We have been taught all that we can. Reman has come again as Esha Paravania came before, but you aimless worriers saw him not, though the One answered his call as the leader among a sortie of questing knights, Eight of Old and Eight of New, Two Wayward and the One, EIGHTEEN-PLUS-ONE, THE NUMBER OF THE VOID! All the while they followed as Reman's weary form, the Prophet, the Holy Hermit of Anvil, embarrassed this once noble nation!
Yet there is one more: the Wanderer, Deviant, Mystic and Impulse, the One, Shezarr, the Liberty that is yet to be Incarnated!
Shezarr will come to save us from our final faults, guiding us into a new world of beauty and wonder, heaven on and as and within our earth! None can know who or what this last One shall be, for Shezarr has always been with us.
Alessia enacted choice, Morihaus showed drive, Pelinal exemplified unpredictability, Marukh engineered virtue; Reman displayed sanctity, Sed-Yenna promoted brawn, Shonni-Et spoke delight, Zurin pursued mystery. Each contained Shezarr within their very beings.
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2019.11.08 04:45 MarleyEngvall αισμα has been created

By John Lord, LL. D. CLEOPATRA. (i.) 69—30 B. C. THE WOMAN OF PAGANISM. IT is my object in this lecture to present the con- dition of woman under the influences of Paganism, before Christianity enfranchised and elevated her. As a type of the Pagan woman I select Cleopatra, partly because she was famous, and partly because she pos- sessed traits and accomplishments which made her interesting in spite of the vices which degraded her. She was a queen, the heir of a long line of kings, and ruled over an ancient and highly civilized country. She was intellectual, accomplished, beautiful, and fas- cinating. She lived in one of the most interesting capitals of the ancient world, and by birth she was more Greek than she was African or Oriental. She lived, too, in a great age, when Rome had nearly con- quered the world; when Roman senators and generals had more power than kings; when Grecian arts and literature were copied by the imperial Romans; when the rich and fortunate were luxurious and ostentatious beyond all precedent; when life had reached the high- est point of material splendor, and yet when luxury had not destroyed military virtues or undermined the strength of the empire. The "eternal city" then numbered millions of people, and was the grandest capital ever seen on this earth, since everything was there concentrated,——the spoils of the world, riches immeasurable, literature and art, palaces and temples, power unlimited,——the proudest centre of civilization which then existed, and a civilization which in its material aspects has not since been surpassed. The civilized world was then most emphatically Pagan, in both spirit and forms. Religion as a controlling in- fluence was dead. Only a very few among speculative philosophers believed in any god, except in a degrading sense,——as a blind inexorable fate, or an impersonation of the powers of Nature. The future state was a most perplexing uncertainty. Epicurean self-indulgence and material prosperity were regarded as the greatest good; and as doubt of the darkest kind hung over the future, the body was necessarily regarded as of more value than the soul. In fact, it was only the body which Paganism recognized as a reality; the soul, God, and immortality were virtually everywhere ignored. It was in this godless, yet brilliant, age that Cleo- patra appears upon the stage, having been born sixty- nine years before Christ,——about a century before the new revolutionary religion was proclaimed in Judea. Her father was a Ptolemy, and she succeeded him on the throne of Egypt when quite young,——the last of a famous dynasty that had reigned nearly three hun- dred years. The Ptolemies, descended from one of Alexander's generals, reigned in great magnificence at Alexandria, which was the commercial centre of the world, whose ships whitened the Mediterranean,—— that great inland lake, as it were, in the centre of the Roman Empire, around whose shores were countless cities an villas and works of art. Alexandria was a city of schools, of libraries and museums, of temples and of palaces, as well as a mart of commerce. Its famous library was the largest in the world, and was the pride of the age and of the empire. Learned men from all countries came to this capital to study science, philosophy, and art. It was virtually a Grecian city, and the language of the leading people was Greek. It was rivalled in provincial magnificence only by An- tioch, the seat of the old Syrian civilization, also a Greek capital, so far as the governing classes could make it one. Greece, politically ruined, still sent forth those influences which made her civilization potent in every land. Cleopatra, the last in the line of Grecian sovereigns in Egypt, was essentially Greek in her features, her language, and her manners. There was nothing African about her, as we understand the term African, except that her complexion may have been darkened by the intermarriage of the Ptolemies; and I have often won- dered why so learned and classical a man as Story should have given to this queen, in his famous statue, such thick lips and African features, which no more marked her than Indian features marked the family of the Braganzas on the throne of Brazil. She was not even Coptic, like Athanasius and Saint Augustine. On the ancient coins and medals her features are severely classical. Nor is it possible that any of the peculiarities of the ancient Egyptian kings marked the dynasty of the Ptolemies. No purely Egyptian customs lingered in the palaces of Alexandria. The old deities of Isis an Osiris gave place to the worship of Jupiter, Minerva, and Venus. The wonders of pristine Egypt were con- fined to Memphis and Thebes and the dilapidated cities of the Nile. The mysteries of the antique Egyptian temples were no more known to the learned and mer- cantile citizen of Alexandria than they are to us. The pyramids were as much a wonder then as now. The priests and jugglers alike mingled in the crowd of Jews, Syrians, Romans, Greeks, Parthians, Arabs, who con- gregated in this learned an mercantile city. So we have a right to presume that Cleopatra, when she first appeared upon the stage of history as a girl of fourteen, was simply a very beautiful and accomplished Greek princess, who could speak several languages with fluency, as precocious as Elizabeth of England, skilled in music, conversant with history, and surrounded with eminent masters. She was only twenty-one when she was an object of attraction to Cæsar, then in the midst of his triumphs. How remarkable must have been her fascinations if at that age she could have diverted, even for a time, the great captain from his conquests, and chained him to her side! That refined, intellectual old veteran of fifty, with the whole world at his feet, loaded down with the cares of government, as temperate as he was ambitious, and bent on new conquests, would not have been chained and enthralled by a girl of twenty- one, however beautiful, had she not been as remarkable for intellect and culture as she was for beauty. Nor is it likely that Cleopatra would have devoted herself to this weather-beaten old general, had she not hoped to gain something from him besides caresses,——namely, the confirmation of her authority as queen. She also may have had some patriotic motives touching the political independence of her country. Left by he father's will at the age of eighteen joint heir of the Egyptian throne with her brother Ptolemy, she soon found herself ex- pelled from the capital by him and the leading generals of the army, because they did not relish her precocious activity in government. Her gathered adherents had made but little advance towards regaining her rights when, in August, 48, Cæsar landed in pursuit of Pompey, whom he had defeated at Pharsalia. Pom- pey's assassination left Cæsar free, and he proceeded to Alexandria to establish himself for the winter. Here the wily and beautiful young exile sought him, and won his interest and his affection. After some months of revelry and luxury, Cæsar left Egypt in 47 to chastise an Eastern rebel;, and was in 46 followed to Rome by Cleopatra, who remained there in splendid state until the assassination of Cæsar drove her back to Egypt. Her whole subsequent life showed her to be as cunning and politic as she was luxurious and pleasure-seeking. Possibly she may have loved so interesting and brilliant a man as the great Cæsar, aside from the admiration of his position; but he never became her slave, although it was believed, a hundred years after his death, that she was actually living in his house when he was assassinated, and was the mother of his son Cæsarion. But Froude doubts this; and the probabilities are that he is correct, for, like Macaulay, he is not apt to be wrong in facts, but only in the way he puts them. Cleopatra was twenty-eight years of age when she first met Antony,——"a period of life," says Plutarch, "when woman's beauty is most splendid, and her in- tellect is in full maturity." We have no account of the style of her beauty, except that it was transcendent,—— absolutely irresistible, with such a variety of expres- sion as to be called infinite. As already remarked, and the long residence of her family in Egypt and intermarriages with foreigners, her complexion may have been darker than that of either Persians or Greeks. It probably resembled that of Queen Esther more than that of Aspasia, in that dark richness and voluptuous- ness which to some have such attractions; but in grace and vivacity she was purely Grecian,——not like a "blooming Eastern bride," languid and passive and effeminate, but bright, witty, and intellectual. Shak- speare paints her as full of lively sallies, with the power of adapting herself to circumstances with tact and good nature, like a Madame Récamier or a Maintenon, rather than like a Montespan or a Pompadour, although her nature was passionate, her manner enticing, and her habits luxurious. She did not weary or satiate, like a mere sensual beauty. "Age cannot whither her, nor custom stale Her infinite variety." She certainly had the power of retaining the conquests she had won,——which rarely happens except with those who are gifted with intellectual radiance ad freshness. She held her hold on Antony for eleven years, when he was burdened with great public cares and duties, and when he was forty-two years of age. Such a superior man as he was intellectually, and, after Cæsar, the leading man of he empire,——a statesman as well as soldier, ——would not have been enslaved so long by Cleopatra had she not possessed remarkable gifts and attainments, like those famous women who reigned in the courts of the Bourbons in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and who, by their wit and social fascinations, gathered around their thrones the most distinguished men in France, and made them friends as well as admirers. The Pompadours of the world have only a brief reign, and at last become repulsive. But Cleopatra, like Maintenon, was always attractive, al- though she could not lay claim to the virtues of the latter. She was as politic as the French beauty, and as full of expedients to please her lord. She may have revelled in the banquets she prepared for Antony, as Esther did in those she prepared for Xerxes; but with the same intent, to please him rather than herself, and win, from his weakness, those political favors which in his calmer hours he might have shrunk from granting. Cleopatra was a politician as well as a luxurious beauty, and it may have been her supreme aim to secure the independence of Egypt. She wished to beguile Antony as she had sought to beguile Cæsar, since they were the masters of the world, and had it in their power to crush her sovereignty and reduce her realm to a mere province of the empire. Nor is there evidence that in the magnificent banquets she gave to the Roman general she ever lost her self-control. She drank, and made him drunk, but retained her wits, "laughing him out of patience and laughing him into patience," ascendant over him by raillery, irony, and wit. And Antony, again, although fond of banquets and ostentation, like other Roman nobles, and utterly un- scrupulous and unprincipled, as Roman libertines were, was also general, statesman, and orator. He grew up amid the dangers and toils and privations of Cæsar's camp. He was as greedy of honors as was his imperial master. He was a sunburnt an experienced comman- der, obliged to be on his guard, and ready for emergen- cies. No such man feels that he can afford to indulge his appetites, except on rare occasions. One of the lead- ing peculiarities of all great generals has been their temperance. It marked Cæsar, Charlemagne, Gustavus Adolphus, Frederick the Great, Cromwell, and Napoleon. When Alexander gave himself up to banquets, his con- quests ended. Even such a self-indulgent, pleasure- seeking man as Louis XIV. always maintained the decencies of society amid his dissipated courtiers. We feel that a man who could discourse so eloquently as Antony did over the dead body of Cæsar was some- thing more than a sensualist or a demagogue. He was also the finest-looking man in Rome, reminding the people, it is said, of the busts of Hercules. He was lavish, like Cæsar, but, like him, sought popularity, and cared but little what it cost. It is probable that Cicero painted him, in his famous philippics, in darker colors than he deserved, because he aimed to be Cæsar's suc- cessor, as he probably would have been but for his in- fatuation for Cleopatra. Cæsar sent him to Rome as master of the horse,——a position next in power to that of dictator. When Cæsar was assassinated, Antony was the most powerful man of the empire. He was greater than any existing king; he was almost supreme. And after Cæsar's death, when he divided his sov- ereignty of the world with Octavius and Lepidus, he had the fairest chance of becoming imperator. He had great military experience, the broad Orient as his do- main, and half the legions of Rome under his control. It was when this great man was Triumvir, sharing with only two others the empire of the world, and likely overpowering them, when he was in Asia consoli- dating and arranging the affairs of his vast department, that he met the woman who was the cause of all his calamities. He was then in Cilicia, and, with all the arrogance of a Roman general, had sent for the Queen of Egypt to appear before him and answer to an accu- sation of having rendered assistance to Cassius before the fatal battle of Philippi. He had already known and admired Cleopatra in Rome, and it is not improbable that she divined the secret of his judicial summons. His envoy, struck with her beauty and intelligence, advised her to appear in her best attire. Such a woman scarcely needed such a hint. So, making every preparation for her journey,——money, ornaments, gifts, ——a kind of Queen of Sheba, a Zenobia in her pride and glory, a Queen Esther when she had invited the king and his minister to a banquet,——she came to the Cydnus, and ascended the river in a magnificent barge, such as had never been seen before, and prepared to meet her judge, not as a criminal, but as a conqueror, armed with those weapons that few mortals can resist. "The barge she sat in, like a burnish'd throne, Burn'd on the water; the poop was beaten gold; Purple the sails, and so perfumed that The winds were love-sick with them: the oars were silver, Which to the tune of flutes kept stroke, and made The water, which they beat, to follow faster, As amorous of their strokes. For her person, It beggar'd all description: she did lie In her pavilion (cloth-of-gold of tissue) O'er-picturing that Venus, where we see The fancy outwork nature: on each side her Stood pretty dimpled boys, like smiling Cupids, With diverse-color'd fans. . . . Her gentlewomen, like the Nereides, So many mermaids, tended her i' the eyes. . . . At the helm A seeming mermaid steers. . . . . . . From the barge A strange invisible perfume hits the sense Of the adjacent wharves. The city cast Her people out upon her; and Antony, Enthron'd i' the market-place, did sit alone, Whistling to th' air; which, but for vacancy, Had gone to gaze on Cleopatra too, And made a gap in nature." On the arrival of this siren queen, Antony had invited her to supper,——the dinner of the Romans,—— but she, with woman's instinct, had declined, till he should come to her; and he, with the urbanity of a polished noble,——for such he probably was,——complied, and found a banquet which astonished even him, accus- tomed as he was to senatorial magnificence, and which, with all the treasures of the East, he could not rival. From that fatal hour he was enslaved. She conquered him, not merely by her display and her dazzling beauty, but by her wit. Her very tones were music. So ac- complished was she in languages, that without inter- preters she conversed not only with Greeks and Latins, but with Ethiopians, Jews, Arabians, Syrians, Medes, and Parthians. So dazzled and bewitched was Antony, that, instead of continuing the duties of his great posi- tion, he returned with Cleopatra to Alexandria, there to keep holiday and squander riches, and, still worse, his precious time, to the shame and scandal of Rome, inglorious and without excuse,——a Samson at the feet of Delilah, or a Hercules throwing away his club to seize the distaff of Omphale, confessing to the po- tency of that mysterious charm which the sage at the court of the Eastern prince pronounced the strongest power on earth. Never was a strong man more en- thralled than was Antony by this bewitching woman, who exhausted every art to please him. She played at dice with him, drank with him, hunted with him, rambled with him, jested with him, angled with him, flattering and reproving him by turn, always having some new device of pleasure to gratify his senses or stimulate his curiosity. Thus passed the winter of 41-40, and in the spring he was recalled to Rome by political dissensions there. At this stage, however, it would seem that ambition was paramount with him, not love; for his wife Fulvia having died, he did not marry Cleopatra, but Octavia, sister of Octavius, his fellow-triumvir and general rival. It was evidently from political considerations that he married Octavia, who was a stately and noble woman, but tedious in her dignity, and unattractive in her person. And what a commentary on Roman rank! The sister of a Roman grandee seemed to the ambitious general a greater match than the Queen of Egypt. How this must have piqued the proud daughter of the Ptolemies,——that she, a queen, with all her charms, was not the equal in the eyes of Antony to the sister of Cæsar's heir! But she knew her power, and stifled her resentment, and waited for her time. She, too, had a political end to gain, and was too politic to give way to anger and reproaches. She was anything but the im- pulsive woman that some suppose,——but a great actress and artist, as some women are when they would conquer, even in their loves, which, if they do not feign, at least they know how to make appear greater than they are. For about three years Antony cut loose from Cleopatra, and pursued his military career in the East, as the rival of Octavius might, having in view the sovereignty that Cæsar had bequeathed to the strongest man. But his passion for Cleopatra could not long be sup- pressed, neither from reasons of state nor from the respect he must have felt for the admirable conduct of Octavia, who was devoted to him, and who was one of the most magnanimous and reproachless women of antiquity. And surely he must have had some great qualities to call out the love of the noblest and proudest woman of the age, in spite of his many vices and his abandonment to a mad passion, forgetful alike both of fame and duty. He had not been two years in Athens, the headquarters of his Eastern Department, before he was called upon to chastise the Parthians, who had thrown off the Roman yoke and invaded other Roman provinces. But hardly had he left Oc- tavia, and set foot again in Asia, before he sent for his Egyptian mistress, and loaded her with presents; not gold, and silver, and precious stones, and silks, and curious works of art merely, but while provinces even, ——Phœnicia, Syria, Cilicia, and a part of Judea and Arabia,——provinces which belonged not to him, but to the Roman Empire. How indignant must have been the Roman people when they heard of such lavish presents, and presents which he had no right to give! And when the artful Cleopatra feigned illness on the approach of Octavia, pretending to be dying of love, and wasting her body by fasting and weeping by turns, and perhaps tearing her hair in a seeming paroxysm of grief,——for an actress can do even this,——Antony was totally disarmed, and gave up his Parthian expedition altogether, which was treason to the State, and returned to Alexandria more submissive than ever. This aban- donment of duty and official trust disgusted and in- censed the Romans, so that his cause was weakened. Octavius became stronger every day, and now resolved on reigning alone. This meant another civil war. How strong the party of Antony must have been to keep together and sustain him amid such scandals, treasons, and disgrace! Antony, perceiving a desperate contest before him, ending in his supremacy or ruin, put forth all his energies, assisted by the contributions of Cleopatra, who furnished two hundred ships and twenty thousand talents,——about twenty million dollars. He had five hundred war-vessels, beside galleys, one hundred thou- sand foot and twelve thousand horse,——one of the largest armies that any Roman general had ever com- manded,——and he was attended by vassal kings from the East. The forces of Octavius were not so large, though better disciplined; nor was he a match for Antony in military experience. Antony with his su- perior forces wished to fight upon the land, but against his better judgment was overruled by Cleopatra, who, having reinforced him with sixty galleys, urged him to contend upon the sea. The rivals met at Actium, where was fought one of the great decisive battles of the world. For a while the fortunes of the day were doubtful, when Cleopatra, for some unexplained mo- tive, or from panic, or possibly from a calculating policy, was seen sailing away with her ships for Egypt. And what was still more extraordinary, Antony aban- doned his fleet and followed her. Had he been defeated on the sea, he still had superior forces on the land, and was a match for Octavius. His infatuation ended in a weakness difficult to comprehend in a successful Roman general. And never was infatuation followed by more tragic consequences. Was this madness sent upon him by that awful Power that controls the fate of war and the destinies of nations? Who sent madness upon Nebuchadnezzar? Who blinded Napoleon at the very summit of his greatness? May not that memo- rable defeat have been ordered by Providence to give consolidation and peace and prosperity to the Roman Empire, so long groaning under the complicated miseries of anarchy and civil war? If an imperial government was necessary for the existing political and social con- dition of the Roman world,——and this is maintained by most historians,——how fortunate it was that the empire fell into the hands of a man whose subsequent policy was peace, the development of resources of nations, and a vigorous administration of government! It is generally conceded that the reign of Octavius—— or, as he is more generally known, Augustus Cæsar—— was able, enlightened, and efficient. He laid down the policy which succeeding emperors pursued, and which resulted in the peace and prosperity of the Roman world until vices prepared the way for violence. Augustus was a great organizer, and the machinery of government which he and his ministers perfected kept the empire to- gether until it was overrun by the New Germanic races. Had Antony conquered at Actium, the destinies of the empire might have been far different. But for two hundred years the world never saw a more efficient central power than that exercised by the Roman em- perors or by their ministers. Imperialism at last proved fatal to genius and the higher interests of man- kind; but imperialism was the creation of Julius Cæsar, as a real or supposed necessity; it was efficiently and beneficently continued by his grand-nephew Augus- tus; and its consolidated strength became an established institution which the civilized world quietly accepted. The battle of Actium virtually settled the civil war and the fortunes of Antony, although he afterwards fought bravely and energetically; but all to no purpose. And then, at last, his eyes were opened, and Shak- speare makes him bitterly exclaim,—— "All is lost! This foul Egyptian hath betrayed me. . . . Betray'd I am: O this false soul of Egypt!" 
from Beacon Lights of History, by John Lord, LL. D., Volume II, Part I: Ancient Achievements, pp. 311—328. Copyright 1883, 1886, 1888, by John Lord. Copyright 1915, by George Spencer Hulbert. Copyright 1921, By Wm. H. Wise & Co., New York.
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2019.10.26 16:51 WebFact 30 Interesting Facts About Beyoncé

30 Interesting Facts About Beyoncé
If you’re a fan of the beautiful, young, talented singer Beyoncé, you’ll love this list of the top 30 most fun & interesting facts about her career & life.
  1. Her full name (since her marriage to rapper Jay-Z) is Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, and she was born on 4th September, 1981, in Houston, Texas.
  2. Beyoncé’s favorite make-up is mascara and she is allergic to perfume.
  3. As of September 2011, she has three of her own fragrances: Heat, Heat Rushwith, and Beyoncé Pulse.
  4. Beyoncé released a Spanish version of her album ‘B’Day’ after the Spanish version of Irreplaceable became a big hit. She even collaborated with Shakira on ‘Beautiful Liar’.
  5. Her mother is a costume designer and hairstylist who owns a salon and her father has been a full-time record manager since 1995, managing her many musical ventures.
  6. Beyoncé’s name comes from her mother’s maiden name: Celestine Ann “Tina” Beyoncé.
  7. At age 7, Beyoncé was a soloist in her church’s choir.
  8. Beyoncé’s favorite ice-cream is butter pecan.
  9. She also won more than 30 singing and dancing competitions as a child.
  10. The word ‘bootylicious’ was added to the Oxford English Dictionary due to her same-named song becoming such a huge phenomenon.
  11. Jersey Shore is Beyoncé’s favorite TV Show.
  12. Beyoncé’s childhood girl-band with Kelly Rowland and LaTavia Robertson was called Girl’s Tyme.
  13. The name Destiny’s Child comes from a passage in the Book of Isaiah, the first of the Latter Prophets in the Hebrew Bible.
  14. Her favorite singer is Stevie Wonder.
  15. Destiny’s Child Released their last studio album, Destiny Fulfilled, in 2004 and broke up the subsequent year.
  16. Her first solo tour was the Dangerously in Love tour that took place in 2004.
  17. After several years of friendship and dating, Beyoncé married Jay-Z on the 4th April, 2008.
  18. Beyoncé enjoys swimming in the ocean.
  19. On the 7th of January, 2012, Beyoncé gave birth to their daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.
  20. Beyoncé’s daughter, Blue Ivy, is the youngest ever person to appear on a Billboard chart when ‘Glory’, a song released by husband Jay-Z that featured her cries at the end, debuted on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.
  21. Beyoncé once said that her marriage to Jay-Z isn’t ‘perfect’, but that no marriages are perfect and even though they argue like normal couples they are still very happy together.
  22. In March 2006, she accepted a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  23. Beyoncé was one of many entertainers who received an incredulous amount of money to perform for the family of former Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi. Although accepting the money and performing for the dictator’s family, Beyoncé later donated all of the money to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, which helped those affected by the Haitian Earthquake in 2010.
  24. Beyoncé’s bodyguard once broke her toe by standing on it accidentally whilst trying to protect her from a crowd of fans.
  25. Her favorite actor is Tom Hanks.
  26. In 2011, Beyoncé became the first ever solo-female to headline the Glastonbury Festival’s main stage.
  27. Beyoncé was also labelled the accolade of ‘Highest Paid Performer Per Minute in the World’ after netting a cool £1.25 million for a five-minute performance at a private New Year’s party in St. Barts in 2010.
Read full here: https://topfactsite.com/30-interesting-facts-about-beyonce/
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2019.06.21 23:13 Super-Shenron [For Fun] Exact dates for 400 days

So, according to Around Every Corner, October 9th was day 82 since the apocalypse. And since it seems Michonne was set in 2005, it appears that Season One indeed took place in 2003. Since it is possible to determinate the exact dates for 400 Days, let's just do it, for fun.
Vince (day 2): Monday, July 21st, 2003
Wyatt (day 41): Friday, August 29th, 2003
Russel (day 184): Monday, January 19th, 2004
Bonnie (day 220): Tuesday, February 24th, 2004
Shel (day 236): Thursday, March 11th, 2004
Shel (day 259): Saturday, April 3rd, 2004
Tavia (day 400): Sunday, August 22nd, 2004
Well, there you have it.
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2019.01.05 01:53 bye_felipe What happened to 4 year old Rilya Shenise Wilson?

LONG READ, but links and a TL/DR are provided below.
Rilya Shenise Wilson was 3 years old when she and 2 siblings removed from custody of their mother, Gloria Wilson. Gloria was a cocaine addict, and her parental rights were terminated. In 2000, Rilya and her siblings were placed with their alleged grandmother, Geralyn Wilson.
Florida's Department of Children and Familiars (DCF) were supposed to check on the children's well beings through monthly visits, however, their last recorded visit for the family was in January 2001, when their social worker Deborah Muskelly, stopped by Graham's house to check on the children. Rilya was 4 years old at the time of this last recorded visit.
Geralyn Graham told authorities that on January 18, 2001, an unidentified African American woman who claimed to work for the DCF went to her house and told her that she was removing Rilya from the home so that Rilya could undergo an evaluation. Graham said the woman was familiar with Rilya's history and said that the original social worker Deborah Muskelly, was aware of her visit. Graham also claimed that in February of 2001, two other individuals stopped by her house to pick up additional toys to help Rilya become accustomed to her new surroundings.
Deborah Muskelly and her supervisor resigned from the DCF in March 2002 amid allegations that their home visits were fraudulent. Authories learned of Rilya's disappearance after contacting Graham during its investigation into Muskelly's records. Graham said that Muskelly was not one of two individuals who visited her in February of 2002 to pick up toys for Rilya.
Graham reportely told several media outlets that she had contacted Muskelly several times after Rilya was removed from her home, and that Muskelly told her the child would return shortly. Graham continued to cash checks from the State of Florida after Rilya's disappearance, and claimed she was instructed to do so because of how difficult the re-application process was. DCF claims to have no record of Graham's phone calls, and said that they only learned of Rilya's disappearance in March of 2002, 15 months after Rilya disappeared.
The relationship between Rilya and Geralyn Graham is unclear. Gloria Wilson claims that Graham is not Rilya's paternal grandmother, although Graham's son Kenneth Epsom, never got a paternity test to prove he was Rilya's father. Wilson claims that she met Graham's daughter in a rehab facility, and decided to name Graham as Rilya's grandmother. Another man by the name of Manville Cash, claims to be Rilya's father however he never took a paternity test to prove it.
Cash said that the last time he saw Rilya was at her 3rd birthday party in Brownsville, Florida, at the home of his aunt, Pamela Kendrick.
Gloria allowed Kendrick to take custody of Rilya shortly after her birth, but Rilya was removed from from Kendrick's house in April 2000 after allegations of neglect surfaced. Shortly after, Rilya and her siblings were placed into the care of Geralyn Graham.
Rilya's siblings were removed from Graham's care in May 2002.
Media reports state that Graham has used 42 different aliases over a 20 year period, and had filed at least eight lawsuits for personal injury compensation, child support, and racial discrimination throughout the years. She was also convicted of food stamp fraud in Tennessee during the 80s and was sentenced to probation in Florida as a result of the theft charges. Graham has also been sued by twelve creditors and named in landlord-tenant disputes. A few months before Rilya and her siblings were placed into her care, Graham was diagnosed with a psychotic disorder similar to schizophrenia.
Graham claims to have used aliases to hide from an abusive boyfriend in the 80s, and maintains that she suffered from memory loss from a vehicle accident in the 90s.
Graham also claimed that Gloria's anger over Rilya's disappearance was contrived, and that she had no had contact with Rilya since 1999. Gloria claims she was told by the DCF to not contact her children after leaving Florida and relocating to Cleveland.
In May of 2002, a Miami pastor and his wife came forward and announced that they had custody of Rilya's older sister for several years. The pastor and his wife said that Gloria joined their church in 1995 and claimed she would change her life with their assistance. They noticed Gloria was neglecting Rilya's older sister, and would provide material goods for the child until Gloria asked them to take care of her for a weekend. Gloria never returned, and the couple decided to move forward with the adoption process. Deborah Muskelly was their case worker, and they claimed she was difficult to get in touch with and failed to check on the child's welfare.
The pastor said that Muskelly's former supervisor, Willie Harris, visited their home after Rilya's disappearance came to attention in April 2002. He said Harris claimed the DCF had "too many" cases to track, and defended himself and Muskelly.
"In mid-May 2002, a judge ruled that Rilya's younger sister, Rodericka Wilson, was neglected by DCF officials and by Graham and Kendrick. The judge stated that Rodericka suffered from developmental problems and an untreated eye condition. Neither the DCF nor her caregivers provided needed medical care when necessary."
A medical worker claimed that they saw Rilya with Graham and Rodericka in February 2001 during a doctors visit for Rodericka. This would have been 1 month after Rilya was allegedly removed from Grahams home by a DCF worker. Graham denies that Rilya was with her and Rodericka during this doctors visit.
"In addition, sources allege that Graham may have falsified Rilya's vaccination records in 2001 to continue receiving state benefits for the child's care. Documents reportedly state that Rilya was vaccinated after she disappeared. Sources claimed the doctor who signed the papers never saw the child on the specified date.
Authorities continued to focus on Graham and Kendrick's actions in their investigation. In October 2002, the two women were charged with stealing over $14,000 from the state of Florida. Officials stated that Graham and Kendrick engaged in fraud by accepting funds from the state for Rilya's care after she disappeared. They were later convicted; Graham was given a prison term and Kendrick was placed on probation."
According to authorities, Graham and Kendrick have failed numerous polygraph tests in relation to Rilya's case. Prior to the DCF becoming aware of Rilya's disappearance, Graham reportedly told at least six people that a Spanish woman who intended to adopt Rilya, took her to New York or New Jersey. Graham then claimed the woman returned Rilya before DCF came to get her, and vanished. Graham has denied abusing or killing Rilya and says she believes the child is still alive. She also believes Kendrick made up the allegations to avoid a lengthly prison sentence. Kendrick also denies any knowledge of what happened to Rilya.
Robin Lunceford, a former cellmate of Graham's, said Graham confessed to murdering the child because Rilya had "demons" as a result of previous abuse she experienced. Rilya had refused to wear an angel costume for halloween, and Graham believed the child was evil and had to die. Graham supposedly buried the body in a ravine near a lake she had gone fishing in previously.
"In March 2005, Graham was additionally charged with first-degree murder in connection with Rilya's case. Investigators believe the child was suffocated or beaten to death sometime in December 2000, a month before Graham says Rilya disappeared and over a year before the DCF found out about it."
In June 2005, Lunceford stopped cooperating with authorities and said she would not testify unless she could get a reduced sentence. Lunceford is a career criminal with 15 convictions of robbery, and was awaiting trial for another armed robbery when Graham allegedly confessed the murder to her. Lunceford invoked her fifth amendment rights during Graham's bail hearing and refused to testify against her. Lunceford was subsequently convicted of arm robbery and sentenced to life without parole.
However in March 2011, prosecutors came to an agreement with her and her sentence was reduced to 10 years if she were to testify against Graham. Kendrick cooperated with authorities and said that while she had nothing to do with Rilya's disappearance, she knew all along that Graham made up the story of the DCF worker removing Rilya from her home.
Ramona Tavs, who was serving a life sentence for a 1994 robbery and murder, said that Graham confessed she "killed the child" to protect her partner, Pamela Graham. She reportedly told Tavia that "She had to protect Pam. Pam is sick and weak." Graham's account to Tavia was that the state worker who took Rilya was a white man, not a black woman as she had previously claimed.
Lunceford, Muskelly, and Kendrick were among the witnesses who testified against Geralyn Graham.
In February of 2013, Graham was sentenced to 55 years in prison. She was convicted of kidnapping, two counts of aggravated child abuse and one of child abuse. Jurors were deadlocked by an 11-1 vote on a count of first degree murder.
After Graham was sentenced to 55 years in prison, prosecutors decided not to re-try Graham for murder. A memo released by the Miami-Dade State Attorney's office cited numerous difficulties with another trial and the fact that Rilya's body was never located.
Rilya has never been located and foul play is suspected in her case.
My opinion: DCF, Muskelly, and Harris failed Rilya by placing her with Geralyn Graham. Geralyn had reportedly been diagnosed with a psychotic disorder, similar to schizophrenia, and she likely killed Rilya during an episode after Rilya refused to wear the angel costume.
TL/DR: 4 year old Rilya Wilson disappeared in January 2001 after being placed with her "grandmother," Geralyn Graham. The Florida Dept of Children and Families failed to continue with monthly follow ups, and did not learn about Rilya's disappearance until 15 months after she was last seen or heard from. The supposed case worker for her Rilya, Deborah Muskelly falsified visits/record and subsequently resigned. With the testimony of Muskelly, her former cellmate, and former live in partner, Geralyn was sentenced to 55 years in prison for kidnapping, two counts of aggravated child abuse, and one count of child abuse.
The Doe Network
Charley Project
Graham V. State
Miami Herald
Local10 News
NBC Miami
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2018.12.27 22:02 CactusEnamel 2018 New Starters Guide - part 5 Final Tips and Thoughts.

Hello and welcome to the last new players guide of 2018. In this guide, I showcase some things I might have missed and odd tips that did not fit in the other guides Enjoy.
Previous guides:
2018 New starters guide, part 1
2018 New starters guide, part 2 - Clan citadels and easy / medium quests
2018 New starters guide, part 3 - How to make money
New Starters Guide, part 4 –Distractions and Diversions
Getting Members
So after seeing all this cool stuff runescape has to offer and training your stats a bit, you decide to become a member. There are 2 main methods of doing this
  • Saving all your coins to buy an in game bond, which is currently a bit over 20 mil, on the grand exchange. This may take some time, but there are various guides around regarding money making that can help you get there.
  • The simplest way, using real world money to gain access to members.
Now before you do this, please refer to this Video here, since it lays out what you probably do before and after getting members. Also, If you have no idea what to do at all, I recommend asking people ingame or going on youtube, since there are plenty of videos around that can give you ideas how to make money, Such as this one Eventually, with a bit of training, flipping and proper investments, you can sustain your runescape gameplay with bonds only…. But as the old saying goes “you got to spend a bit of money to make money”, so you may need to properly think it over before spending or investing your gold in the future.
Note - Always treat your account security with importance, especially when spending time and money on one account. The las thing you want is some random thief taking an account you worked hard on and stripping it of gold and valuable items.
Player owned activities
Around runescape, you have a chance to personally own and run various places. Here is a small list of player owned areas you currently can have:
  • Player owned house – own and build your own house. Very useful when training Construction to have one of these
  • Player owned slayer dungeon - In the sunken pyramid at level 99 slayer, add monsters to your very own slayer monster dungeon.
  • Player owned ports – Send out ships to faraway islands, and gain experience and matierals which can make high level items (to be sold for lots of money or worn). It is recommended to get this started early, since it takes time for ships to return from their voyages.
  • Player owned farm – Like a real farm, raise various animals for profit and experience. A nice source of semi constant farming exp.
  • Player owned kingdom – Help fund a kingdom’s economy for a hefty hunk of skilling supplies and the occionlal clue scroll / birdnest. Profitable.
  • Player owned flying island – Needs at least 5 other members to start and maintain, you can have your very own clubhouse in the sky to train various skills.
  • Player owned private Tropical Island – Claim a tropical island far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while occasionally skilling and picking up items that wash onto the shores. Peaceful and pleasant to the eye, especially with some of the more pretty sky filters on.
Random Distractions and Diversions
Occasionally, you will find events happening that are completely random. These events can help you progress in the game or as a fun distraction. Keep an eye out for them as you play.
  • Champions' Challenge – The fight club of runescape monsters, hosted in the basement of Champions' Guild. Only by defeating certain monsters will you be worthy to get a very rare item drop that can be turned in to the champions guide to face one of the 13 champions. Each fight has unique rules to them and, after defeating them the first time, can be fought weekly for additional slayer and constitution experience. Also rewards you a follower imp caring a banner for all to see the first time you defeated a champion with these special scrolls. (The banner can change to another champion you defeated as well)
It can be quite time consuming trying to find a champion challenge scroll, and you need 33 quest points to start gaining these scrolls. DON’T go out of your way to find them, at least until you can get your hands on a champion scroll enhancer (High level player requirements, 115 dungeoneering and Plague's End)
  • Court Cases – (Need King's Ransom quest completed first) A watered down Law And Order, only with runescape characters instead. Rewards you in exp, a variety of rewards based on the case, and a few cosmetics once you do a bunch of them.
You can participate in these court cases by receiving a summons by pickpocketing, monster drops, a clue scroll reward, or from a casket. You can only do each case once, and will need to get another court summons if you end up changing your mind about wanting to prosecute or defend the accused.
  • Treasure Trails – A scavenger hunt “trail” Item that involves doing a variety certain actions, whether it is a type of puzzle, solving riddles, digging in a specific location, or preforming a emote in a unusual clothing selection to solve the clue and get you some pretty sweet rewards. Depending on the level of the clue scroll, it can usually lead all over runescape.
It has been updated this year to be a bit more interesting and easier, so go see Zaida and her yak near the grand exchange for more information regarding this silly way of making lots of money. Wear your highest Luck ring when opening the reward chest for better loot!!!
  • Soul obelisks[[ - (Spoilers in link under background section, wiki needs to work on that)- A strange, harmful obelisk appears randomly in a part of Menaphos, and it is up to you to get rid of it. While interacting with one, you slowly lose your health, and can quite easily kill you… but the Rewards are too good to pass up (large chunk of runecrafting exp, (and prayer exp if Lv 50) as well as reputation in the city.
One of the best ways to train Runecrafting each day especially for new players… if you can survive it. You will end up dying at least once due to lag / inexperience, so bring tons of food / only what you can afford to save if you end up in deaths office. You can only dismiss soul obelisks for a set amount each day, due to the strain it ends up having on you (and to prevent it from being a overpowered way of gaining exp). It is recommended you use a Friends chat, “Soulobby” to help you look for one.
  • **Corrupted Scarab (Menaphos)) – Another useful, uncommon distraction in Menaphos, you get rid of an infestation of corrupted insects from ancient tombs under the city using your boots. Kind of messy and will drain your life points in exchange for a hefty sum of slayer exp per kill, and sometimes some coins / a small shooting star. Gross, but one of the best ways to train slayer, especially for new players. Also use a friends chat “Soulobby” to help look for one as well
  • Elite Slayer monster - Appears randomly during a slayer assignment, this version of the monster is much tougher to beat, has a unique title, and has a ring around it signifying that it’s a elite version. Beating this monster awards you with more slayer exp (if on the assignment) and more loot (or even special loot depending on the slayer monster) Keep an eye out for them when slaying.
  • Holiday Events A once in a lifetime, limited timed event that has unique rewards for those who can complete it before it goes away completely, usually forever. Grab these rewards while you have the chance.
  • *Events and promotions * - Events that may or may not come back at a later date next year. Promotions will probably come back someday, while others are for a limited time only and disappear completely. These events have unique rewards that are both fashionable, interesting and useful for overall gameplay…Sometimes. Can be somewhat lucrative to sell tokens or other items you have no interest in keeping, if tradable.
  • “Event tokens” Usually found when skilling during a certain event. Names, rates / ways of obtaining these “tokens” and the actual rewards vary depending on the nature of the event.
  • World events - A rare, once in a lifetime event that has significant effects on the lore of runescape. You can usually get some rare, useful rewards by participating in them, if another one ever happens.
  • Mimic kill token - a token that teleports you to a dungeon to kill a Mimic (treasure chest monster) for a reward. Timed and rather difficult, new players should hold onto these for when they have high level combat stats for better rewards.
  • Ancient effigy – Usually obtained as a drop from a monster, this ominous effigy that generously rewards players for knowledge, High level knowledge. Any low players can ask for assistance in getting to the exp lamp inside. It is recommended to “nourish” the Effigy as soon as possible, since the more effigies you have on you or in your bank, the lower the drop rate for finding them is.
  • Deep Sea Fishing Random events - (68 fishing requirement, can boost your skill to get into fishing guide) Travel out to the open ocean from the fishing guide to fish on a strange platform, where random events tend to happen more frequently than on land. Whether these are hallucinations or real is up to you.
    You can encounter various activities that help you gain exp, help with your success in fishing there, get a few titles, and most importantly, be able to purchase very rare items whenever the Travelling merchant visits the platform.
The Travelling Merchant's Shop is the main random even most players are interested in. Their stock changes each day, and is filled with incredibly rare items that cost a pretty penny, but are very useful. Any Rich Players struggling with most types of bosses might want to buy a Deathtouched Dart to skip the fight.
The special uncharted island map sold there leads to a uncharted island that has 3-6 special resources (normal islands only have 5 max) and if red instead of green, can obtain the best fishing rod in the game,( rivaling the crystal fishing rod by 5% more success rate.), as well as some rare lore from the fishing notes. Take screenshots of that special, unclaimed-able island, since it is a very rare sight to behold.
NOTE: The official Deep Sea Fishing world 116, and the Friends chat is “ WhirlpoolDnD ”. I seriously recommend using the friends chat when trying to find a random event. As always, do your research to see which event or item you can purchase at the Travelling merchants shop is practical or worth your time. Level 68 is needed to get to the fishing guide, where Goomah, will take you to Deep Sea Fishing hub if you ask him
  • Uncharted island map - (Recommended: Start or complete Flag Fall miniquest in the Arc before going to the island) A randomly obtained map that you find when skilling outside the arc. It can allow you free travel to an uncharted isle of varying size for free when you take it to Quartermaster Gully. You can only have 1 uncharted island map at one time, so use it ASAP if you want to get another one when skilling.
  • Zanaris random events – Despite being full of beautiful fairies, weird shit happens in Zanaris. It doesn’t really have any benefits or cons, but is one of the few places where random crap happens to you. No real rewards except being a bit weirded out.
Personal Notes
  • They are distractions by their nature, and are not necessary to the game… that said, it helps break up training once and a while.
  • Distractions and diversions were the successor to the now removed Random events. Even though they were removed, you can still find the actors of these events around runescape.
    • Some distractions and diversions may give you a key for playing them, depending if they are the D&D of the week, which changes each week. **
Runescape used to have a large player base that played mini-games fairly often. Interest in that has now dwindled, and some of these mini-games are usually dead without J-mod participation events or clan events specifically for the mini-games. Some of them are useful, others are not. Here are some mini-games to keep an eye out for, since they have useful rewards.
  • Shattered worlds – Useful in training combat (they provide you with equipment and food), but repetitive. Useful rewards would be slayer masks, new combat abilities and sigils. Single player mini-game that is visually appealing.
  • Any game on mini-game spotlight - Usually these mini-games have more people in them when a spotlight is on the chosen mini-game, and take less time to start. Most of them are pretty good, with Flash Powder Factory giving the most thaler per minute of gameplay / afk.
  • Barrows – loot valuable equipment and treasure by defeating dangerous spirits in underground crypts. Useful for leveling up combat and making money.
  • Shifting Tombs – plunder ancient chests on a time limit, while gaining a decent chunk of exp and Reputation. TheFeathers of Ma'at that are found in the chests can be sold on the GE for a hefty profit, or used for high level slayer monsters. Recommended for unlocking the Menaphos Grand Exchange and bank quicker.
  • Dungeoneering – Considered a skill, it challenges members and free players alike to go on Dungeons and dragons like adventures solo or with friends. Usually in Daemonheim the player makes their own armor, finds their own supplies, and defeat a boss to progress further down. Keep an eye out for anything unusual, since it can shine some light into the lore of Daemonheim.
    Lately, more places to explore, called elite dungeons, have been popping up around runescape. These are far more dangerous since it isn’t a safe death and the bosses are more intense; the good thing about this is they have no item restrictions, and you can keep the rewards outside of the dungeon. Good luck.
  • Vinesweeper - This is an easy mini-game for those new to farming, and need seeds. A 3d Minesweeper like game, it is a fun way to pass the time while waiting for crops to grow. Recommended for people just starting to train hunter and those who have a hard time finding seeds.
Miscellaneous tips, and recommendations
  • Downloading NTX is recommended for playing the game, since it has better graphics, but if your computer can’t handle NTX, Try downloading the Java client, an older version of runescape client, on the bottom of Runescapes official download webpage.
  • Set a limit on how long you are going to be on runescape. Its very easy to lose track of time or play the game when you have important things to do, so setting limits is a must when playing this game.
  • Keep a eye out for any noticeboards, updates and planed events that may pop up. It may be worth your while to at least investigate them, since most of the time it can reward you with exp, gold, or a special item that can be had to find later.
  • Things are always more expensive to buy on the GE when they first come out. Wait a few days for the price to stabilize, evaluate the demand, the supply, and how useful the item is to make an estimate of what the item really is worth to you.
  • Urns , the wise perk on a augmented item, the experiencing boosting sets / items, bonus exp and daily challenges all have a significant impact on the amount of time it takes to train a skill.
  • Skill outfit add-ons, Completing Exploration achievement sets, and different types of the Alchemist's amulet give different types of daily rewards that can be useful as you and is worth looking at.
  • Don’t rush or grind a skill unless you get bonus exp or are at an event. It will be much more fun to gain exp along the way then to grind it out for a few hours making yourself miserable. There are always new, possible quicker ways to train a skill as the game adds more updates and promotions to the game.
  • The Game Grumps + Supermega once played Oldschool Runescape once. It went exactly how you would expect, and it was hilarious.
Final thoughts
Runescape may be one of the best single player campaigns around. You can explore all sorts of enviorments, go on over 200 quests, find referances to popular culture and history throught the game, and get immersed in the games lore. I love this game, and wish for it to continue to grow and produce more lore / challenges for me to encounter. That said, this game has some serious faults. Pvp is broken in runescape 3, and only realy popular in Oldshool Runescape. RS3 is bit of a grind when it comes to skilling, a tad bit all over the place when it comes to graphic updates, and becoming a bit crowded on the main world map every time a new update comes out… But it has some of the best music, immersion, and quests available for a MMORG, so it’s easy to overlook.
What isn’t easy to overlook is the Maccrotransactions. The game is already designed to be addictive with its drop tables, but Treaasure hunter takes it to another level altogether. Treasure hunnter’s loot boxes are designed to extract considerable amount of time and money from the player, and because of the blatant attempts at squeezing out as much money from its user base have made it less unpopular with new payers. If Jagex and its Chinese investors just cool down on the money-grabbing and concentrate on the game, it would be much better off. Based on the addictiveness of this game, I can probably assume many people tend to avoid introduce it to people they are friends with, since it has ruined many people’s lives because of improper time management and Succumbing to the various sinner boxes hidden in this game. It’s a shame, since it is really a nice game in terms of lore and immersion.
I started this guide to help out a friend of mine, but it soon became apparent that making guides using text only can be tricky, if not frustrating. I know this series seems a bit unorganized and could be done better in a youtube video, but unfortunately I do not have the equipment or the time to invest in such a endeavor, so I have to make do with this format. It is my hope this guide series will help some players in some way, if only as a reference guide if they get stuck or want ideas for what to do next. If someone can do this better, you are welcome to reference this guide to make a better one.
Thanks again for the feedback and have a happy new year.
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2018.03.06 20:35 imsuity TL;DW 369 - The Month Ahead Q&A - March

Watch the stream here
  • Lootscape - clue scroll based on total level (with elite having a chance to become a master)
  • We aren't looking to do full on quest focus yet - skilling is our focus right now. We don't have anything written down for what that will entail when it does come around.
  • GameJam 13 April
    • Something we noticed we didn't do very well last year was get player ideas.
    • @JagexTimbo for ideas
    • No big projects. Think luck rework sized projects.
'Or just think of a new use for alchemical onyx. Jesus. That's all we've been talking about for the past two days. That and Deep Sea Fishing' - Mod Timbo.
'if anyone pitches a really good use for alchemical onyx I will dev it for GameJam' - Mod Timbo.
  • No Easter Event
    • Spring Fayre made more 'eastery'
    • Guthixian Butterflies

Deep Sea Fishing

  • W116 Theme World (used to be Fishing Trawler world)
  • Whirlpool D&D (stats from update until midnight [10 hours])
    • 56b coins sunk
    • 7 players threw in at least 5b.
    • At least 15 players threw in 1b+
  • There are ~1100 burnt sailfish in the game (despite being a 99 cooking requirement which has access to cooking cape perk).
  • Merchant
    • Some items are rarer than others
    • Some will seem expensive at first but most of them are worth it
    • Mod Ryan has a list of the next 1000 days for which items will be in stock - though 'there is no pattern necessarily, and even if there is you'll be looking for a very long time before finding it' - pretty random.
  • LOTD 'affects clues, that's about it.'
  • Tavia's Rod
    • Tavia didn't exist until this update (i.e. being mentioned in game) because we don't actually have many iconic fishermen. There is some story behind her, which you can find 'somehow'. Once there's a rod in game, things will be realised about Tavia.
    • Hopefully someone gets the rod this week.
    • It's purposely rare, that's not to say it needs to stay that way. We definitely want it to be very rare on release but (as Timbo did with Haselmere's) will look into adjusting it as time goes on - it's only day 2 so way too early for that.
  • Waiting on stats to see what we decide to change. There are obvious changes to make like mouse-over fishing spots not showing the fishing icon and sailfish calorie bomb - also added anti-grief to prevent cannons, ring of trees, banners etc. Expected to all go live next week.
  • Deep Sea Fishing was us 'testing the waters' for the skilling diversification spoken about at Runefest
    • We don't want the intensity to go beyond what fishing frenzy offers
    • Most high-intensity methods will probably not be as intense as fishing frenzy (based on feedback)
    • Will be changing fishing frenzy streak refresh from 'the moment you fling the fish into the net' to 'the moment you click a fishing spot' ~11 ticks more leeway to maintain your streak + much easier to refresh the streak
    • Fishing frenzy at 200 streak (+20% XP) is over 400k XP/h with basic boosts (without skillchompas etc)
    • Despite being the best XP/h some players feel the increase is not worth the intensity. We don't want to make fishing into, say, an 800k xp/h skill.

Pieces of Hate

  • Pirates quest series finale.
  • Requirements
    • 81 Construction
    • 82 Firemaking
    • 83 Agility
    • 85 Thieving
    • 110 combat (recommended)
    • Completion of Gertrude’s Cat
    • Completion of A Clockwork Syringe
  • 'Judges' team (Raven, Rowley, Chaose) working on Pieces of Hate (with the help of Ells/Clumsy/Viktor G)
  • Investigation into horrificness, crazy puzzle-solving, jokes, packed full of nautical action.
  • It seems the Krassian creatures have been roped into Rabid Jack's plans and you'll find yourself exploring ex-dragonkin temples underwater using your trusty diving gear and more besides.
  • Reunite the pirate captains and take down Rabid Jack forever.
  • Revisit Braindeath Island again.
  • Why Pirates if it was third on the list?
    • Slayer quests are not really a storyline and OSRS are looking to go down that route with Dragon Slayer II.
    • Mod Raven had a design for Pirates which was just spot on - one of the best quest docs Mod Osborne has ever seen.
  • Invasion of Mos Le'Harmless to conclude.
  • Spiritual successor to A Clockwork Syringe - high on humour with action.
  • More of a Rabid Jack finale since we can always do more pirate quests.
  • Rather than a fetch quest or a talky quest, this is a much more get involved quest.
  • Mi-Gor is one of the worst models we have (alongside Slagilith, Glod and a few others).
  • Mi-Gor's model will be graphically updated.
  • Mi-Gor's model animated.
  • Upgrade to the Pirate spell sheet as a reward:
    • More locations
    • Rechargeable with Rum
  • Madame Shih will be as a bridge character to link the pirates with the Eastern Lands
    • Eastern lands pirate
    • Owns a big fleet
    • Plays an important role in the quest
  • Captain Izzy No Beard visual upgrade (will have the agility skillcape in the final version)
  • All the main pirates will be visually upgraded
  • Early Hi-res version of Barrelchest
  • Not all characters will be graphically reworked due to time restrictions.
  • Mos Le'Harmless visual upgrade wasn't affordable in the graphical budget and would've taken away from Deep Sea Fishing's budget if we did.
    • Little tweaks have been made like taken the palm tree models from Arc.
  • Ex-Parrot and Ex-Ex Parrots not added to pet interface.

Unspeakable Horrors

  • Black mask graphics will match the updated cave horror model
  • Abililties are functionally identical to kick and stomp.
  • Decreased the level requirements for some existing abilities so they're unlocked naturally
  • Unspeakable horrors count as cave horror slayer tasks (just tougher with better drops)
  • Ability codex (tradeable) unlocks all 4 abilities at once. F2P players can buy it on GE for the abilities.
  • Will be released before Pieces of Hate
  • Rationale behind the abilities (why homogenise the styles?)
    • Mainly because there's a bit of a gap on the low end for mage/range. Even with these abilities that gap still exists and will need to be filled
    • 'Walking bleeds' combo's with abilities of all styles.

Group Ironman Mode

  • Ramen is now working on GIM alongside Solak.
  • Ramen has two weeks off. During this time the group banking engine work should be completed. When he returns Group Ironman mode will begin proper development.
  • Group Ironman leaderboards
  • Group sizes have been decided but won't be released because it might change
  • Would like to have Ironman guild - Mr Ex and other Ironman related things.
  • Engine work is completed with the exception of shared banking because of its complexity.
    • Once the engine work for shared banking (i.e. a mutual bank that all players in your party can access) is completed we can actually use it for other pieces of content outside of Group Ironman mode.
  • Big project because we want to do it properly (i.e. not just use a scroll on a partner to invite them, want to make a proper system). Hit some bumps in the road but trying to get it out to you without it being released in an incomplete state.
  • Confirmed to be released before Mining and Smithing, Mobile and Bank rework.
  • Would have loved to have it released in January so people can take advantage of Premier Club but Solak comes first.
  • Brand new accounts.
  • Work as a team.
  • Interact fully with each other:
    • Trading.
    • Playing.
    • Fighting.
    • Dungeoneering.


  • Really happy with last week's playtest, but not as happy with today's.
  • Decided there was one mechanic we weren't happy with. Went back to the drawing board and should be completed by the next playtest.
  • Solak is essentially finished - now it's just number tuning
  • Made the decision not to bring players in for playtests (so no players have an advantage on release) but we're really breaking down each phase and mechanic to refine numbers based on all possible things players could do (including how defensives will be used)
  • Duo Mode will be released with 7-man
  • No date. Expected March but hit some bumps in the road. If you want someone to blame then blame Mod Ramen 'I will reply to your tweet'.
  • We're light on QA (considering we need 7 QA members to take on the boss) so its taking up a lot of time to find bugs.
  • Solak teaser 1
  • Solak teaser 2 - purple hitsplat confirmed to be not a heal. This mechanic has been 'talked about previously in a stream but the narrative has changed'.
  • The boss fight has a story, as you progress you're playing through this story (which is far more detailed than Vorago being mauled and Arraxor being killed by Arraxi)
Previously known
  • No requirements to fight (rumour about a slayer level requirement is false).
  • 7 man mode.
  • Duo-mode
    • We understand finding large groups for PvM can be an issue.
    • Different, alternative mechanics.
    • Drops will not be different to the 6-7 mode.
    • Duo mode will be there on release (99% sure).
  • New concept (changed because the old one was compared to Maokai from League of Legends too much). Interestingly.
  • Everything shown in the November showcase relating to mechanics has been changed 'bar maybe a couple of points'.
  • Merethiel will be fighting alongside you.
    • Plays a big part in the story of Solak. Hopefully we get to expand on that in the future.
    • NPC fighting with you has only ever happened during quests.
  • Moving away from the handholding with mechanics (obviously some in-game messages for telegraphed attacks etc). With AOD we had the issue of players skipping/ignoring mechanics like Icicles. So Ramen has learned from that - Solak's mechanics will not be ignorable/skippable.
  • Moving away from traditional 'tank and spank' boss gameplay. Give players other objectives to focus on. Each phase an objective. Ramen learned from AOD that players can DPS really quickly and brute force through several types of mechanics. With Solak, you won't be able to brute force as much but you also cannot ignore your objective without being punished.
  • 'Probably going to want to bring your best gear, a shield, I don't want to see people going in with Nihils, use your Pack Yaks...no, use your Mammoths.'
  • Instanced.
  • In-game model
  • Talk to Solak to begin the fight.
  • Starting bar
  • 8,000.000 HP
  • Multiple health bars.
  • Auto-attack 1
  • Auto-attack 2
  • Spec 1 - charges an attack and throws a meteor into the air saying 'Replenish the earth with your bones'. Meteor seems to be landing in the purple circle.
  • Spec 2 - Like a bug i'll squash you
    • 100K purple bar damage.


  • T92 Dual-wield Crossbows
  • Boss Pet - Solly. (1/3500 drop rate; 1/1000 threshold but will likely be changed.)
  • Ranged ability for 4TAA is removed from the drop table 'because we have resolved it, so the ability is no longer needed.'
  • No mention of the previous 'want to add' for rewards:
    • Want to add Merethiel's Wisp companion as a pet (which will be separate from the Solak boss pet). Maybe make it a KC reward of 1,000 kills.
    • Title scrolls like 'Guardian of the Grove'

Spring Fayre

  • Crater event for just under a month
  • No longer need fayre tokens to take part
  • No longer need tickets to buy cosmetic tokens, you can get them as drops like other crater events (you can also buy the cosmetics with Runecoins)
  • Reward tokens are tradeable
  • Fortunes and Scavenger hunt lists changed to drops instead of received whenever you want
  • Clawdia machine - once a day
  • Last year's rewards available
  • Happy hour - +10% XP for the generic activities (doesn't include fortunes, scavenger hunts or clawdia machine)
    • Same times as last year
  • As Ironman friendly as it was last year
[Stream quality issue need to add screenshots for tokens]
  • Hook a duck flail
  • Fish in a bag - override category is the same as things like golden cane
  • Easter egg hat
  • Easter egg follower pet - Eggos.
  • Zoltan plushie
  • Dizzy stick
  • Dizzy stick teleport
  • Face paint - three different types
    • Guthixian buttlerfly
    • Cat
    • Flowers


~10% of March's ninja fixes:
  • Hand in noted seals to recharge your sceptre at Pyramid Plunder.
  • All achievement diary outfit pieces will be added as overrides (items will still exist). Keepsaked ones right now will be refunded.
  • Ability to show progress on the shadow core achievement
  • Adding keybinds to the Grand Exchange interface - you will be able to collect from the buy or sell slots and also collect all to inventory or bank using keybinds.
  • Tree in incandescent colony removed.
  • Right-click configure your left-click option for divination rifts.
  • New lunar spell 'Spin Flax' - 'Magically spin 5 pieces of flax in your inventory.'
  • Using a coal bag on a bank deposit box will now deposit your coal.
  • Have upto 5 favourite friends chats (click the star icon next to the cog.
    • While in an FC clicking the star will bring up the interface allowing you to set that FC as a favourite.
    • Old functionality is still the same (including 'last joined').
  • Boats in Rellekka can be left-clicked to travel to Neitiznot and Jatizso.
  • Pirates QOL fixes (released week before Pieces of Hate)
    • Removed the options on damaged farming patches in Rum Deal.
    • Made repairing easier in Cabin Fever. Planks are now stackable as well as interface changes.
  • Boss health bars for KBD and Giant Mole.
  • Tackle Boxes will now store stackable urns.
  • Enduring Glacytes will now be aggressive like the other glacytes.
  • Stackable Menaphite gift boxes.


  • To summarise
  • Following feedback on Mod Pi's blog we've gone back to the drawing board with it
    • Reactions were mixed
    • No one really liked the mage one so we're going to the drawing board on that
    • Daggers was more 'weapon diversity' rather than '4taa' so we've pulled it out for now
    • We like the Ranged one but not happy about it being dropped by Solak - so removed from his drop table
  • 4TAA has to be addressed
  • At the very least something will be done before Solak's release
submitted by imsuity to runescape [link] [comments]

2017.10.21 13:01 eneidhart Lore on the Empires of Tamriel, Part II: The Reman Dynasty and the Akaviri Potentate

Series Posts (links to be updated as more posts come out): Part I: The Alessian Empire Part II: The Reman Dynasty and the Akaviri Potentate Part III: The Third Empire (The Septim Dynasty) Part IV: The Third Empire (The Mede Dynasty), Reflections on the Empires, and a Look Ahead


I got interested in the histories of the various empires of Tamriel, so I wanted to make a comprehensive series detailing the lore behind each of them. I mostly used UESP for my research, and on several occasions came across claims which were unsupported by any sources. I'll be including those claims here, but marking them as such; though it is possible that the source does exist and I either missed it or saw it but didn't make the connection. I'll also be providing sources when I feel like I should, but remember-- even if I'm presenting something as fact, some of this lore is so obscured that you might just have to take it with a grain of salt. I'll try to be as objective as I can, though. And if you want a source for any claim I make here, all you have to do is ask! I would be more than happy to edit in in to the text :)
Lastly, these will be my first ever posts on teslore, so I apologize if there's anything I've done wrong. I'm more than happy to edit in corrections and additions of all kinds, as well.
Disclaimer: The title of this post is a bit misleading, as I will also be touching on other, smaller empires from the same time period which I though significant to mention, such as the Empire of Cyrodiil.

Series Overview

This series will of course cover The Alessian Empire, The Second Empire (Reman Dynasty/Akaviri Potentate), The Third Empire (Septim Dynasty), and The Third Empire (Mede Dynasty), including their origins, durations, lands occupied, and downfalls. To that end, this will involve some lore on eras, the divines, the Chim-el Adabal/Amulet of Kings, and Sancre Tor. I will also briefly cover The Camoran Dynasty, The First Empire of the Nords, the Interregnum, the Empire of Cyrodiil, and the Aldmeri Dominion, though you'll see that they're not quite the same thing. I call them "minor empires" to distinguish them from the Big Three. You'll also see that the Mede Dynasty is quite unlike its precursors, and I hope to see some discussion about the ramifications of this/possible futures for the Mede Dynasty/end of the Third Empire. And with that, let's begin!

The Reman Dynasty

Like the Alessian Empire before it, the Second Empire would be founded at the end of an important war for Cyrodiil, in which men are victorious against their aggressors. As Alessia would found her Empire on the defeat of the Ayleid slavers, Reman Cyrodiil would found his on the defeat of Akaviri (most likely Tsaesci) invaders. With his victory at the Battle of Pale Pass in 1E 2703, he would become the leader of the dominant military force of Tamriel, the likes of which had never been seen before and could only be resisted by the Living Gods of Morrowind.

Reman Cyrodiil

Reman Cyrodiil I gets a legendary origin story which may be little more than a myth. As the story goes, Cyrod lay in darkness, ruled by incompetent minor kings, engaged in petty squabbles. The land was plagued by famine, war, and even more supernatural maladies: ghosts and portals to Molag Bal's realm, free to wander Tamriel while the covenant went forgotten.Threats of the Tsaesci went ignored, and even the Chim-el Adabal was missing. It was at this time that King Hrol came from the "lands beyond lost Twil" (of which I can find no reference to; UESP links it to the Aurbis page but that can't be right, but I have honestly no idea what Twil is supposed to be, though Hrol definitely sounds like a Nordic name, further supported by the use of "Shor" and "shieldthane" in the text) with 17 knights (plus the King makes 18! the Eight and the One!). Each member of this party was a son or daughter of the West (likely Colovia). King Hrol came because he had seen visions of the Tsaesci, and wished to protect his lands. They were eventually beset by a spirit resembling El-Estia, founder of the first Empire, who held the Dragonfire of Akatosh in her left hand and the Amulet of the Kings of Glory in her right, with a wound on her breast that "spilt void onto her mangled feet". The party begged for her to help set things right again, but the Paravant's spirit replied that though she was the healer of men and mother of dragons (hello Daenerys Targaryen), she would run from them as they had run from her, until they knew the pain they had caused her, the pain which killed Cyrod. As she fled, the party gave chase, splitting up to find her and lamenting their own villainy. Hrol and his shieldthane eventually found her, and the king proclaimed his love for her and his desire to heal the land by once more honoring the ancient covenant. His shieldthane watched as she "open[ed] naked" to him, and carved "AND HROL DID LOVE UNTO A HILLOCK" on a nearby rock before the sight of their union killed him. The rest of the party eventually found Hrol, dead after "his labors against a mound of mud." (You can't make this stuff up...unless you can, in which case you probably work for Bethesda) After that, they just left. Some of them went crazy, and the two that went back to their homeland refused to talk about Hrol, ashamed of their former king. But nine months later, that mound of mud which Hrol "did love unto" grew into a small mountain, and a group of shepherds noted this, believed in it, and were the first to name it Sancre Tor, "the Golden Hill". The Shepherdess Sed-Yenna dared to climb it, and what did she find but a infant? What's more, the fabled Amulet of Kings lay on the babe's brow! She named the boy Reman, or "Light of Man", and she took him to the White-Gold Tower and placed him on the throne, where he proclaimed "I AM CYRODIIL COME."
So, that's kind of a lot. It reads very much like a myth, but this is the world of the Elder Scrolls, after all; much of it and more may be rooted in fact. We do know that Sancre Tor was a holy site long before the time of this supposed event (likely in the late 1E 2600s or early 2700s, 400ish years after the fall of the previous Empire), though I guess it could have been called something else. It's apparently an Ayleid name though, so I'm willing to bet that's what Alessia called it, too. I haven't been to Sancre Tor yet in my playthrough of TES IV: Oblivion, so I'm not sure if that rock carving can be found or not. However, the part about Reman being placed on the throne is unlikely, given the rest of his story. His legitimacy to the throne is somewhat increased by this legend of him being the son of Alessia's spirit, but given the rest of his story I'm not so sure that mattered. What IS important is that he likely received the Amulet of Kings at Sancre Tor. This story also lends some credence to the idea that Alessia is buried at Sancre Tor, rathyer than at the Temple of the One (remember, nobody knows where she's buried, but it's pretty much narrowed to these locations). One final point on his name: "Cyrodiil" is not named after Reman, but the other way around. He took it for his surname, naming himself after the elven name for the province.

The Akaviri Invasion

In 1E 2703, the Akaviri invaded Tamriel. They were likely either Tsaesci invaders or Akaviri men, but we don't really know for sure. The 2920 series seems to state pretty authoritatively that they were Tsaesci, as does Remanada, but the former is a work of historical fiction (some pages in UESP list it as such, though I can't find any other confirmation that this is the case) and the latter is likely a myth. In TES IV: Oblivion, you meet the ghost of Akaviri Commander Mishaxhi, one of the Akaviri who invaded Tamriel. He is implemented as an Imperial in the game, which might be chalked up to game limitations, but the point is that he is incredibly humanoid, rather than serpentine like the Tsaesci should probably be. Given this, and the fact that Versidue-Shaie (whom we will get to later) lives for hundreds of years, the likely conclusion is that the Tsaesci and the Men of Akavir are likely one and the same (as a possible result of the Tsaesci consuming the men).
Regardless of who they were, they were a serious threat. The Akaviri army consisted of the Dragonguard, some of Akavir's fiercest warriors. They invaded through Skyrim into Cyrodiil, through the Jerall Mountains. In response to this attack, Reman was able to reunite the whole of Cyrodiil for the first time in centuries to form an army capable of fighting back. The war reached its climax at the Battle of Pale Pass, where accounts conflict with each other, but one thing is certain: Upon hearing Reman's voice (or Voice), the Akaviri surrendered as they recognized him as Dragonborn. Allegedly, they had not come in war in the first place, but were merely searching for the Dragonborn the entire time. How touching.

The Rule of the Reman Dynasty

After the Akaviri proclaimed Reman a Dragonborn, they aided him on his quest to form an Empire. I can't find any sources to back up this next claim, found on UESP, but he was able to unite all of the races of man against a possible Aldmer threat. A year later, in 1E 2704, he would split the Reach between High Rock and Skyrim to keep the Reachmen from rebelling against him. The effects of this are seemingly still felt during the events of TES V: Skyrim. The rest of Tamriel was not very willing to submit to him; Valenwood was not conquered until 1E 2714, and would still continue resisting Imperial rule; in 1E 2811, the Empire won the Battle of Argonia, but it would be another 27 years before the province would be admitted into the Empire as Black Marsh. In 1E 2840, Reman II declared war on Morrowind, igniting the Four-Score War (guess how long that one lasted?). It was ultimately unsuccessful, ending with Morrowind retaining their independence under the Tribunal. The end of the Reman Dynasty, as well as the end of the First Era, would bring about the end of the war in 1E 2920. By this time, Morrowind was the only province in Tamriel which was not under the rule of the Second Empire, though I could not find when the Summerset Isles or Elsweyr were taken. Also, it is possible that Summerset was never taken. Perhaps the above referred only to the mainland, and thus Summerset was not included.
During Reman's rule, the Akaviri who knelt before him at Pale Pass would gain positions of influence and power. I believe the Emperor's Potentate was always an Akaviri, and that each Emperor had one, though I can't confirm this. That said, I can't disprove it either. The Dragonguard would also devote itself to the protection of the Dragonborn Emperor, as dragons had mostly (but not entirely) been wiped out. They would eventually become the organization known as the Blades. Apparently, Reman would also institute the rites of becoming Emperor, including a ritual involving the Amulet of Kings. I'm inclined to believe, however, that these rites actually date back to Alessia as part of the covenant, just because I think it makes a little more sense. Those rites kept the Dragonfires lit, and Tamriel safe from Daedra, so it makes sense that they're from the First Empire...unless this is something completely different, in which case it's probably a meaningless ritual.
Reman Cyrodiil I would die in 1E 2762, and in death was worshiped as a cultural god-hero, The Worldly God. I'd like to note, as a recent post mentioned it, the book Reman son of Reman, though it should be noted that this book is from a Morrowind mod, and I don't think it's canon. It does tell how Reman's son and heir was birthed by a cow named Morihatha, which I fond hilarious. However, Reman's actual heir was Emperor Kastav. He's not known for much, though a fort in Winterhold is named after him. He was deemed an incompetent ruler after his handling of the Winterhold Rebellion (which his actions in 1E 2801 likely contributed to), and was deposed in 1E 2805 or 2806, to be succeeded by Reman II.
Reman II was said to be a great tactician, and quickly ended the rebellion which began against his predecessor in 1E 2804. In 1E 2811, he began the Blackwater War against Argonia. In 1E 2812, he allowed the construction of Alduin's Wall in Sky Haven Temple. He visited the temple 6 years later to dedicate the Wall, and to consecrate the Blood Seal. In 1E 2837, he finally had conquered all of Black Marsh, but it would seem that the Emperor would not be sated until all of Tamriel was under his rule. In 1E 2840, he was fool enough to declare war against Morrowind, whose Living Gods would give the province strength to resist the Empire for 80 years, and even then were able to reach the end of the war without submitting. According to his tombstone in Sancre Tor, he died in battle in 1E 2851. He was succeeded by Emperor Brazollus Dor, who really didn't do anything (I guess you have to literally be named Reman to get anything done in the Reman Dynasty). He preferred to leave his affairs of state to his potentate, Sidri-Ashak. He was said to be the last of the strong potentates, improved Cyrodiil's roads, was a competent statesman, and (like Hestra of the Alessian Empire and Reman I) got a classification of runestones named after him, likely due to his road-building.
Brazollus Dor was succeeded by the last emperor of the Dynasty, Reman III. We don't know much for sure about him, besides that he continued the war against Morrowind, and imprisoned his wife, Tavia, in Gideon, Black Marsh. Most of our other information about him comes from the 2920 series, which is likely a historical fiction. Additionally, the author definitely gets some facts wrong, such as linking the Night Mother to the Morag Tong (the Morag Tong worships Mephala; the Dark Brotherhood, which is more common in most of the Empire in modern times, worships Sithis and the Night Mother). In 2920 he is portrayed as a paranoiac, and a weak, petty, arrogant ruler. However, his son Juilek is portrayed as competent, strategic, and wise, with many characters (most notably Vivec) noting that he would make a good Emperor, much better than his father. Unfortunately, it was not to be, as both men are assassinated by the Morag Tong. I can't find any other sources to support that Juilek is also assassinated by them, but it might be true. With no heirs left, the Reman Dynasty had come to an end after a mere 217 years, and the First Era as well. However, the Second Empire would not crumble yet.

The Akaviri Potentate and the Fall of the Second Empire

Reman III's Potentate, Versidue-Shaie, would assume control of the Empire upon his death, marking the beginning of the Second Era. It is possible that he was behind the assassinations of the Emperor and his heirs, though he would not take the title of Emperor. He would instead keep his old title of Potentate, though this was likely just a political move-- he essentially had the power of an Emperor. After claiming leadership of the Empire, he also made the declaration that the Era had changed. Despite his best efforts, he had a tenuous hold over the Empire, as many armies were loyal to Reman, and many others wanted independence now that the Dynasty had ended. He spent the next 283 years subduing these armies in order to maintain control, impoverishing the Empire. In order to allow order to continue without having to spend so much on a standing army, Versidue-Shaie passed the Guild Act in 2E 321 in order to charter the Fighter's Guild, founded the year before by his kinsman, Dinieras-Ves. The act also chartered the Mage's Guild, as well as several others. Three years later, he was assassinated by the Morag Tong, like his predecessor. His son, Savirien-Chorak, would inherit the title of Potentate in 2E 324, though he proved to be somewhat incapable as a ruler. He did lift a ban on the formation of local armies so his vassals could properly protect themselves, and admitted Orsinium into the Empire. He, and all of his heirs, were assassinated in 2E 430 or 431. Who is responsible is disputed, but it may have been the Morag Tong or the Dark Brotherhood. At last, after almost 650 years, the Second Empire had come to an end. This marked the start of the Interregnum, a dark time which would last for over 400 years.

The Interregnum

Note: I'm probably not going to dive in too deeply here, as a lot of this will overlap with ESO events/gameplay. I'm going to try and stick to the history which is most relevant to lore on Empires, and that's it, because this post is long enough already.
The Interregnum was a generally terrible time to be in Tamriel, much like the period between the First and Second Empires. There was frequent warring between minor kingdoms and petty states, and the general welfare of the populace suffered. Roads and fell into disrepair, an attitude of anti-intellectualism pervaded the land, and the fabled Chim-el Adabal was lost once more, gone like the Empire is symbolized. However, some regions like the Iliac Bay, which had historically been ruled by city-states rather than a powerful central authority, would fare much better during this time. The Dark Brotherhood would also prosper during these dark times, making large profits off the aforementioned petty squabbles between minor rulers.

The Empire of Cyrodiil

Though the Second Empire fell in 2E 430, it kind of remained intact. Its domain would only extend to the reaches of the Heartland, as the other provinces had all declared independence, but the Imperial Legion, Elder Council, and the office of the Emperor survived. Of course, the Ruby Throne saw no Dragonborn claimants; these Emperors were mere pretenders who claimed the Empire by right of war. The earliest known "Emperor" was Durcorach the Black Drake, a Reachman who began a dynasty known as the Longhouse Emperors. When Durcorach invaded High Rock in 2E 542, the first Daggerfall Covenant was united to drive him out. Durcorach was slain in battle outside Daggerfall in 2E 543, but the Longhouse Emperors would continue their rule for a couple more generations until Varen Aquilarios slew Leovic in 2E 577, at the end of a rebellion formed when Leovic legalized Daedra worship. Varen's claim to the throne would lead to an event called the Soulburst (detailed below), during which he is believed to have been lost, and his wife Clivia Tharn ascended to the throne.
Clivia's rule would see increased instability throughout the "Empire". Outside Cyrodiil, three separate alliances would form, both due to a fear of Imperial aggression/corruption and other, unrelated threats. Eventually, they each decided they would vie for power in Cyrodiil, claiming the Ruby Throne for themselves. As the heartland was wracked by war, its populace fled to the mountains in the north and east, to Blackwood in the south, and to Colovia in the west. While the alliances invaded Cyrod, the Empire still tried to expand its influence by invading High Rock, Hammerfell, and Valenwood. (Why? Why was this considered a smart move?) Septima Tharn led the invasion of Hammerfell and High Rock, while an Imperial Legion from Colovia attempted to claim Valenwood's Arenthia Vale, which the Count of Skingrad and the Elder Council named the South Weald. However, both forays into enemy territory were failures. Little is known about the outcome of the war or the fall of the empire, but the empire was long gone by the time Tiber Septim came around in 2E 854.

The Three Banners War

I've already mentioned the important parts of the actual war, so here I'd like to dive into the alliances who fought in it.

The Daggerfall Covenant

This is not the same covenant as mentioned above, which only consisted of minor kingdoms of High Rock. This is known as the Greater Daggerfall Covenant, and came about after King Emeric of Wayrest married the daughter of a Redguard king, Fahara'jad. It was expected that Emeric would wed the daughter of King Ranser of Shornhelm, and when this did not happen, Ranser invaded Wayrest in anger. Meanwhile, the other kingdoms of High Rock decided to honor the first Covenant, and came to the aid of Wayrest. Fahara'jad also sent troops of his own, and Ranser's army was summarily defeated. Ranser's army was forced to retreat, only to find that Orcs had destroyed it, led by King Kurog. The shrewd Emeric had promised Kurog the re-establishment of Orsinium as a sovereign territory in exchange for his aid. High Rock prospered under the rule of now High King Emeric. The Covenant launched a failed naval invasion of the Ebonheart Pact, as well as fighting for control in the daedra-occupied Imperial City. The rulers of the Daggerfall Covenant had planned to name High King Emeric as Emperor of a mighty Third Empire, forming a new dynasty after conquering the central province and taking the Ruby Throne, then conquer the other two provinces and declare the Tamriel Covenant; this plan was not to be, as the Greater Daggerfall Covenant would eventually crumble without taking the throne.

The Ebonheart Pact

In 2E 572, the city of Winterhold was met with yet another surprise invasion from Akavir. There were no Tsaesci to be found this time; these were the Snow Demons of Kamal. Led by their terrible king, Ada'Soom Dir-Kamal, they killed Queen Mabjaarn and her elder son, leaving the crown to her younger son Jorunn. Jorunn mustered a defense, but Dir-Kamal had set his sights on Mournhold. As he attacked the Dunmer, Jorunn joined his forces with Almalexia's in an unprecedented show of cooperation between two races who historically, well, hated each other. They fought to surround the invaders at Stonefalls, where they were surprised yet again by the aid of Argonian armies. With these fresh troops to bolster their ranks, the races of Tamriel were able to drive the demons back from whence they came, and the Ebonheart Pact was formed soon after. Treaties were signed in Ebonheart to solidify this most unlikely of alliances, which included the freeing of Argonian slaves in Morrowind. It would prove difficult for the Pact to reconcile the differences between its constituent regions, but it remained strong as it fought the Dominion and the Covenant. Soon, the Tribunal would learn of dark events occurring in Cyrodiil, and call upon the Pact to fight a war of righteousness against a corrupt and disintegrating empire.

The Aldmeri Dominion

There have been three known Aldmeri Dominions, of which this is the first. Each would see a political faction known as the Thalmor, but each Dominion and Thalmor faction were quite distinct, and should certainly NOT be confused with one another.
The First Aldmeri Dominion was founded by Queen Ayrenn in 2E 580. She assumed the throne of Alinor after traveling Tamriel, and she had seen the dire threats facing the land. She saw it as the duty of the High Elves to restore order to Tamriel, and to that end she annexed Valenwood and Elsweyr, who were struggling and in need of allies. The Dominion set out to usher in a glorious golden age of High Elven rule in Tamriel, as the younger races were too careless to be trusted with rule. They entered the Alliance War to claim the Ruby Throne, and to prevent the Covenant and the Pact from doing the same, though their own goal was never realized and the Dominion would eventually fade.
The (first) Thalmor began as an Altmeri Council in the government of Summerset, whose task was to preserve Altmeri heritage. When the Dominion formed, they became its executives, managing day to day affairs. It was comprised of representatives from each member of the Dominion, proportional to that race's administrative abilities (read: more High Elves, fewer Khajiit). The Thalmor Inner Council served as Queen Ayrenn's personal advisors, consisting of important members such as King Aeradan Camoran of Valenwood and Lor Gharesh-ri of Elsweyr. Also of note, the Fists of the Thalmor are not related to the Thalmor. They are the military arm of the Dominion, though not the Dominion Army. Due to this confusion, the Thalmor have proposed that the Fists be called the Justiciars, as had been in the past.

The Soulburst

The Soulburst is one of the more significant events of the Interregnum, occurring in 2E 578 or 579. Varen Aquilarios, having claimed the throne but being painfully aware of the fact that he was no Dragonborn, felt his claim was illegitimate. He formed the Five Companions, and set out on a quest to recover the legendary Amulet of Kings. Mannimarco claimed he knew the ritual to use it to light the Dragonfires, and could even alter this ritual to make Varen a true Dragonborn in the process. They were actually able to recover the Amulet, but four of them had been deceived: Mannimarco, the necromancer, had aspirations of godhood he had corrupted the Chim-el Adabal, and his ritual caused an explosion of magical energy which set Nirn adrift in Oblivion as the covenant with Akatosh was broken and daedra were free to roam Tamriel once more. The Elder Scrolls would name this event the Soulburst. Varen disappeared during the explosion, and one of the companions grabbed the Amulet and escaped with it, hiding it in the ruins of Sancre Tor, where the Remans were buried. With this, Molag Bal was free to attempt his merging of Coldharbour with Nirn, beginning the Planemeld.
The Vestige, along with three of the Five Companions, was able to recover the Amulet and use it to defeat Molag Bal, stopping the Planemeld and foiling his plans. Abnur Tharn, a Companion, then fled with the Amulet to Cyrodiil. Though he probably planned on making use of it, he did not know that its power had been expended for at least a generation, according to Meridia.
One thing which perplexes me about the Soulburst is the breaking of Alessia's covenant with Akatosh. The covenant clearly states that it is broken when the Dragonfires are dim, and no Dragonborn wears the Amulet, the daedra will be free to wander Nirn. This is further corroborated by the events of TES IV: Oblivion, when the Septim Dynasty comes to an end. This leads the Dragonfires to darken, and portals to Oblivion open across Tamriel. It also seems like this happens after the fall of the Alessian Empire, but interestingly, this DOES NOT happen when Reman III and his heirs are murdered. The covenant is a little off here, claiming that the Empire will fail at this point, but even when the Empire finally does fail, it takes a corrupted ritual to cause what, by all rights, should have happened almost 600 years earlier. If anyone has ANY explanation for this, please leave a comment below, as it makes absolutely no sense to me.

Final Notes on the Second Empire

I know I didn't source a lot of claims towards the end here, I got a little lazy. If I see any desire to put them in after, I promise to get around to it very soon.
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2017.05.01 06:01 JunkyGS [Rate] 90s R&B Girl Groups

Welcome to the 90s R&B Girl Group Rate featuring...
The Writing's on the Wall vs. Funky Divas vs. CrazySexyCool
The 90s were dominated by a fresh wave of R&B. This lead to the creation of soooooo many R&B girl groups, but only some created albums that stood the test of time.
The Writing’s on the Wall – Destiny’s Child [1999]
This group consisted of LaTavia Roberson , LeToya Luckett , Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland at the time. This was their second album and the last album with the group’s original line up of members. However, this is the album that broke them into the mainstream where they achieved much success. The album was nominated for six Grammys and has since then went 8x Platinum in the United States, 3x Platinum in the UK and 5x Platinum in Canada.
Album: Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Apple Music / iTunes and Youtube
Track Listing:
Intro (The Writing's on the Wall)
So Good
Bills, Bills, Bills
Confessions (feat. Missy Elliott)
Bug a Boo
Now That She's Gone
Where'd You Go
Hey Ladies
If You There
Jumpin', Jumpin'
Say My Name
She Can't Love You
Sweet Sixteen
Outro (Amazing Grace...)
Funky Divas – En Vogue [1992]
This group consisted of Dawn Robinson, Maxine Jones, Cindy Herron and Terry Ellis at the time. This album has been credited by many for creating the great demand for R&B Girl Groups and inspiring all other R&B Girl Groups that followed after. It was their second album, has sold over 5 million copies worldwide and is their highest selling album to date.
Album: Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Apple Music / iTunes and Youtube
This Is Your Life
My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)
Hip Hop Lover
Free Your Mind
Giving Him Something He Can Feel
It Ain't Over Till the Fat Lady Sings
Give It Up, Turn It Loose
Hooked on Your Love
Love Don't Love You
What Is Love
Thanks (Prayer)
CrazySexyCool – TLC [1994]
This group consisted of “Chilli”, “T-Boz” and “Left Eye” at the time. It was their second album and the most successful album commercially and critically of the three in this rate. The album has sold over 14 million copies worldwide becoming the best-selling album by an American girl group, the only album by a girl group to be awarded diamond status in the US, featured in Rolling Stone’s list of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time and nominated for six Grammy Awards.
Album: Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Apple Music / iTunes and Youtube
Track Listing:
Intro-lude (feat. Phife)
Kick Your Game
Diggin' on You
Case of the Fake People
CrazySexyCool - Interlude
Red Light Special
Let's Do It Again
If I Was Your Girlfriend
Sexy - Interlude
Take Our Time
Can I Get a Witness - Interlude (feat. Busta Rhymes)
Sumthin' Wicked This Way Comes (feat. André 3000)
1) Listen to and rate every song listed above.
2) Rate each song on a scale of 1-10 (decimals like 1.1 are fine, but not 1.12).
3) You can rate one song in the rate a 0 and one song an 11.
4) Write some comments discussing your thoughts, what you liked or disliked about the song! However you must do it in this format
This is correct:
Omanko: 1 oh a christian song :/
These are INCORRECT:
Omanko: 1: oh a christian song :/
Omanko: oh a christian song :/ 1
Omanko: I'm giving this a 1 because it's a christian song :/
Omanko: 1-oh a christian song :/
Omanko: 1 (oh a christian song :/)
Omanko: 1 - oh a christian song :/
5) Deadline is May 31st at 11:59 pm.
6) Once you send in your scores it is FINAL unless there is an error that needs to be addressed, so take your time and don’t feel the need to rush your scores. Listen to the album over a nice period of time or even a couple times to get a real feel for it!
7) Please send your scores in the format included in this premade message or I won’t count your scores!
8) Have Fun and Enjoy :)
Shoutout to Poo & Doc for helping me set up the rate program <3
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2016.03.13 07:54 zombiegrey Missing Person Sunday: The case of Tavia Elizabeth Bailey.

The case of the Tavia Elizabeth Bailey:
Missing Persons:
Tavia Elizabeth Bailey.
Tavis Elizabeth Bailey was born on the 3rd of August, 1970. She was last seen on the 23rd of January, 1986, when she was 15 years of age.
At the time of her disappearance, Tavis stood at a approximately 5'3", and weighted 115 lbs. She was Caucasian, had blonde hair, and brown eyes. She had a few distinguishing marks, including a scar from her hairline to the right side of her right eyebrow, and a scar on her left cheekbone. Tavis also her both of her ears pierced several times.
On the date of her disappearance, Tavis was wearing striped jeans and a black fur coat.
She may go by the names 'Chrystal', Tee', or 'Ms. T'.
Bailey was last seen on the 31st of December, 1985, though this is sometimes believed to have been the 23rd of January, 1986, in Pensacola, Florida. She was accompanied by an unidentified African-American male at the time of her disappearance.
Bailey was a frequent runaway, she once ran away to NYC. Her mother said she believed Bailey had a boyfriend, but neither she nor the investigators have ever been able to learn his name. She typically dated African-American men at the time of her disappearance and may have been seen with one when she vanished.
According to Tavia's mother, Tavia had emotional and behavioral problems due to being sexually abused when she was eight years old by her stepfather. Tavia got psychotherapy and spent some time in group homes to help her recover from the trauma, but by the time she was twelve years old, she was sexually active and involved with drugs. She has ran away in the past (one time, she traveled to New York City), but she always kept in contact with her mom.
A month before she disappeared, Tavia talked of going back to New York.
Authorities believe she may have been taken against her will, and that foul play may be involved in her case.
Tavia has not called home since she disappeared.
If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
Escambia County Sheriff's Office
You can remain anonymous.
More Information:
The Doe Work - Tavia Elizabeth Bailey
Missing Children Wiki - Tavia Bailey
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2015.12.31 23:54 TheBestVirginia For those of you staying in and solving mysteries tonight, a list of Charley Project entries of missing persons last seen alive on New Year's Eve, spanning decades.

It will take me a few minutes to edit in the links since I can only do one at a time on my device. Also please note this list is not all-inclusive. There are a few other cases from NYE past.
Are there any cases here where the holiday may have been a factor? Such as, was the person drinking when they usually don't, or the law enforcement response may have been delayed due to the holiday?
From the 60s
Michael Mansfield, 1975
Charles Hall, 1981
Tavia Bailey, 1985
Shirley Pullen, 1986
Karen Tucker, 1990
Cheryl Huff, 1992
Boyd Cosgrove, 1998
Gregory Wallen, 1998
Carla Losey, 2002
Tremaine Blackman, 2003
Carina Karras, 2005
Ruben Garza, 2006
I don't know about you, but sometimes when I look at a missing persons case from years past and the date they went missing was a memorable date for me (like a birthday, Christmas, NYE) I think back to what I was doing on the same day at the same time and wonder what was happening to this person at the same time.
So, not any major discussion points here except that every person listed here was last known to be seen on this night, in years past. What happened to them?
Multiple edits: links added, typos fixed
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2014.05.01 18:33 mobyte The Walking Dead: Season 2 Ep. 3 "In Harm's Way" Official Prediction Thread

Back in Episode Two, we are reunited with Kenny. Alvin and Nick have the potential of dying along with the death of Walter. Carver captured the cabin group and they are heading back to his community. We know that Bonnie from 400 Days is with Carver, so could the rest of Tavia's group be there? Let's make some predictions as we anticipate the next episode of the series.
Release Dates:
May 13th - PC, PSN (North America)
May 14th - XBLA, PSN (Worldwide)
May 15th - iOS
Episode 3 Trailer
Episode 3 Prediction Poll
If making comparisons to the show or comic version of The Walking Dead (or anything else that could be considered a non-game spoiler), please attach spoilers to your text.
[](/s "Spoiler example.")

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2014.04.23 04:41 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: We are the professional runners of the New Jersey-New York Track Club here to answer all of your questions! Ask us anything!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2014-04-23
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Kyle, what was more devastating: not making nationals after running the 'American collegiate record' or your hs gf cheating on you? This is the best question here. And the answer is yes.
The Real Merb, Are there any plans to make a follow up to The Real Maine? I think a documentary like that was a step in the right direction and with some real planning, it can generate a lot of interest in running. We have talked about it a lot. What a lot of people don't realize is that was Erik's thesis and there were certain things he had to do to fulfill certain requirements. In the future we would hopefully be a bit further on in our career, and change the idea up and possibly add in a couple new faces. Erik has learned a lot since then and we have talked about it. One idea we had was to jump around the different groups we are a part of and get an inside look to compare NJ*NY, Brooks Beasts, Bowerman TC, etc. Really glad you enjoyed it, and it was a fun summer. Erik threatens us with releasing the R-rated version, which would be the demise of our futures. -Kyle.
Robby Andrews, does Kyle Merber cut his sandwich diagonally or does he eat them in two boring fucking squares? Kyle is a hipster, so first he cuts it in weird designs and then takes black and white photos of it.
I ate sandwiches before they were cool. -Kyle.
Mr. Cabral, What was your most memorable moment while running at the 2012 Olympic Games? Definitely the opening ceremonies! After a long walk to the stadium giving high fives to local kids chanting USA! USA! USA! we got to the track. When I walked in it was dark but the seats were lit up and I realized the magnitude of the ceremony & how the whole world was watching. Jitters just typing about it now! -Donn.
Shorts or half tights? I've noticed that since being signed by Adidas you seem to be favoring the tights over the short shorts, any particular reason why? The guys on the Princeton team gave me a lot of confidence to wear the short shorts, so I've been sticking with that this year!
To any and all: Any up coming races on the schedule? If so what are they? How do goals shift in a non-championship year? Heather Wilson just finished 3rd in the US Road Mile about 10 minutes ago! Other than that, we'll have a few guys and girls running the mile at Penn. THEN, it'll be a meet at Henderson High School in Pa., Payton Jordan, Oxy, (maybe someone at World Relays), Pre, another Henderson meet and onto USAs.
I've got Payton Jordan and Oxy coming up next. Since its my first year post-collegiate, the goal for me is to run some big PRs and gain some experience. (Penney)
Scratch that, Heather was 4th after official results came out. Still a great race for her.
Payton Jordan 5k Oxy 3kSC and I'm hoping for Golden Gala (Diamond League in Rome) 3kSC and maybe 1 other race in Europe the following week.
After a rough yr last year my focus is just getting back to PR-type level. Placing well at USAs & getting a more respectable 5k PR are on the to-do list too! -Donn.
Mr. Rutt, How has having Hoka as a sponsor served you, as a middle distance runner? The Hoka sponsorship is going GREAT! Their shoes are awesome for all of my recovery runs and even a few of my tempo runs. We are in the process of developing spikes, and there are some lightweight trainers that will be coming out in the next few months. They will be used ideally for my track workouts. They are doing a lot to work with me as a middle distance runner. It's great to know that they really want to help me out!
Hey there Delilah, What's it like in New York City? Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. - Delilah.
Kyle, Ever since the "glass incident" the challenge has always been to stay healthy. I did a great job of that during the indoor season and had the biggest consistent block of training I have had in years. I developed some muscle imbalances and have gotten significantly better at evening them out. I was really excited to run 1:47 at BU and come back the next day to hand off the relay in first. I thought I was prepped to run 3:55 or so the next weekend at Iowa St, but our flight got cancelled due to snow and I never got the chance. Unfortunately I had a small little niggle right after that, but am healthy and back training now. I'll be opening up a bit later in the season because of it, which I am OK with since the goal was always for a much later summer season, anyways. That's the perk of running post-collegiately--no conferences to rush back for. S.
How is training coming along? I know you have dealt with various injuries over the years but it seems like you are struggling to return to the form you had when you ran 3:35. Is there anything specific area you need to work on to get back to that level of fitness?? I don't think the track is short, although I will joke about it. It was the most perfectly set up race and weather possible for me, and I honestly felt invincible that day. If the track was short, I think you would see some ridiculous times coming from there more often. And even if it was short, it was still a competitive field.
Also side question...do you ever wonder if that Swarthmore track is short? Kyle.
What does an average day for you guys look like? Dear will I miss you. -Genna.
how do you suggest one looks for clubs if one is considering running post-collegiately? Dear Will I miss you? -Genna.
How do you deal with her? THAT WAS NOT ME, LIES. also i knew this was you well before I had "This is not Will" read to me. - Love, Genna.
Robby, what's the most slices of pizza you've had in one sitting? A whole pie. Haven't tried for anymore than that. Maybe this off season? - robby.
1st I gotta give a shout out to Wayne Bartholomew since I'm from Moco. 2nd, how do you guys approach workouts with such a big group? Are things more individualized or do you guys go with the group mostly? Thanks for the shout out man. We usually split up into groups. Sometimes the groups are big on strength days but speed days they usually get cut down to groups for more specific events, etc. -Wayne.
I hear that when you go to Chipotle, you ask for a water cup for tap water, then fill it up with lemonade even though you didn't pay for a drink. Is this true? Only on Wednesdays -Rutt.
Would you consider expanding to field a sub-elite team (organized workouts/coaching)? Yes. Gags is considering this. Keep in touch with our squad. If Gags pulls the trigger on this, we'll put the word out for anyone interested.
Yes but not at same time as elite and possiblity of rye, ny with asst coaches, gag.
[serious question]: what are your views on partying / drinking? Does it differ by athlete? Dry season? All in moderation. Be smart based on the racing/workout schedule.
Dancing is recommended always. Basically whenever an opportunity arises... and even if they don't -Ash.
There is a time and place for everything. But running should always take priority. If you're dedicating so much time and effort to the sport, why not go all the way to give yourself the best shot of succeeding.
Delilah - Being a big steeple chase runner, how was the transition to half-marathon and marathon? I know that you were quite the cross country runner, but I can imagine that the transition can be difficult. Which event do you prefer? Thanks! I love the steeple but cross country is where my heart is! It's been like that since HS. The transition to the marathon was difficult for me because I had to bump up my mileage and my body didn't respond too well. I was plagued with some injuries in training. If I do the marathon again I'll make adjustment to have a longer, slower build up instead of ramping up my mileage too soon. - Delilah.
Who was the coolest, most awesome, HOTTEST guy you ever met in clinic at law school and why was it me? You know, I'm not sure if it was the flip flops in December or that mystery movie you should me where you play lead detective... somewhere in there I knew. -Ash.
Best advice for a HS junior looking to join Heps Nation? Also (to Kyle), what is your interest in joining me for a run this summer in Long Island? I'm not Kyle but I can help! I would email all the coaches a short but pertinent list of your personal bests and interests. All of the coaches are great and very responsive and the best way to find out who is the best fit is talking to them as much as you can. Also, as far as financial aid, talk to as many schools as you can, it may help your aid. - Genna Hartung, Cornell '13.
Get your SAT scores up. The better you do on the standardized tests and in school, the slower you can be to get into an Ivy. It makes the coaches jobs much easier as they need to maintain a team average when it comes to HS academics. They'll only take someone bringing down the average if they've run really fast. Additionally, if you're really smart, you'll help out which is much appreciated. Don't be afraid to email the coaches either. Unlike a lot of schools, The Ivy recruits nationally so don't misconstrue a lack of contact from them as a lack of interest. And I am 100% always looking for running partners. My spot is Belmont Lake State Park. I'll post on the LI Runners Facebook page next time I am home. -Kyle.
Well that's a great choice... if you go to Princeton! But in all seriousness, the league has a great atmosphere, and a great balance of athletics & academics. And indoor heps has more energy than any meet I've ever seen. I'll volunteer Kyle for a run with you! -Donn.
Robby - Is there ever a time when you race without the wife beater underneath your singlet? Never! Old habits die hard.
Easy runs fast or slow? Farah and rupp supposedly do their easy runs at 5k pace + 90s per mile. We usually take em pretty easy. We work out pretty hard M-W-F with a long run Saturday so on the off days we run by feel, which can get pretty pedestrian. -Donn.
I go by feel. But always listen to your body and don't force it if it's not there!
Ashley, How do you feel about Jim Schlentz dying his hair? I kind of think he looks more normal if it's gray, but when he turns it like orange it looks weird. Do you think that the dying makes him look younger, or weirder? Both??? Link to media.tumblr.com - Ash.
Dear Donn Juan, Hows the guinea pig? have you seen the South Park ep with Lemmiwinks? if not you should check it out. Addison's a saint! But she's smart enough and could definitely find her way out if she needed to...
Kyle, what would it take for you to stop tweeting? More friends. Kyle.
A threat from Gags -Rutt.
For all, what is your take on Nick Symmonds's goal to go for a Beer mile WR this year? Would you guys consider a similar "joke" race to get attention/publicity? The indoor mile steeple gives me significantly more attention then running an actual race any day. I think anything that makes the sport fun and marketable is great! Especially when you can then show up when it counts - Ash.
Nick does a great job to market himself as well as the sport. I think we would consider doing something similar, given it was done at the right time of the year and nobody would risk getting injured. -Rutt.
Ashley, Last year at the Henderson distance festival I gave you my number and never got a call back, whats up with that? I know I look young, but I was afraid it might be against the law to contact you. - Ash.
What advice would give for MS/HS runners? Have fun and listen to your coaches! If you take yourself too seriously you could easily burn out by college.
Live by the clock.
Hey Sophia! Listen to the coaches in your life who are always there looking out for you. Learn to enjoy the sport as a process and make the best out of each step along the way. -Kyle.
To anyone: What is the most memorable race you have ever had? What made it such a great memory? My most memorable race was when I ran 1.59.6 that's because that was my PR... BOOM -LaTavia.
Winning the 4x800 at Penn Relays in 2011! There is nothing like the rush of racing in front of 40,000 fans and winning a relay at one of the most prestigious meets in the world! - Cyd.
Running at my first NCAA meet. 2010 indoor nationals... it wasn't a great race by any means, I ran the 1200 of the dmr but it was a race that made me believe I could run at a higher level, and doing it with friends made it that much better. Rebeka.
Winning the xc Heps team title in 2009. Everything is more fun with your teammates. Kyle.
To the milers (and anyone else who wants to answer) what kind of mileage do you guys do? In buildup phase, beginning of season, and in the heart of the season? and do you take time completely off after the season or just drop the mileage? 65-75 in season but 75-85 in base training
Donn, how does it feel being less attractive than Evan Jager? Keeps me up every night! -Donn.
Donn is so hot.
Top 5 best Dyestatters of all time? WATCHOUT!!
Hey this one's directed to Coach Bob. On a scale of 1-10 how big of a factor was having faith in your girlfriend when you won NCAAs from the Kick Heard Around Des Moines? On the scale of 1-10 it was important to me that the people closest to me had faith!
Is Liam Boylan-Pett still competing? Man he used to destroy me in high school. Never lapped me though! I am! At least trying to. Thanks for asking. I will be racing the mile at Penn this weekend. Hoping for another sub-4. If you still live in Michigan, I should be back this summer for Ryan Shay Mile at end of July and then hopefully racing the Michigan Track Classic Mile at Saline on Aug 10. It was an awesome event last year. - LBP.
It'd be great if you could jump into the track classic so I could try to lap you, though. Haha, thanks!
Merbs, What was your experience at Texas like? I think I remember hearing you were injured at one point but can't remember too well. PS. You will always be remembered as a Blue Nooge at Summit. I loved it and consider it an extremely important part of my life and career. I learned a lot, and I feel bad that I couldn't give the coaches and my team a more healthy and consistent year. Austin is an exciting city to be in for a 20-something, and the experience of a Big 12 school was very different from an Ivy.
Here is a blog I wrote on it in the weeks after: Link to kylemerber.wordpress.com
Hey Donn, Remember when you out kicked Merber at Penn? That made me mad. - Will. DMR or 4xmile? ;-) -Donn "Lion killer" Cabral.
Russell can you talk about your move between clubs? Why did you move and how have things changed? What were some of the things you liked and disliked about Eugene? I moved because I got engaged, my fiance got a job here, and I needed a change of scenery. I loved pretty much everything about Eugene, and was sad to leave. Living in New York though makes every day exciting. It's been an easy transition. Gags and Vin have very similar approaches to training, and I knew and liked pretty much everyone on the team before I got here. - Russell.
How hard is it to deal with teammate Genna Hartung on a daily basis? In all seriousness- how has your training changed since college? She's my roommate, it's horrible. Haha actually Genna is awesome, we've both had some ups and downs with injuries this year and we've been very supportive of each other this year. The training with NJ*NY is WAY more intense and I'm doing way more volume than I did in college. I was a 400/800 runner in college and now I'm doing way more mile and strength work and it's hard as shit. But I'm definitely a lot stronger physically and mentally- Cyd.
I'm getting so much love (not) on here :P. Dealing with me is horrible for sure, thank god my teammates and coach are saints. But seriously, training is much much more intense. We do workouts I would have never expected to do, and our volume is much higher. Everything is emphasized as well, especially core, rehab, etc.
Any secrets of the trade? Nutrition? Recovery tools? Maybe some beet root juice? Live by the clock -all of us
Meaning sleep and wake at the same time everyday, weekends included? Also, run at the same time everyday? Do your best to. It will go a long way. And I'd also say it's better to train at 90% than 101%. Consistency is key.
Merb, if I remember right you were injured stepping on a broken bottle. How much of an "oh shit oh shit" moment was that?? It was a huge shock. I really didn't know what the repercussions were going to be at the time. I was just pissed I didn't get to finish up my run since I was on a roll (hence not looking down). A few hours later when my foot was completely swollen, I realized I was going to have to take a few days off...
All of you: If you could go back and run for any college (you can't say the school you went to) which school would you attend? and why? Stanford-- at the same time as russell brown ;)
Stanford. The weather is awesome. They have great coaches. And a Stanford education is top-notch.
Probably Florida, because it's warm and I hate the cold weather! -Wayne.
Princeton, because I went there and know it's the right answer from experience. ;) - Ash.
Columbia. I'd go there, bring a horrible attitude to practice every day and ruin the team culture so Princeton could reign supreme. -Donn.
Kyle- I've asked you before, but when do you plan on blogging more? You're blogs were probably the biggest reason I started training again after my knee surgery. Also have any of the others considered blogging? Work on your hurdles and water barriers, but don't overdo the water barrier practice. Also, stay relaxed and don't forget how much will change in the last 1k. - Genna When you practice water barriers, set up a barrier in the turf most of the time. That's much safer than using the actual water or the LJ pit. The more efficient your hurdling, the less it'll aggravate injuries. -Donn I am taking a small break right now. I've been pretty busy between running/coaching/work, but I probably should start doing some here and there more often. Hearing something like that is the motivation why I have always tried to be so open about my career.
Donn, Travis, Ashley, Delilah (any of the steeplers)- any advice or pro tips for a college steepler returning from injury or on steeple in general? As for returning for injury, take it slow and do the little things. Make sure you get in the weight room!
I live in New Jersey and it's pretty cool to have a professional team based off of an area versus a company sponsor. I guess my first question would be what is it like running for a team that is not apparel sponsored? It's nice because we have so many athletes living and training together that would not have otherwise been able to. Gags wants the best runners training together, regardless of what uniforms they have on.
Also will any of you be at Penn Relays on Friday? I run the 4x8 at 9:20AM for the high school boys and it would be awesome to meet you guys. Not sure if anyone will be there Friday night. Best of luck! -Rutt.
I guess this question is open for anyone. What's been the most difficult thing in terms of making the jump from racing at the collegiate level to the professional level? Staying within yourself on a day to day basis in practice. It is very easy to get caught up in the high level workouts and push it to much and overtrain.
The most difficult thing jumping for collegiate to professional level for me was not having the trainers there...
The most difficult transition for me was getting used to each race being a battle. In college, it was possible to race the first few meets of the year without really "going to the well." Now, each and every single race takes every ounce of energy to pull out a victory or a PR. Luckily, Coach Gags works us in practice to simulate races and get ready for competitions. -Rutt.
From a middle school track athlete, what would you recommend doing to help me improve? I run mile and 800. It's all relative to how you're training currently. At NJNY we believe in mixing aerobic strength with food speed. To see what types of training we do, you can check out my blog at mikeruttrunning.blogspot.com where I log all of our workouts (since the beginning of 2014). -Rutt.
Make sure you start focus on the little things as opposed to just running more. Sleep, nutrition, stretching, functional strength training (not lots of heavy lifting) are all integral to your success. At this point, any sort of consistence running will make you better. -Cyd.
Listen to your coaches! Make realistic goals for yourself. Now is a great time to learn about what you can and can't handle in terms of training. And minimize the junk food. Also do the little things such as stretching, rolling on the foam roller; things like that. -Wayne.
Is Higginson there? How do you find the time to go to Law school and train? I work all day, then at about 6-7 o'clock I start to run and I am pretty tired. I want to do a half marathon but I just don't seem to have the time. Any tips? While I will admit there are things I miss out on (be it evening activities at school, clubs, a social life generally), I am so happy with my school running balance - I can't imagine it any other way now. My biggest advice, 1. stick to a schedule, getting up early gets easier if it is the same alarm every day. 2. Write out your goals for the week, you are more likely to do something you have already put on a list. 3. Don't decide what life should look like by comparing to other people's lives - Do you! - Ash.
Hey Erik, I've been really tired in practice recently. A friend recommended taking an iron pill and a nap to take the edge off. What do you think? Dont ask berg. he is tired in races!!! gag.
Don't do iron pills derick take a multi vitamin but make sure you take naps I love them but get your blood work done right now I'm a little low.
Unfortunately the last couple I have been.
Will any of you be competing in any American Track League events this summer? Link here: Link to www.americantrackleague.com. Specifically the first meet in Bloomington, IN. Good luck to each of you this outdoor season! No plans right now. did they get sponsors? gag.
Who is the least likeable: Joffrey from Game of Thrones, that couple who runs Amy's bakery, or Kyle Merber? And why is the answer Kyle Merber? Joffrey is dead and I am a yelper.
Why do you guys think that it's a good use of your time on earth to run around in a circle? Sometimes we do out-and-back runs too. -Donn.
We may run around in circles but some of us jump over stuff too!
If you guys were in the Peanuts gang who would be who? i'll start, Renee would be Peppermint Patty. Merber is Pigpen ... for the person who asked him about the headband unwashed, might want to rethink.
What are your favorite recovery tools (rope, Stick, lax ball, Froller [frozen], foam roller, massage, food)? I'm all about the recovery! I can't live without my rope, black foam roller, and lacrosse ball. If I'm flying, I make sure to pack those things on my carry-on so I can stretch on the flight and in the airport. I also try and get a massage once a week and see the chiropractor whenever anything feels iffy. Additionally, I've found that the sauna and the pool are great recovery tools also. I'm a huge fan of luna bars after workouts or other homemade goodies :) Cyd.
Compression gear (110% brand), foam rollers, trigger point kits, sticks, and ropes! For food...sushi -Rutt.
I don't know if he's here, but Brian Gagnon--are you gonna be at Foss this year? I'm at Foss every year! Wouldn't miss it. Best two weeks of the summer. - Gagnon.
However when it comes to racing I feel like I under preform very often. I'm just not hitting the times that I should given how healthy I am and how much I'm in shape. So basically any advice on how to improve when it comes to racing? Thanks! I really appreciate hearing that and I always try to take advantage of any opportunity to talk to younger runners. I had a lot of older runners help me during my time in HS, so I figure I owe it to pay it forward.
I would just like to thank Merber for being an inspiration to us in Section 11. Your speech at the Xc County dinner last year was very insightful. Kyle.
Who among you use altitude tents? And if so, do you find it actually works or does it merely have a placebo effect? Do the decreases to sleep quality negate the positive aerobic effects? I do. If I sleep poorly the tent is just set too high. I never knew if it had an effect but I got testing done this year and it showed some improvement. -Donn.
Two part question: What was your greatest moment / memory in your running career? What do you do to pump yourself up before a meet? Hard to pinpoint THE greatest memory I've had in my running career but one of the tops would have to be the day I signed to LSU. When I get ready for a race I usually just put on one of my designated race day playlists and envision the race.
Also, is it true Merber has seen Mottram's sack?
Russell, If you can only eat one food for the rest of your life would it be oatmeal or something else? If you'd asked me what I would eat for one day, it still wouldn't be oatmeal. Rest of my life...It would have to be Pop-tarts, brown sugacinnamon. There is just no substitute. That is not the athlete in me talking though. I'm just trying to be honest on here.
Can't you put brown sugar and cinnamon in your oatmeal? Yes, but it still tastes like oatmeal. You gave me an idea though- Pop-tarts in oatmeal, that is something I could survive on for a while.
Hi guys! I am a HS short sprinter (100m, 200m, 4x100). What would you recommend eating the night before and the day of a track meet? What other methods are useful to help prepare for the meet? Thanks! Stay away from fatty foods and sweets! Your body will be happy if you eat clean. Also, you can do some recovery techniques like using ice baths to get your body ready. -Rutt.
Ayo, super sweet that y'all are doing this. A question directed at The Real Merb: Rumors are swirling about the new head coach at UT, and some people are saying that he's terrible and a dick, while others seem to love him. UT got a pretty nasty recruiting class this year for sure, where do you see that going? And thoughts on Craig? Injury wise/ emotional love for the game, as well as was he seriously considering transferring cause the new coach rubbed so many people wrong? Also, just signed to run D1 at Auburn today, so any tips? Thanks. I think in any coaching transition there will be people on the team who are unhappy. Many of the runners came to a specific university because of their relationship with the coach, and it's heartbreaking when things change. I think it's not fair to judge a coach until a few years have passed, and their own recruited runners start filtering into the program. Craig is a gamer and will rebound strongly.
Who's the best mini-golfer? ME - LaTavia
Hey Berg, Given the choice, would you rather be the top scientist in your field, or contract mad cow disease? Well obviously to be the top scientist in my field...
Kyle: any chance of you updating your blog soon? I really liked some of your entries! Also I'd like to say thanks for your coaching advice you gave me a couple weeks back and apologize I never replied back. Happy Running! Tonight has motivated me to start putting out blogs a bit more regularly again. I don't want to force anything, but if I am feeling enlightend anytime soon, I will be sure to write it down there. And I hope the advice was helpful. I try and write back to everyone whoever emails or Facebook messages me, especially when it is about training.
Do you guys ever train at altitude? If so, where do you prefer? I've done Park City before and loved it. Albuquerque has recently gone up in my book too!
Columbia or princeton this year at heps xc? PRINCETON - - - GIRLS!!! - Ash.
To Mr. Berg, How are things on Home Planet Swag? Do the swag berries still taste of swag berries, fresh plucked from the swag hole? The swag berries taste like swag berries!!! So juicy you should come get them
I've been fortunate to meet a few of your teammates before, and I think that the program you guys have is pretty awesome. My question (for anyone who wants to answer) is how have you copped with hardships in your running careers? I'm at the point now where I don't want to continue running competitively at the DI level, but it's obviously a really tough decision. Any thoughts or comments? Thanks for any advice you can give! Never give up. All it takes is a string of a few months of training to put together some really awesome races. It can be tough to get over hardships, but having a good support system around you is another huge asset. My advice is to work with trainers, strength coaches, and nutritionists. If you have some imbalances in your body, it can cause a lot of problems, and those people can usually help you answer those questions. -Rutt.
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2014.03.10 03:04 anshintsuu My personal timeline of the game, updated up to S2E2.

400 Days
* Calculations based on modern Gregorian calendar, which makes average month to 30 days (In old lunar calendar, one month is 23 days and one year is fourteen months, while in solarold Gregorian calendar, one month is four weeks or 28 days and one year is thirteen months); Apply to following approximations.
** I don't know how long a train ride from Atlanta (Macon) to Savannah is, but I assume the ride is overnight.
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